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Sights of Nova Kakhovka

Did you know that Nova Kakhovka is the homiest city in the Kherson region? As soon as you enter the city, you will feel as comfortable as at home. Its uniqueness is that it was built according to a single layout. There are only 3 such cities in the world – St. Petersburg, Brasilia, Nova Kakhovka. The attractions here are variegated and vivid. One day is definitely not enough to see everything. What to see, what is unique about the city, and where to stay for the night? Read to the end to learn more about Nova Kakhovka.

Sights of Nova Kakhovka

City park

It was established in the 1950s according to the project of the famous gardener S.M. Faldzinskyi. Actually, the park is named after him. Sand from Oleshky and black soil from the Dnipro floodplain was used for its laying out. Faldzinskyi brought plants from Kherson, Melitopol, Novovorontsovka, and ordered rare Japanese pagoda tree and a banana tree from abroad.

Buildings of the city

Now, about 90 species of plants have been planted here. The park has an open-air theater, a café, and a beautiful gazebo for relaxation. On the "Skazochnaya Dubrava" playground, there are wooden sculptures of fairy-tale characters. The park has a zoo where mouflons, owls, peacocks, wild geese, and other animals are kept.

City theater

A unique feature: there are three plane trees growing in the park, which are more than 100 years old. Who and why planted them is unknown. The trees are protected by law.


If you don't know where to go in Nova Kakhovka, head to the embankment. This is always a great option for a walk. There are improved areas – a park, a yacht club, and recreational zones. You can walk along the pristine banks of the Dnipro River. There are benches to sit, changing huts, and places to swim.


Be sure to take a dip in the spring water pool near the wooden chapel. Go down to the river along Oktiabrska Street.

City park

If you want to make Japanese-style photos, go to Shabo restaurant. Plus, there are tables on platforms just above the water. There are many beautiful locations along the embankment. The views are gorgeous, especially at dusk and dawn.

Springs in Nova Kakhovka

Walking along the Dnipro embankment, you can easily collect spring water in any volume. Springs burst forth out of the water surface or of the earth. Some of such locations are improved. For example, near the open-air theater or the plunge tub near the wooden church. The yacht club also offers cold spring water. Access to the springs is free.

Natural spring

Feature: Nova Kakhovka is called the city of a thousand springs.

Kakhovka HPP

Activities in Nova Kakhovka for industrial tourists. The city can surprise you with one of the largest hydroelectric power plants in Ukraine. The builders of the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant came from all over the USSR. Their ethnic composition consisted of about 100 ethnic groups. During the construction of this facility, 90 villages and the historical region of Velykyi Luh were flooded.

Hydroelectric Power Plant

The plant supplies electricity and drinking water to the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. You can visit the plant as part of an organized excursion. It is free for schoolchildren and students. Visits by other groups should be discussed with the management. Phones: +38 05549 39631; +38 05549 39662. Address: 3 Novokakhovske Highway.

Attention! The Kakhovka HPP is a strategically important facility. Therefore, it is guarded by the National Guard. You cannot take photos or videos of the facility.

You cannot look at the turbines on your own, but you can see the water discharge. The dam of the hydroelectric power plant serves as a bridge for road and rail transport. It is located next to the plant building. There is a walkway on the bridge, so you can safely watch the tons of water rage under your feet. The scene is spectacular! Here, you can also see a single-channel shipping lock – the view is breathtaking.

Stone embroideries

You will not find such a thing anywhere else. Stone embroideries appeared after the development of the city to decorate unsightly houses. The decoration is made in the Ukrainian national style – boychukism. The ornament includes traditional figures, intertwined patterns, images of birds and plants. During the Soviet era, stone embroideries were coated with plaster. It was believed that ornaments on houses looked defiant. Nowadays, stone decorations are being restored.

Embroideries in stone

Uniqueness: embroidery ornaments are not repeated. They show the functions each building performed in the 1950s.

You can look at the stone embroideries in the open-air theater, at the Palace of Culture, at the building of the Department of Labor and Social Protection of the Population, as well as throughout the city.

