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Where to go in Winter in Ukraine: 5 Places to Visit in the Kherson Region

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  • Trubetskoy Chateau
  • Arabat Thermal Springs
  • Zaliznyi Port
  • Geyser in the Kherson Region
  • Oleshky Sands

Probably, you have already wondered where to go in winter in Ukraine. The most common picture that comes to mind is the Carpathians: skiing, sledding, snowboarding, and cable car riding because the cold season is associated with a vacation in the mountains. However, what if you are not a mountain fan, or just want to try something new? This article will dispel a myth about typical winter tourism and discover a picturesque, diverse, and amazing land – the Kherson region!

We will make you fall in love with Kherson and the Kherson region. Here, you can not only swim in the sea and get a perfect suntan in summer but also make a wonderful winter trip, which will delight even the most demanding tourist! This region has unique historical, cultural, and natural resources. We have selected the top 5 places in the Kherson region, which you have to visit this winter!

Trubetskoy Chateau

Did you know that Trubetskoy winery is the only historical chateau of Ukraine? Just imagine – real high-quality Ukrainian wines have been produced here from grapes harvested by their own hands for more than 120 years!

Chateau in winter

Surely, you know that the Ukrainian wine industry is closely related to Lev Golitsyn. However, that was Prince Pyotr Trubetskoy who established the production of high quality wine and built a winery here. The planting of the first vineyards began in 1896. And already in 1900, the local wines received a grand prix at the World Exhibition in Paris. Favorable climatic conditions, soil composition, the use of modern technologies, continuous improvement – all these factors contribute to the popularization of the winery in Ukraine and abroad.

Winter fairytale in chateau

Now, the collection includes 10,000 wines, 7,000 of which are extremely rare varieties. According to oenologists, their uniqueness is not only in unusual taste and odor but also in aging in oak barrels. The most popular varieties are Riesling, Sauvignon, Aligoté, Merlot, Syrah, and others.

Just one trip to the chateau comprehends gastronomy, wine, ecological, ethnological, historical and cultural types of tourism. You will get:

  • a tour around the winery;
  • an excursion to witness the harvesting process;
  • a historical excursion;
  • culinary and wine tours.

A hotel for ten double rooms with access to the terrace is located in the territory of the winery. Imagine yourself tasting exquisite wine, while admiring the view of the Dnipro River... Isn't that wonderful to relax in such an atmosphere in winter?

Old chateau in winter

The winery is located in Vesele village (70 km from Kherson). It works all year round, which greatly simplifies the choice of a vacation date.

If you are still wondering where to go for a vacation in Ukraine in winter, Prince Trubetskoy Winery will give you a lot of pleasant impressions!

Arabat Thermal Springs

A new resort combining the effects of thermal, mud and sea baths opened in the Kherson region in 2020.

Arabatski geyser

Here, you will get:

  • a thermal bath;
  • a cascade shower;
  • 3 mini pools (with hot and cold mineral waters);
  • a lounge zone;
  • an avenue with access to the Syvash Lake.

Arabatka hot spring

The spring reaches 1565 meters deep. According to experts, its water has healing properties due to reach iodine, bromine content and other beneficial minerals and oils. In addition, you may apply blue clay saturated with potassium, calcium, silver, iron, and sodium. Also note that there are other wonderful tourist locations nearby: Syvash, Glycerin, Salt, Pink and Ziablovske lakes.

Warning! The duration of one bathing session for an adult should not exceed 15-20 minutes.

Arabatski Termy at night

The thermal complex works all year round. However, it is better to come there in winter, because the contrast of hot water and cold air is something that every tourist should try!

Be sure that you will immediately feel an immunity improvement, a surge of energy, a positive attitude, and an unforgettable experience after visiting the thermal complex!

Zaliznyi Port

Do you want to go to the sea, but summer is a long way off? There is a solution! And this is not Egypt, Thailand or the Dominican Republic. Zaliznyi Port is the best answer to the question ‘Where to go in winter in Ukraine’!

