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  • The history of Prince Trubetskoy Chateau
  • The Trubetskoy estate
  • Who will be interested in the Trubetskoy Estate
  • Secrets of the wines’ popularity
  • Trubetskoy Chateau on the map
  • How to get to the Trubetskoy Estate
  • Hotel and swimming pool in the Trubetskoy Chateau

A winery that once belonged to Prince Trubetskoy, where there reigns a special atmosphere, evoking a sense of calm and lightness, is only an hour and a half drive from Kherson.

Old winery

This place is worth visiting for both wine lovers and those who are just starting to become acquainted with its interesting history and characteristics.

More than 10,000 bottles of wine are stored in eight cellars, 70% of which are rare vintages.

With their refined taste and quality, they have won a large number of international awards.

The history of Prince Trubetskoy Chateau

The winery of Prince Trubetskoy was founded in 1896. Lev Golitsyn himself, leading winemaker of the Russian Empire, whose products are known all over the world to this day, helped the prince choose the land for the prized vineyards. In 1900, just four years after its establishment, Trubetskoy's wine "Riesling" won the Grand Prix at the Paris Exhibition. Just two years later, in 1902, Trubetskoy received an award for the best table wine from Emperor Alexander III.

Today, wine cellar galleries are completely restored, so guests can not only admire the ensembles and nature of the estate, but also get to sample some of the unique wines.

Winery building

After the revolution of 1917 and total nationalization, the estate was passed into state ownership and became a wine collective farm named after Lenin. Gradually, in the years following, it began to decay.

In the early 2000s, new owners rescued and restored the main chateau building. Today, hundreds of tourists celebrate the positive changes that have taken place at the winery and again enjoy the chateau and winery.

The Trubetskoy estate

Ruins of manor

Despite the serious destruction of architecture that occurred in the 1970s, the estate and some remaining elements of the landscape design can still be seen among the ruins. In its heyday, the main entrance overlooked the Dnipro River, and a monolithic stone staircase led from the pier to the entrance. An angle fortress tower rose above the main gate, but now there is not a trace left of these structures.

On the other hand, the remnants of a few former structures are thoroughly saturated with history and at just one glance they turn on the imagination. In one’s mind appear pictures of a thriving winery, surrounded by small splattering waterfalls that bring peace as the water flows.

Who will be interested in the Trubetskoy estate

Wine tasting tours are popular with everyone today. There are plenty of them in Ukraine, especially in the south and west, but the Trubetskoy Chateau is truly unique. Firstly, this is the only castle in Kherson region, and secondly, a full-fledged production has been renewed in the vineyards that have been restored after long desolation.

Wine in glass

These places will be interesting to:

  • lovers of real wines;
  • lovers of castles;
  • those who wish to see collectors’ wines that have been stored away in cellars for several decades;
  • those who are interested in the process of wine making.

Now many tourists, not only from Ukraine, but also from European countries, come to Kherson just to visit the chateau. It produces 26 types of wine (young, matured, premium and private label), and more than 10,000 bottles are stored in the cool cellars. Since 2009, the wine estate has been consulted by the famous oenologist from Bordeaux (France), Olivier Doga, who visits annually

Secrets of the wines’ popularity

Fifty years ago, during the reconstruction, several bottles of wine were found in the rubble, poured during the time of Prince Trubetskoy. One of the finds is a bottle of wine, on which is carved "Natural wine juice of Prince Trubetskoy" and on the reverse side - "Kozatskoe". This bottle is still kept as a historical artifact. They do not plan to sell it.

Barrels with wine

The value of Trubetskoy wines lies in the unusual, memorable taste, thanks to the process of maturing in oak casks.

A couple of years ago, French sommeliers tasted a sampling of white and red wines aged 45 years and were very surprised that they retained such excellent taste, given the fact that wines usually last no more than 35 years. The mystery of the long shelf life has not been solved, but it is believed that the unique soils and climate here contribute to this effect.

Old wine

In the process of restoring the vineyards, young vines of the best grape varieties were planted, namely:

  • Riesling;
  • Cabernet Sauvignon;
  • Aligoté.

These varieties were selected at the time of Trubetskoy by the legendary winemaker Golitsyn.

Later plantings were supplemented by popular varieties: Merlot, Sauvignon, Syrah, Cabernet Franc and others.

From the moment of its appearance and until now, Trubetskoy's wines have been winning numerous medals at prestigious international competitions, gaining adoring reviews around the world. Absolutely everyone has the opportunity to see the process of its production and the enjoyment of tasting them.

Trubetskoy Chateau on the map

Travel just one hour from Kherson and you will find yourself in a real old, beautiful and historic winery.

How to get to the Trubetskoy Estate

The estate is located in Kherson region, more precisely in Beryslav District near the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant in the village of Kozatske.

It is most convenient to get to the chateau from Kherson or Nova Kakhovka:

  • By bus - regular buses and fixed-route taxis go from the bus station of Nova Kakhovka at intervals of one hour.
  • By car - from Kherson to Nova Kakhovka and further towards the village of Kozatske 5.7 km.

There are no problems with transport, because it is a very popular destination for tourists.

Hotel and swimming pool in the Trubetskoy Chateau

For the convenience of tourists, there is a hotel and restauraunt in the chateau, where you can taste legendary wines and dishes specially prepared to accompany them. It can be interesting as you try to unravel the secrets of the estate by taking historical excursions.

This place is ideal for a private romantic getaway: strolls in a picturesque park, magnificent photos, relaxation in cozy hammocks with breathtaking views of the majestic Dnipro and absolutely no noise around to interrupt your vacation.

In the special atmosphere of the estate and the park surrounding it, you can envision Prince Trubetskoy and his noblemen walking along the steps and galleries of the wine cellars.

Recently, the hotel became popular not only for relaxation, but also for weddings and celebrations. The hotel’s front hall has 400 seats. It is located in the old wing of the winery, where the birth process of a great wine took place earlier.

The hotel has only 10 double rooms, and they all have ample privacy. Each room has access to a terrace with a magnificent view - an ideal place to sit at the table to enjoy the aromas of wine, which cures the soul. The room rate is very reasonable. It includes a simple breakfast of omelette, porridge, bread, sausages and butter. Tea, coffee, kefir or milk is also offered.

In the summer heat, vacationers can freshen up in the cool pool or sunbathe on comfortable sunbeds nearby. Wines and souvenirs are available for purchase in the local shop.

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