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Lymanska Koza Cheese Farm

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We all sometimes wish to escape from the bustle of the city and busy weekdays for a weekend, to enjoy the peace, inhale clean air, and have a delicious meal. In Lymanska Koza, you will be warmly welcomed! Here, you can taste about 16 types of cheese, pet goats, and get away from your troubles. The eco-farm in Kherson is open to guests all year round!


It is never too late to radically change your life! The Bilozorenko family is a vivid example. Spouses Olena and Valentyn sold an apartment in Kherson, bought a house in Stanislav, and got goats. They began to make cheese for themselves, then for friends... Now, instead of a small household, the Bilozorenkos have a real eco-farm called Lymanska Koza.

Feeding goats

The Bilozorenkos have 18 goats at the farm. Each has its own name and temper. The goat mini-group lives according to its own rules, hierarchy, and roles:

  • Laska is the leader and keeps order;
  • Milka is crafty and clever, and therefore takes the role of a deputy of the ‘chief goat’;
  • Strelka is the founder of the farm. Cheesemaking and goat breeding began with her;
  • Sophie and Eva are noble sisters. They are mannerly, calm, and obedient;
  • Hermione is like a cat at the farm – she always wants to be picked up;
  • Gerda, Aza, Marta are loving sisters. They always welcome guests and love hugging;
  • Benya is the only man who takes care of all these women.

Goat farms

All goats are kept in a paddock. They are treated as equals by their owners.

Lymanska Koza Cheese Farm is open all year round. Here, you can taste craft goat cheese, drink homemade wine or tea made with local herbs. On the farm, you can take authentic photos, pet and feed goats. It offers clean air, incredible nature, and delicious food. What else is needed for happiness?

White goat

Tour with the product tasting

A tour of the eco-farm will be interesting both for adults and children. The owner of the farm will tell you how she decided to engage in cheese making and will show you a special milking machine designed by her husband. You will get acquainted with the goats, notice their behavior, and listen to funny stories about them. Finally, you will learn how to make the most delicious cheese.

Eco cheese

Of course, the most important thing is the cheese tasting! Get ready for a gastronomic pleasure from a variety of species:

  • ricotta cheese is sweetish and soft;
  • Circassian cheese is made of cow's milk, has a creamy taste, may be used for everything;
  • bryndza is a pickled cheese, dense and slightly brittle. There are several variations: with fenugreek, caraway seeds, basil. You may simply eat it with bread or add it to a salad;
  • caciotta has a pronounced aroma and sweetish taste. There are a couple of variations, for example with tomatoes;
  • feta is stored in a pickle solution, which sets the taste and aroma of cheese;
  • chevre has a pronounced smell and delicate taste. There are different types of it: in turmeric, in pickle solution, in herbes de Provence, in paprika, and in sumac;
  • halloumi is a soft mint cheese fried without oil;
  • belper knolle is spicy cheese covered with pepper and garlic powder with Himalayan salt.

Cheese from goat milk

In addition to cheeses, you may try yoghurt and condensed milk made of goat's milk. This is a real paradise for gourmets and admirers of high-quality products. You will not forget such a gastronomy tour in Kherson for a long time!

Location and ways to get there

Lymanska Koza is located in Stanislav at 80 Svobody Street. The farm is located in an ecologically clean countryside, which makes its products natural and healthy. Clean air, the aroma of herbs, and an authentic atmosphere all around make you want to breathe deeply.

How to get there?

  • Leave Kherson by the T1501 road and pursue it until the fork in Stanislav. Turn onto Svobody Street.
  • Public transport runs regularly. Take the regular Kherson-Oleksndrivka bus from the bus station at 22 Maiakovskoho Str./1 Artema Str.

Call the owner in advance to arrange a tasting. Her phone is +38 050 829 0931. Find the farm on Facebook.

What to see and what to do nearby

Kherson Grand Canyon

Only mountains can be better than mountains! Kherson Grand Canyon vividly confirms this saying. An incredible view opens up from the mountains: endless blue water, the Dnipro sunrise, and the Southern Bug sunset.

Stanislav rocks

In summer, the estuary sparkles in the sun, and in winter the water is covered with thin ice. Look down: there are paths and roads twisting between the splits, and a thin strip of the beach shows up by the water. Don’t imagine – come and see it!

Khablovskyi lighthouse

On the border of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, there is one of the most beautiful and the rearmost lighthouse – Khablovskyi. Here, you can take cool photos against the background of blue sky and fields. The face of the lighthouse is painted black with a white stripe in the middle. The place bewitches with its spaciousness and richness of colors.

Khablovkyi in winter

Kayaking on the Dnipro-Bug estuary

This is a sea trip for beginners and professionals. The Kherson Mountains look different from the water. You can see the clay layers in the mountains, the shape of the relief, and steep banks. Just don't go crazy with such insane beauty! Kayaking is also available in winter, by the way. The canyon is covered with snow, and tourists move surrounded by the ice. You can see fish in the water. These are indescribable feelings.

Kayaks in Stanislav


The paraglider welcomes everyone who is not afraid of the height. A flight over the ‘Kherson Mountains’ and the Dnipro-Bug Estuary will definitely give you an indelible impression. Of course, a good one. From a bird's eye view, you will see incredible Stanislav splits. You will see a ‘fish skeleton’ in the midst of the village and Kherson ‘pieces of the pie’. This is what the Kherson Grand Canyon looks like from a paraglider.

Hiking in ‘Kherson Mountains’

This is like hiking in the mountains, only without uniforms, special training, and altitude sickness. Walk leisurely along the Grand Canyon, going down to the water to drink tea over the fire from time to time. Have a picnic on the edge of the cliff or watch the sunset with your loved one. The route runs from Stanislav to Oleksandrivka. All the beauties of these places will leave you impressed for a long time.

Hiking in Stanislav

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