Zalizniy Port in winter

First of all, watching the winter sea is fascinating and unusual. An almost pristine beach, light sunbeams, large snow boulders, and singing seagulls combine to create an excellent view for your beautiful photos and inspiration, or just to make you enjoying the moment. It is interesting that the Black Sea acquires amazing beauty during cold weather due to its deep color. Each time it looks different: sometimes it is covered with ice and people walk on its surface, and sometimes there is no ice at all. To be honest, it is always beautiful, and worth admiring all seasons of the year.

By sea in winter

Extreme tourism fans may camp out the uninhabited coast almost anywhere. Do not forget to bring a lot of warm clothes, food and necessary hygiene products.

On the coast in winter

You may take an informative trip to the remains of Zburivka Fortress of the 15th century, or join other interesting excursions: the Falz-Fein family tomb and the Lysi Nory tract (Novochornomoria village).

Winter walking by sea

It is easy to find accommodation on Booking.com. Here are some examples:

  • Dolce-Vita. The prices start from UAH 250 per day;
  • Bliss. A room with breakfast and dinner included costs UAH 800 per day;
  • Rich Mini Hotel offers rooms from UAH 430 per day.

Be sure that Zaliznyi Port is worth visiting in winter.

Geyser in the Kherson Region

Would you like to experience the benefits of the Dead Sea for only UAH 50? You just need to visit the Kherson Geyser! And the reasons are listed below. Currently, it is still in the development stage. However, it is popular among Ukrainian and foreign tourists. Just imagine – the geyser water is similar in composition and uniqueness to the Dead Sea water and has no analogs in Europe. It is located in Obloi village.

Thermal geyser

Simply put, this is a 1.5 km deep well, which supplies highly mineralized water to the baths under high pressure. Its temperature at the outlet of the well is 65–70°C, which accelerates the intake of elements by the human body. Currently, there are 2 swimming pools: one – with hot water, the other – with healing mud. You can also get a massage there.

Thermal hot water

Recommended bathing cycle: 10 minutes of bathing and 20 minutes of rest. You must not make more than 5 cycles per day. Another useful tip: it is better to leave a new swimsuit at home because everything turns red as soon as you immerse in the iodine-bromine spring

In the territory, there are changing rooms and a WC. There are no showers or cafes, so it is best to bring food and water with you.

Healing geyser water

On hot days, there are always a lot of people here. Therefore, the cold season is the best time to visit the geyser. If you still don't know where to go in Ukraine in winter, the geyser in the Kherson region is a perfect option!

Oleshky Sands

Would you like to see the Ukrainian Sahara? This wish is quite easy to fulfill! Oleshky Sands is the largest desert in Europe and natural wonder of Ukraine. It is located near Oleshky city. The sands have existed in the lower reaches of the Dnipro River for a long time. However, they acquired their present form in the 19th century, when sheep destroyed the grass and freed the sands by grazing there. In summer, the temperature reaches 70°C. Sometimes, there are even sandstorms.

Ukrainian desert in winter

Moreover, animal and plant lovers will find many interesting things there. The most popular is the Crocodile Dune, which has acquired its reptile shape thanks to the wind. There are usually many people who want to take a photo near it. Ecological trails have been created, gazebos have been built, and interesting excursions have been developed for tourists here.

Trip to desert in winter

Oleshky Sands is a perfect place for the development of all types of active tourism: hiking, bicycle, horse, car and motorcycle touring.

It is hot here in summer. Therefore, the idea of coming here in winter is great. Of course, it will be cool there, so you need to have warm clothes, comfortable shoes and a hat, because there may be a strong wind. You need to take water or a thermos with hot tea, food, a first aid kit, and other necessary items. The desert is a great place for photo shoots, video filming, and hiking. Moreover, people set up tents, arrange quests, hold sports competitions, picnics, ride ATVs, and go down the dunes by snow saucers there.

ATV adventures

Today, the Ukrainian Sahara constitutes ‘Oleshky Sands’ National Natural Park created to preserve the unique flora and fauna of this natural wonder.

Desert and snow

The Kherson region is a very picturesque and even unique region for travel. It combines two seas, rivers, thermal resorts, historical and cultural monuments, sand massifs. If you still don't know where to go in winter in Ukraine, be sure to visit these places! You will remember this trip to the southern region as one of the most exciting in your life!

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