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TOP-3 Tourist Routes for a Vacation in the South of Ukraine in Winter

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  • Culinary and wine tourist route
  • Health tourism
  • Water route
  • Where to stay in Kherson

For some reason, the general idea is that one may have rest in the south only in summer. However, winter routes to southern sights open up Ukraine from the other side. You will not get such emotions and experiences during the summer season. We will tell you where to go for a vacation in Ukraine in winter to keep warm until spring!

Culinary and wine tourist route

Trubetskoy chateau

It is located in Vesele village, Kherson region. Here, you can book a room for two to have a rest. The price starts from UAH 1,400. It is better to have excursions on the second day of your stay there. You will get to know about the winemaking process, visit the ancient cellars, and learn to choose a drink for different dishes. The cost of an excursion without wine tasting is UAH 250, and with the tasting – UAH 350.

Winery in winter

The chateau is located on the banks of the Dnipro River, so the views and the air are fantastic. The ruins of the Trubetskoy’s estate are not far from the winery. There are waterfalls and a watchtower of the 14th century. Do not be lazy to go there. They are within a walking distance.

Barels with wine

“Kurin” winery

This small manufacture is located near Kherson in Stepanivka village. They grow grapes themselves and make 20 varieties of wine. "Kurin" wine is sold only in two stores in Kherson and Stepanivka.

According to the owner of the winery, they do not apply pesticides on the bushes which makes local wine so natural.

There is no point in walking through the vineyards in winter. However, you can taste some varieties of wine with snacks in a local restaurant. There are held excursions to cellars and production facilities. The local sommelier tells about the intricacies of wine selection, food, and serving. The cost of an excursion including wine tasting is UAH 150. Here, you can take a photo on a large swing, near wine barrels, fountains and take a selfie with an ostrich.

“Lymanska Koza” cheese factory

“Lymanska Koza” Cheese Factory is a small production in Stanislav village. Here, you can taste 12 types of craft cheese, condensed milk, and even yogurt made of goat milk. Cheesemakers use only natural flavoring additives – spices, nuts, herbs.

Goats farm

At the farm, you will be offered to try halloumi mint cheese, belper knolle, pickled feta, cachet with prunes, nuts, or dried apricots, ricotta, bryndza, etc. The prices are quite adequate. For example, a kilogram of ricotta costs UAH 300. Call the cheese factory owner in advance, if you want to taste the cheese. Her phone number is +38 050 829 0931.

Goat chees

After visiting the farm, do not hurry to leave Stanislav. Here, you can walk along the famous Grand Canyon or ‘Kherson Mountains’. Huge clay mountains on the banks of the Dnipro-Bug Estuary form incredible landscapes. You can walk over the top around the canyon, or you can go down the paths directly to the water. Steep cliffs, clay mountains, and waters of the estuary combine in an excellent location for photos and relaxation.

Klara Marsala winery

The family workshop of proprietor's wine is located in Hola Prystan, Kherson region. The winery does not have its vineyard. They purchase raw material in the region. Wine is produced here according to special recipes. You can buy the drink only at the winery. The price per bottle starts from UAH 100.

In addition to wine tasting, you will be offered a seafood paella cooking class, will be told about the production and intricacies of winemaking.

Karl Muller Park snail farm is located near the winery. Muller snails, which go well with white wines, are grown here. If you had not tried these gastropods, you have a great chance to experience the new taste.

It is best to book the winery and snail farm tour in advance. You can do it by phone +380509299626.

Culinary and wine tourism is not only tasty but also educational! Such a two-day winter vacation in Ukraine will cost about UAH 2,500-3,000 for two.

Health tourism

"Akvaderm" hydropathic establishment

It is located in Kherson, at 42 Suvorova Str. Here, you can not only get treatment but also relax. Hydromassage and whirlpool baths relieve muscle spasms, improve blood circulation, and make the skin elastic. In that establishment, you may take iodine-bromine bath and wrap your body with curative mud.

Water and clay used here are brought from the Arabat Spit springs.

In "Akvaderm", you may get medical advice and health improvement recommendations. Be sure to consult with your doctors about visiting the iodine-bromine spring in “Arabatski Termy” and the Kherson geyser in Obloy village.

