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Leisure in the Forest of Kherson Region

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If you have been dreaming about an ecotourism trip for a long time, you should plan a visit to Kherson region! It attracts travellers with its unique landscapes, sea resorts, and a variety of leisure activities. There are many natural attractions: Oleshky Sands, Askania-Nova, Kinburn Spit, the Stanislav mountains, Lake Lemurian - and this is not even the full list of attractions!

Green tourism base in the forest
Along the delta of the Dnipro river there are many recreation complexes

If you are looking for a place to relax away from the city, then this article is for you. We will talk about vacationing in the forest of Kherson region.

Outdoor leisure in Kherson

Kherson is an ideal region for ecotourism. It has all the natural resources for a leisure holiday and healthy rehabilitation.

It is hard to believe that 65 years ago there was nearly a desert in the territory of the Oleshky Forest. Today, it is the largest artificial tree planting in the South of Ukraine.

It is no wonder that tourists and locals alike enjoy spending time in the forests of Kherson region. People come here to spend several hours getting enjoying the fresh air and strolling along the forest paths.

Recreation center in Oleshki
Eco-friendly hotel in the Oleshky forest

If you like, you can stay for a couple of days in one of the tourist complexes. You will find many interesting activities at your disposal!

Where to relax in nature in Kherson region

Do you want to relax away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Then we advise you to visit the forests of Kherson region. Suburban complexes and vacation hotels are located in ecologically clean areas. They are suitable for family leisure, fun with friends, or just peaceful isolation. There is a large variety of things to do in the area: fishing, horse riding, paintball, and playgrounds for children.

On the coast of the Dnipro-Bug Estuary, there are many picturesque campsites. Its favourable location at the mouth of the Dnipro River attracts fishing enthusiasts from around the world. You can catch pike, catfish, carp, ruff, rudd, and other river fish.

Check out these photos:

Hotel guests will find the accommodations inviting in comfortable rooms with conveniences such as bathroom, TV, and Wi-Fi. Apartments for larger groups are also available.

In most cases, you will have to cook your own food. There is an equipped kitchen available for your convenience. You can also rent a gazebo with a barbecue grill and buy firewood nearby for outdoor enjoyment. Boat trips to the beautiful and clean Dnipro bays are organized. For group tours, you can rent a longboat for up to eight people.

Average prices:

  • accommodation in apartments - from 500 UAH per day;
  • boat rental - from 200 UAH per day;
  • motorboat rental - 900 UAH per day;
  • petrol is paid separately;
  • gazebo (without accommodation) 100 UAH per person.

Green tourism centers

Ecotourism lovers will appreciate the national ecotourism campsites.

In such complexes, tourists will become familiar with the traditions, history and culture of the picturesque steppe region. Here you will visit the Ukrainian National House, an ethnic museum and open-air handicraft museum. There are many ancient household items in the area that you can touch and enjoy taking photos.

Fans of an active vacation setting will not be bored here. Enjoy activities such as fishing, catamaran and rowing boat rentals, table tennis, and volleyball sport courts.

If you want to stay overnight, consider one of the following accommodation options:

  • comfortable hotel room accommodations;
  • accommodations in hostels;
  • campsites.

The following activities are offered to guests:

  • horse riding
  • quadrunner rentals
  • tour of Oleshky Sands and “Burkuty” Nature Reserve
  • archery
  • football and volleyball

Open-air gatherings and events such as weddings, festivals, and corporate parties with elements of folk rites and Cossack traditions are often held in this area. It is possible to order campfire cooking such as delicious shurpa, Cossack kulish, flavourful herbal teas, and other local dishes.

Recreation centers on Google Maps

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