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Zaliznyi Port in Winter: What you should Know about the Rest there

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With the onset of cold weather, Zaliznyi Port empties. The horizon becomes clear. The sound of the sea is not drowned out by the music. Therefore, Zaliznyi Port in winter is a suitable place for a relaxing seaside holiday. What to do here during the off-season? And is there any accommodation available this time? We will not be hiding anything from you!

Vacation in Zaliznyi Port in winter

When was the last time you vacationed by the Black Sea without crowds of people? Not stumbling over flip flops, maneuvering between deckchairs, and hearing the voices of shrimp and sweets sellers? We know that the answer is NEVER! This means that you have never experienced such pleasure: an empty beach, silence around, no person in the sea. All this is possible if you come to the sea during the cold season.

View of Zalizniy Port in winter

Advantages of a weekend by the sea in winter:

  • Deserted beaches and seagulls. This is the biggest perk! This is definitely worth coming here for. You just walk along the coast, feast your eyes upon the waves, and listen to the sea.
  • Sea air is beneficial during cold weather. Breathe deeply and strengthen your immune system. By the way, the air in winter ‘tastes’ different – frosty, fresh, and invigorating. You will understand that as soon as you inhale it.

Winter sea rest

  • Cool photos. In winter, the colors are completely different. The landscapes here resemble the post-apocalyptic world: amusement park stands motionless in the snow, hotels and guest houses are empty, as if life had left Zaliznyi Port. In winter, photos are very special!
  • No summer heat. Sometimes, it's just unbearable to be on the beach. Even the shadow does not shelter you from the heat. In winter, you cannot get sunburned or get a heatstroke.
  • Spend your time the way you want. On the shore, you can make a bonfire, a barbecue, and mulled wine. You will not disturb anyone if you start running with your dog, flying a kite, or dancing with your friends.
  • Celebrate New Year or other holidays. This is at least unusual for such places. On the January holidays, winter swimmers come here to swim in the icy sea.

Sea coast in winter

Rest in Zaliznyi Port in winter has only one drawback – cafes do not work, and there are only a couple of shops. Think in advance what food you need to take with you. If you take care of these details, you can relax even better than in summer.

What to do and where to go nearby

Bathing in hot pots in Bliss hotel

Wood-fired outdoor pots were invented in Transcarpathia. Here, this method of steaming has also taken root well, although it is only available in winter. Basically, you immerse into a pot of artesian water, which is heated by a fire. The contrast of cold air and hot water strengthens the immune system, removes toxins from the body, and normalizes blood pressure. There is a cold plunge tub nearby so that you can take a dip after steaming. If you take a bath besom or add herbs to the plunge tub, you will get indescribable pleasure. After the procedure, you will feel rested and relaxed.

Hot pots

Bathing in hot pots is safe for children and the elderly. There are no contraindications. Unlike a sauna, the water warms up gradually to + 45 ℃. The temperature may be adjusted upon your request. Therefore, you will not experience discomfort or dizziness. The cost of bathing in hot pots starts from UAH 400 per hour.

Bathing in hot pots

Bliss hotel is located at 3-M/1 Morska Str. Phone numbers for booking: +38 (099) 11-11-067, +38 (067) 11-11-067.

Walking along the shore

What surprises are waiting for you in Zaliznyi Port? Rest in winter is a particular kind of pleasure. A simple walk along the shore is a lot of fun – fresh, frosty air, the sound of the sea, the fuss of seagulls. You can just grab a thermos of coffee and enjoy the views. Depending on the weather, the Black Sea sometimes partially freezes. In severe frosts, you can even walk on ice.

Wonderful beauty of Zalizniy Port in winter

Transparent pieces of ice are scattered along the shore, and sand is mixed with snow. The looming fog creates a mysterious atmosphere. However, there may be the opposite view: on a clear day, the landscape enriches with unusual colors. The sea is really blue, and the water is so clear that you can see the bottom.

You can take a walk with your pet. It will be interesting for it to hunt for birds and run along the beach.