Kherson geyser

This is a place to go to have rest in Ukraine and stay warm! The hot spring is located near Obloy village. There are many tourists here all year round. The spring consists of two pools filled with hot iodine-bromine water.

Healing spring

The recommended bathing cycle is 10 minutes of bathing in water altered with 15-20 minutes of rest. Do not enter the hot pool more than 5 times. The steam is also rich in iodine and bromine. Therefore, it is beneficial to breathe lungful.

Obloi village geyser

There are changing rooms, gazebos, and a WC in the territory. Take food and water with you. It is better to take bath in an old swimsuit. Entrance to the spring costs UAH 50. Watch the video:

“Arabatski Termy”

This is another unique spring with iodine and bromine enriched water. It is located near Strilkove village. The bathing cycle is the same as in the Kherson geysers. “Arabatski Termy” (Arabat baths) are better equipped. There are showers, changing rooms and WCs. You can relax in a deckchair after bathing. In the evening, they show movies and play music. The entrance to the baths costs UAH 100.

Arabatka geyser at night

We recommend visiting “Arabatski Termy” on the second day. Nearby, there are hotels to have rest after the road trip.

  • Wooden Houses Mini Hotel. The price starts from UAH 750. Contacts: +38050 726 2969.
  • Villa Antica Hotel. The price starts from UAH 1,200. You can book a room here on the website.
  • Sofia Mini Hotel. The price starts from UAH 1,200. Phone number: +38067 634-27-67.

Hot pool

Wellness vacation will cost you about UAH 1,000 for two, excluding transportation, food, and personal expenses. Watch more about “Arabatski Termy”:

Water route

Although kayak sport used to be interesting only for athletes, nowadays many tourists like it as well. Even in winter, travelers conquer the Dnipro River and sail interesting routes. Let's answer you in advance: no, it's not cold. The reed beds are protected from the winter wind, and the waters along the route are calm.

Kayaking winter trip

Winter kayaking is different from summer one. It is better not to go for two-day trips with an overnight stay in a tent in winter. Plus, you will not see the scenic green landscapes. But truth be told, nature is no less amazing in winter. The kayaks enable you to watch birds, enjoy the quiet sleeping nature under the white cover of snow.

Dniepro river kayaking trip

There are many routes varying in distances and the start point:

  • embankment at Ushakova Ave. – the third backwater – parking at the turn of the Perebiina River and Chortove Kolino. The length is 3 km;
  • Hydropark – the Kruhle Lake – Sportyvna Konka River (downstream) – Bilohrudiv Island – the Dnipro River – Hydropark. The length of the route is up to 20 km. It is suitable for experienced athletes and admirers of long hikes;
  • Molodizhnyi beach – the Somova Spit, Zmiinyi Island – KhBK recreation center – Molodizhnyi beach of Kherson city. The length is about 10 km.

Get acquainted with various routes on the website. You can rent kayaks in special rentals:

  • ForTourist. Phone/Viber +380668081072;
  • River Club. Phone +380951151160;
  • Crazy Kayaks. Phone +380675076476.

On the second day, go out of town to Stanislav village. There, you can swim along the Dnipro-Bug Estuary passing the ‘Kherson Mountains’. They look completely different in winter! You will see red clay cliffs covered with snow, sleeping nature, and a vast white steppe. Ice and snow sometimes appear on the surface of the estuary. You can rent kayaks at Skelka Tour tourist camp.

Rocks from water

To enjoy winter kayaking, be sure to bring with you the following:

  •  gloves, a hat, a buff;
  • a thermos with hot tea and a snack;
  • clothes to change.

Winter in Stanislav

It is better to wear a coverall, warm socks, and boots in winter. You may wear rubber boots with thermal socks. The main thing is that the clothes do not hinder movement.

Water kayak activities in Ukraine in winter will cost about UAH 2,000 for two.

Where to stay in Kherson

  • Optima Hotel. The cost of a room starts from UAH 1,000 per day;
  • Ratsiotel Hotel. The cost of a room starts from UAH 900 per day;
  • Dilizhans Hotel. The cost of a room starts from UAH 850 per day.

Take a stroll around the city between kayaking trips. You may take an excursion to the Museum of Art or the Local Lore Museum.

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