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Where to go for the Weekend in Ukraine – Discover Kherson

Article content:

  • Holidays at the seaside in Kherson region
  • National parks
  • Unique nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries
  • Arabat Spit
  • Pink lakes
  • Weekend tours
  • Water-based recreation in Kherson
  • Extreme sports
  • Excursions in Kherson
  • Where to stay in Kherson
  • Where to eat in Kherson

If you have not been to Kherson region, then you still know nothing about the beauty and diversity of the steppe. This is a wonderful place where you can take family, including children, and plan a corporate or organized group recreational vacation.

If you can’t decide where to go for the weekend, discover the amazing atmosphere of the Kherson region. There are historical sites, sanatoriums by the sea and unique nature and landscapes.

We present you with a selection of the most interesting places to visit in this region. By reading further, you will find out which locations are best to visit, which excursions are most popular, and where you can go to relax and eat good food.

Holidays at the seaside in Kherson region

The uniqueness of the Kherson region lies in the fact that it has access to two seas: the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. People love to come here for a summer beach vacation. The most popular places include the following:

  • Zaliznyi Port – a popular resort with developed infrastructure and water activities (banana boats, paddle boats, water slides, etc.).
  • Skadovsk – quaint town located on the shore of Dzharylhach Bay. The main advantage of this location is that the water here warms up very well due to the shallow sea. The infrastructure is well developed and you can find entertainment for every taste.
  • Arabat Spit – a great choice if you are looking for a weekend break. On the internet, you can find many weekend excursions for visiting here. The resort is popular for the blue clay deposits and mud lakes of Syvash Bay.
  • Prymorske (village of Bolshevik) – famous for its healing geyser, the waters of which are saturated with microelements.

The vacation season here lasts almost 3 months!

National parks

Kherson region has beautiful nature areas including several natural reserves. The most famous are the following:

  • Nyzhnodniprovskyi is a natural park, created at the end of 2015 with the goal of preserving and renewing natural ecosystems. The lower banks of the Dnipro River, swampy meadows and river islands form a picturesque landscape. Roe deer, wild boars, beavers, small rodents, families of herons, pheasants and swans all live here. For tourists, there are two main routes to get here.

National reserve

  • Dzharylhach National Park is located on Dzharylhach Island, the most deserted island of the Black Sea. Here you can find foxes, wild boars, brown hares, snakes, rare birds – white pelicans, sheld ducks, black storks, and demoiselle cranes (they are listed in the Red Book of Ukraine). Rare species also inhabit the water – grass and stone shrimp, crabs, saddleback dolphins and harbor porpoises. You can use the services of sightseeing river boats to get here.

Birds in national reserve

  • Azov-Syvash Park is untouched by human hands. On the picturesque steppe landscapes and long clean beach, you can meet herds of deer, does and horses. Tourism has been allowed here since 2015. It is possible to get to the park by car from Kyrylivka or by boat from Henichesk.

The nature of Kherson region is very beautiful and unique!

Unique nature reserves and wildlife sanctuaries

When planning a weekend in Ukraine, we recommend you also think about these unique nature reserves of Kherson region:

  • Askania-Nova is a pearl of the Sea of Azov and the winner of the All-Ukrainian competition "Seven Natural Wonders of Ukraine". Visitors can choose one of the proposed excursion routes. Specialized programs will introduce you to zoological and botanical parks. They differ in duration and mileage, and costs start from 45 UAH.
  • The Ivory Coast of Sviatoslav is a large natural park, including steppe complexes and other natural sites. Here you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy picturesque nature, see rare and endangered species of animals, and also improve your health. There are also lakes with therapeutic mud for rejuvenation.
  • Stanislav wildlife sanctuary is where the Dnipro and the Bug estuaries merge. It is often called the Kherson Mountains or the Grand Canyon. The coast of the estuary has almost vertical slopes that are as high as 55 meters.

Plan your trip to have enough time for visiting all these wonderful locations!

Arabat Spit

There are three resort villages in the region:

  • Henicheska Hirka (Henhirka) – wide beaches and a very shallow sea. Ideal for vacationing with small children.
  • Shchaslyvtseve – focused on beach holidays for families with children. There is a thermal spring and a lake with high salt content.
  • Strilkove - the village is not only suitable for beach vacations and recreation, but also for green tourism. Infrastructure and entertainment are practically absent here. There are some unique mineral springs close to the sea.

The recreation area between the Sea of Azov and Syvash Bay attracts summer tourists with its warm sea, sandy beaches, large selection of accommodation and environment.