Museum of History

Judging by modern standards, the Museum of the City History is quite young – it opened in 1990. For 30 years, it has collected 4000 exhibits, which are displayed in five halls. In the first one, you can learn about the ancient history of the city – from nomads to Cossacks. There are some unique exhibits – a mammoth tooth, dishes for rituals, Scythian household items, and Cossack clay pipes.

The second hall is dedicated to the hydroelectric power plant, the development of Nova Kakhovka. Photos, rare documents, and films will tell about the epic construction of the station. The second floor with three halls is dedicated to the history of the development of the region's infrastructure, culture, and education. There are also portraits of famous personalities of the city. A separate exposition is dedicated to the famous writer and film director Oleksander Dovzhenko.

The museum is open on weekdays from 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM. Check the ticket price and the excursion program by phone: +38 05549 42342. Address: 22 Istorychna Str.

An interesting fact: here, O. Dovzhenko wrote the script for the film "Poem of the Sea". It tells about the consequences of the construction of the Kakhovka HPP for neighboring villages.

Trubetskoy Chateau

The sights of Nova Kakhovka are scattered throughout the district. Drive out of town to get to know the region better. For example, go to Prince Trubetskoy Chateau in Vesele village for a gastronomy tour. It offers a beautiful view of the Dnipro River, fresh air, and a cozy territory.

Winery in winter

In the chateau, you may taste 26 types of wines – new, aged, premium, and vintage. Take a guided tour of the winery to witness the winemaking process. They will tell you about the history of this place, show you the old cellars where they keep wine. The tour costs from UAH 250 per person. You may sign up by phone: +38 (050) 878 47 38. Address: Vesele village, 3 Svyrydova Str.

Wine barrels in cave

A unique feature: the only historical chateau in the territory of Ukraine.

Tavria Cognac Factory

If you appreciate elite cognac or want to feel the taste of a premium drink, this is the place for you. Tavria Cognac Factory is a leader among producers of collection and vintage cognacs in Ukraine.

Cognac tasting

The products are exported to Russia, Belarus, and Western Europe. Here, you may take a tour of the museum and production facilities. The tasting of the deluxe drink takes place under the guidance of a professional sommelier. After his lecture, cognacs will open for you in a different light.

The cognac factory was established there thanks to the Franco-Swiss colonists Louis Gehler, Jean Jaton, and Julius Mayer. They were surprised by the favorability of the lands of this area for winemaking. There is an explanation for this – the unique soil, favorable climate, and location on the same latitude with the French Charente, which is the birthplace of cognac. In 1898, the first batch of 5,000 buckets of wine was produced.

Cognac factory Tavria

Now, the plant specializes mainly in hard drinks. The enterprise produces Borisfen, Tavria Premium, Georgievsky, Jatone, ALeXX cognac ranges.

You may find out the cost of the tour and tasting by phone at +380554976228. Address: 299 Dniprovskyi Ave. The place is open on weekdays from 8:00 to 17:00.

Interesting fact: Tavria produces almost 7 million liters of cognac per year.

Steppe waterfalls

As soon as you manage to cover all the interesting locations in Nova Kakhovka, come to Kozatske village. There is an islet with cool water surrounded by southern steppes and heat. Unique waterfalls splatter under the walls of the Trubetskoy estate. They were formed in the 1970s due to the waters of the Kakhovka reservoir. Streams of water have washed out the bed in the soft limestone. Truth to tell, they were not immediately noticed. This area used to be wild and abandoned.

Steppe watefalls in Nova Kakhovka

Caring residents of Kozatske village cleaned the area step by step. Now, there is a picturesque location and a good place for a walk on a hot day or a beautiful setting for a photo shooting. You can wash your face in the spring and have a picnic in the shade of the trees. The sound of the jets falling from the rock steps hypnotizes for hours. The atmosphere is incredible!

Waterfalls are located in Kozatske village, opposite the Village Council. Go through the playground and go down passing the ruins of the estate. The entrance is free.

Uniqueness: there is no such steppe waterfall anywhere else in Ukraine.

