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Where to go for a Weekend with Children

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  • Askania-Nova
  • Oleshky Sands
  • Green Farms of Tavria
  • Arabatska Spit
  • Skadovsk town
  • Lazurne village
  • Hydropark

If you are trying to find a place to go with your family for the weekend, we invite you to Kherson region. There are plenty of locations for parents and their children to relax here. Revitalize at the seaside resort, visit the dolphinarium, wander along the dunes of Oleshky Sands, or feed wild animals in Askania-Nova. Choose for yourself!

At the sea side

Relax with children in Kherson region

We have selected the Top-7 tourist places for family leisure in Kherson region. We are sure you will like these places!

Askania-Nova Reserve

A trip to the Askania-Nova Reserve will be filled with unforgettable moments for kids and their parents. There is an open-air zoo in the area. Take a safari ride to get a closer look at the animals. There is a bus excursion to the steppe. Along the way, you will see mouflons, deer, ostriches, Przewalski's horses, zebras, and buffaloes. Some animals will allow you to get close enough to gently touch them. The photos you take will be very memorable.


In hot weather, take a walk with your child along the shady alleys of the botanical garden and then relax by the lake or pond. It will be exciting for you to watch more than 60 species of birds.

Watch the video:

Costs for excursions:

  • various excursions from 45 UAH/person;
  • steppe safari from 150 UAH/person.

You can order excursions on the official website.

Oleshky Sands

Do you want to have a relaxing vacation with some light activity in an unusual place? Welcome to the dessert Oleshky Sands! You will enjoy walking along the sand dunes, the height of which ranges from 5 to 20 meters.

Ukrainian desert

Children will be delighted with the big sandbox for play; don’t forget to bring toys with you. How about running down a high barkhan dune? This might be a little more exercise than you were looking for, but a fun activity.

In Oleshky Sands

Other things to do with children in Oleshky Sands:

  • slide down the barkhan dunes on a “plate” like sledding on a hill;
  • explore deep into the desert;
  • arrange a unique photo shoot;
  • walk in the forest and pick mushrooms.

Riding on the sand

Tip: come to the Oleshky Desert in spring or autumn, it’s hot in the summer here and sand warms up to 70 degrees.

Promo video:

You can come to the desert on your own, but it is most convenient to book a group tour.

Green Farms of Tavria

A family vacation in Kherson region can be organized at Green Farms of Tavria.

Green farms

Here, adults and kids are in for a treat! Besides walking in the fresh air, you will have the opportunity to become acquainted with Ukrainian folk handicrafts.

At the local workshops, kids can learn to:

  • blow glass figures;
  • make pottery;
  • hammer a metal horseshoe;
  • craft a rag doll;
  • shoot from a bow and throw a spear;
  • make soap;
  • stitch embroidery.

Tip: to visit the most interesting workshops, come to the farmstead in the spring or autumn.

There are other attractions for parents and their little guests. You can visit a souvenir shop, ride on the swings, swim in the pool, lie down in a hayloft, ride a horse, or drive an ATV.

Arabatska Spit

Vacation with kid

Arabatska Spit is a great place for a family weekend. There are no factories or industrial plants, so your relaxing eco-vacation will really improve your health!

Family vacation

For other healthy rehabilitation options, check out these other locations:

  • three thermal springs (located in Strilkove, Shchaslyvtseve and Henicheska Hirka);
  • lake Syvash;
  • apitherapy clinic near Shchaslyvtseve (bee and honey treatment sessions);
  • healing lakes (Radonove, Glycerin Lake, Dead Lake and Pink Lake).

Children will enjoy visiting:

  • wild Animal Park in Shchaslyvtseve - Lions, camels, ponies, foxes, bears, raccoons and silver foxes live here. Some animals can be petted and the children can feed them;
  • dolphinarium in Henicheska Hirka - This is an exciting program featuring dolphins and sea bears to entertain guests.

Ostrich farm - Located 16 kilometres away from Strilkove.

Prices for accommodations: room with conveniences from 300 UAH per day

Skadovsk town

Skadovsk town

If you are thinking about where to go with children for the weekend, then think about a trip to Skadovsk. This is one of the most popular resorts for families in the South of Ukraine.

Why Skadovsk is a good place to spend a vacation with children:

  • shallow and warm sea;
  • sandy beach;
  • beach amenities: deck chairs, umbrellas, dressing rooms, restrooms;
  • plenty of children's entertainment: water rides, playgrounds, pools and slides;
  • wide range of accommodations: private residences, hotels and camps;
  • promenade for relaxing strolls.


  • private residences start from 70 UAH per person;
  • a room with conveniences from 200 UAH per person.

For a fun and relaxing vacation with your family, we suggest a visit to the water park, dolphinarium, and amusement and entertainment park. We also recommend a trip to Dzharylhach Island.

Lazurne village

Lazurne village

Spend a weekend on the coast at the Lazurne resort village. This is a popular resort located on the Black Sea, ideal for healthy rehabilitation for the whole family.

The benefits of a family vacation in Lazurne:

  • clear sea with a flat bottom;
  • wide sandy beaches;
  • markets –where you can always buy fresh products;
  • wide selection of accommodations.

There is plenty of entertainment for the kids: water activities, banana-boating, paddle boats, amusement and entertainment park (Luna Park), and a lot of playgrounds. You can also visit a dolphinarium and water park in nearby Skadovsk.

Tourists choose Lazurne because of the low prices for accommodations.

Hotel accommodation: from 350 UAH.


Don’t want to go far? Liven up your family vacation in Kherson with a trip to Hydropark. Local residents like to come here to sunbathe and swim in the Dnipro River. This is the most popular place for summer vacation.


Hydropark has comfortable leisure facilities including:

  • wide beach with soft sand - bring children's toys;
  • a lot of trees and shrubs and “shade”;
  • rentals for paddle boats and other boats;
  • volleyball court;
  • rescue station for family safety while visiting.

You can also enjoy a leisurely walk around the area or play outdoor games.

Your little vacationers will enjoy the walk too. There are live peacocks, foxes, wolves, raccoons and goats in the area. Visitors can feed some of the animals with local fruits and vegetables.

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