Pink lakes

Unique color of water

The pink lakes are Kherson’s attention grabbers and mysteries of nature. The unusual color is explained by the microalgae, Dunaliella Salina, which grows in the reservoir during summer. This living organism is unique in that it survives in water with a high concentration of salt (up to 35%).

Algae produce beta-carotene, an antioxidant and stimulator of human immune system. Evaporation increases with the rise in summer temperatures. Staying near the pink lakes is extremely beneficial for our respiratory and digestive tracts as well as the genitourinary system. These miraculous lakes are located here in two places: at the Arabat Spit eastward of Syvash Bay, at the Kinburn Spit.

Weekend tours

Various weekend tours are one of the best ways to explore where to go in Ukraine. Many travel companies offer options for 1 or 2 days.

We recommend that you take the train when you visit. Your trip will be more comfortable and the trip is less tiring, so you can be more active the next day.

Tour prices in Kherson region will surprise you. Accommodation and food costs here are a lot less expensive than in other cities of Ukraine.

Water-based recreation in Kherson

Outdoor enthusiasts often visit Kherson region.

Tourists often ride motorboats, water bicycles, boats and yachts. This region is ideal for water excursions such as:

  • Yacht trips on the Dnipro River. Wind and waves combined with sunshine will give you a feeling of freedom! There are different tours - from a couple of hours to several days long.
  • Kayaking–It can be just a two-hour journey, completing a quest (collective game) or a longer tour along several rivers with a stop on the lake with white lilies.
  • Kayaking in the Kherson Mountains follows a scenic route along a rugged coast.

Spending time near the water has a positive impact on a person, calms his/her nervous system and refreshes his spirit.

Extreme sports

Extreme sports and water-based recreation are also in high demand here. Some of the popular activities include:

  • Stand-up paddleboards (SUP boarding) is a mix of surfing and canoeing. This kind of two hour-long journey on the Dnipro River will be remembered forever. Guided routes vary based on weather conditions.

Beautiful girls on the sup-board

  • Water skiing – an emerging sport that involves all muscle groups.
  • Wakeboarding is an extreme sport, but is absolutely safe for beginners. Options are available for wakeboarding via electric traction or being pulled by a boat.

Listen to the instructor's prompts and don't ignore the safety rules!

Excursions in Kherson

If, in thinking about where to go for the weekend, you chose the Kherson region, be sure to make some time for city excursions.
This is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the soul of the city, including the atmosphere of old courtyards and alleys. You’ll learn about the historical origin of the city and hear adventure stories from the past.

During the sightseeing tour, which starts at the Kherson Fortress Park, you will walk along historical streets such as Perekopska, Ushakova and Suvorova.

It takes just 40 minutes to get to Sands. This is a national park with sand barchans, meadows, and deciduous grove. This area is the largest sand massif in Ukraine. It has a diverse fauna that includes varied species of animals and insects like wolves, hares, foxes, pheasants, snakes, spiders and lizards.

Where to stay in Kherson

Most of the tourists who come to this city for a few days prefer to stay in a hotel, a hostel or rent an apartment. Prices are very reasonable.

Recommended hotels:

  • The Dnipro is a comfortable hotel located near Prydniprovskyi Park just one kilometer from the river. Breakfast is included, and the cost of a standard double room starts from 1000 UAH.
  • Optima Kherson is located in the city center and has 60 rooms. Prices start from 760 UAH.
  • The Greenstone is a small hotel located near Shevchenkivskyi Park and the Dnipro. The hotel restaurant serves mainly European cuisine. The price of rooms starts from 850 UAH.

The location of the central hotels allows visitors to the city to easily reach any historical attraction or museum.

Where to eat in Kherson

Now you know where to go in Ukraine for the weekend, what to do there, where to stay, and what places to visit. Here are a few words about where to eat.

There are some very atmospheric and authentic places featuring southern regional cuisine. Coffee houses in Kherson will surprise even the most seasoned coffee lovers. We recommend a visit to the following places:

  • Nostalgie is a calm and comfortable restaurant in the city center. Guests can taste European and Ukrainian cuisine cooked to the original author’s recipes. Prices are above average.
  • Kabanos restaurant attracts guests with its original American style interior. The menu offers a wide selection of meat dishes.
  • Godshot is the most popular coffee shop with excellent reviews on the internet. High ratings have been earned due to reports of good service and tasty coffee drinks.

In general, prices are reasonable and provide an excellent impression of Kherson region.

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