Ruins of the Trubetskoy estate

The Trubetskoy estate is the largest architectural ensemble of the Kherson region that has survived to this day. Nowadays, the retaining walls and towers, gates, bridges, semi-arches supporting the wall above the cliff have been preserved. The waterfall harmoniously integrates into the picture, giving the veil of mystery to these places.

Ruins of Trubetsloy castle

The castle resembles the French Renaissance style with Gothic elements. Originally, the estate looked like a medieval palace. The main building, outbuildings, and stables were located here. The crown of the complex is the corner castle tower.

Here, you can take a walk. You may happen to join the tour, listen to the history of the estate in passing. The Trubetskoy estate is located in Kozatske village opposite the Village Council.

Legend: the rumor says that in the Trubetskoy vineyards, they used to close workers’ mouths so that they would not eat grapes during harvest

Vytautas' Tower

It was built at the end of the 14th century to control the southern part of Tavan Island, which is now flooded by the waters of the Kakhovka reservoir. There was the customs office of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania ruled by Vytautas. In the 15th century, the territory belonged to the Crimean Tatars. According to legend, massive chains were stretched from this tower to three fortresses by the Dnipro bank. They did not allow Cossack ships to enter the Black Sea. However, these fortresses were destroyed in the 18th century but the aside standing tower was not damaged.

Vitautas tower

In the times of Trubetskoy, this tower began to be used as a water tower. They served in this role right up to the middle of the 20th century. After the construction of the Kakhovka HPP, the equipment was dismantled, and the structure was abandoned. The tower is located in the Kozatske village, Nova Kakhovka. The sights in this village are open all year round.

Korsun Monastery

It was founded in the 18th century by the order of Catherine the Great. Originally, that was an Old Believer monastery. In the middle of the 19th century, it came under Orthodox jurisdiction. The courtyard was rich: there were churches in the territory, a cattle yard behind the gates of the monastery, an orchard, and a vegetable garden.

Monastey tower

The place barely survived the 1917 revolution. Already under the Soviet rule, the monks were dismissed. A school for juvenile delinquents was established in the building. The Korsun Monastery reopened in 1999. Services are held in the St. Michael's Church. The north-eastern tower, the western gate, and parts of the fence remained from the former courtyard.

The Korsun Monastery is located in Korsunka village at Kominterna Street. It is open from 07:00 AM to 07:00 PM. Phone: 096 945 4765.

Where to stay for the night

Premier Hotel

This is a comfortable hotel on the banks of the Dnipro River with its own restaurant, bowling, and billiards. There is a beautiful lawn, gazebos, and free parking in the territory. There are standard, junior suite, and suite rooms. The price starts from UAH 1,150. Address: Dniprovskyi Ave. Hotel phone number: +380666826741.

Maxim Marine Hotel and Yacht Club

This is a European level hotel. The territory offers swimming pools, a tennis court, dance floors, and even its own church. Rooms are designed in different styles – Africa, Japan, Scotland, Scandinavia, etc. You may rent a large one-story or two-story room. The price starts from UAH 1,250. Address: 44-a Dniprovskyi Ave. Phone: +38 (05549) 7-02-56; +38 050 388-19-19. You can book a room on the website.

Holiday Village Katrin Mini-Hotel

There are cottages in the territory of the hotel. There is a swimming pool, a tennis court, sports equipment and kayaks for rent. You may relax in the sauna and hammam. The place offers double rooms. The cost of accommodation starts from UAH 1,150. Address: 46-a Dniprovskyi Ave. Phones: +38(05549) 9-03-07; +38(05549) 9-00-17; +38(099) 105-88-74. You may make a reservation on the website.

Hotel in Trubetskoy Chateau

The hotel has 10 comfortable double rooms with a terrace. The territory has a swimming pool and free parking. The hotel offers gorgeous views of the Dnipro River. The price for a room starts from UAH 1,400. Address: Vesele village, 3 Svyrydova Str. Phones: +38 (05546) 527-50. For further information please visit the website.

Photos of Nova Kakhovka

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