Sea walking in winter period

During such walks, the main thing is to dress well. Wrap yourself with a scarf, wear mittens or gloves. It is better to put something warm and comfortable on your feet. And you may wear woolen socks. Pants should better be thermal lined. Put on thermal underwear, if you have it.

Visit to the Falz-Fein tomb

Come for a couple of days to see local attractions. It is quite possible to rent an apartment in Zaliznyi Port in winter. Be sure to visit the Falz-Fein tomb. It is located in Novochornomoria village, 25 km from Zaliznyi Port.


The tomb has a unique history. It was built to honor the wife of Alexander Eduardovich Falz-Fein. He was an influential businessman in the Kherson region. Falz-Fein owned Askania-Nova and Zolotaya Rybka in Khorly.

Alexander Eduardovich was buried side by side with his wife. After the Bolsheviks won power, the tomb was destroyed. The chapel tower and the tomb remained there.

Tomb near Zalizniy Port

The tomb resembles Renaissance, Art Nouveau, Byzantine, and Tatar architectural styles. You may enter it to see everything from the inside. In some places, the mausoleum's decorations have been preserved. A memorial plaque has been installed.

The crypt is located in a picturesque place on a hill. The hill offers a wonderful view of the Kruhle Lake. The Black Sea is on the horizon.

Geyser in Obloy village

The hot spring is located near Obloy village 30 km from Zaliznyi Port. The peculiarity of the spring is its composition similar to that of the Dead Sea. People from all over Ukraine and foreign guests come to swim in the iodine-bromine spring.

Geyser near Zalizniy Port

Bathing in medicinal water may have some contraindications. Therefore, consult your doctor before the trip. You cannot stay dipped in the spring for more than 15 minutes. In total, you can make 5-6 repetitions. Inhaling vapors is good too, so take a walk around the spring. Do not be afraid to freeze – the water here reaches a temperature of +70 ℃.

Some come here to celebrate the New Year. But this is not a common thing. Plus, the road to Obloy is not the best, but it freezes in cold weather. Frozen ground is easier to pass by car. The entrance costs only UAH 50. For inquiries please call: + 38-098-59-19-446; + 38-099-74-50-777.

Where to rent a house in Zaliznyi Port in winter

It is clear that in the winter season there are much fewer accommodation offers. And this is a pity as winter seaside vacation is quite possible. There are several options for where to stay in Zaliznyi Port.

Bliss hotel

This is a recreational complex for the entire family. There is a sauna and a wood-fired pot in its territory. There, you may rent an apartment with a kitchen, a suite with a sea view, or a standard room with all the amenities. The price in the winter season is much lower, so you may indulge yourself with comfortable conditions and spend more time swimming in pots. The price for a room starts from UAH 690. The hotel is located at: 3-M/1 Morska Str. Phones for reservation: +38 (067) 11-11-067; +38 (099) 11-11-067. For further information, please visit the website.

Roksolana hotel

The hotel was built in keeping with the best Turkish traditions – with marble floors and huge arched windows overlooking the sea. The interior resembles the oriental style. You may check in with pets. In the territory, there is a Jacuzzi and a swimming pool. Double/triple/family rooms are available. Accommodation in Zaliznyi Port in winter in this hotel is almost 4 times cheaper than in summer! The price per night starts from UAH 500. Allow yourself royal conditions. Address: 65/45 Shkilna Str. Administrator's phone number: +380689555595. For further information, please visit the website.

Arbuz guest house

This is welcomingly cozy and comfortable here. The rooms have everything one may need. A sauna is open from September to May, and there is a pizzeria within its territory. The guest house offers playgrounds for children. There are two-room suites and 2-, 3-, 4-bed economy rooms. The cost of the stay per night starts from UAH 160. You may book a room on the website or by phone: +380 (50) 425-54-33; +380 (50) 924-51-27. The guest house is located at 22 Kooperatyvna Str.

Zaliznyi Port in winter, photos

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