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Where to go on Vacation in Ukraine – Looking at the South

Article content:

  • Dzharylhach
  • Byriuchyi Island
  • Arabat Spit
  • Shchaslyvtseve
  • Henichesk
  • Askania-Nova Reserve
  • Lemurian Lake
  • Kinburn Spit
  • Zaliznyi Port
  • Lazurne
  • Prince Trubetskoy chateau
  • Aktove Canyon

The summer sun has become hotter, but you still have not decided where to go for vacation in Ukraine. Consider exploring some of the more interesting places in the South of the country. Believe me, there are many different places for vacation besides the popular Black Sea resorts.

Read further to find about some of the great Ukraine summer travel destinations. For your convenience, we point out the current prices for accommodations, excursions and several types of entertainment.


The cleanest sandy coast, turquoise water, picturesque nature and charming landscapes is how people describe the unique area of Dzharylhach. No wonder it’s called the Ukrainian Maldives!

What can visitors do here?

  • sunbathe on snow-white beaches;
  • take a trip around the area to see deer, foxes, mouflons and hares;
  • go to the lighthouse, nearby you can get fresh water;
  • yoga practice;
  • arrange a photo shoot showcasing the beautiful landscape;
  • snorkelling and other water activities.

You can live in an organized camp prepared meals or in a more remote area in a quiet tent.

Dzharylhach Lighthouse is the main local attraction. It is 118 years old! It was designed in France by Gustave Eiffel, engineer of the Eiffel Tower. You can take great photos with the lighthouse as a gorgeous background.

How to get here: from Skadovsk by motorboat.

Byriuchyi Island

Byriuchyi Island is 20 kilometers of deserted sandy beaches and protected nature. This is a great choice for a quiet vacation far away from the big city. There are no noisy cafes or loud music, only calm relaxation that will rejuvenate you.

Tourists can stay in organized camps or in vacation hotels.

Vacationers will be interested in:

  • walking along the shores of the island;
  • watching deer, mouflons, does and pheasants;
  • taking pictures of animals and birds;
  • kayaking;
  • going to the lighthouse;
  • exploring the Scythian mounds.

How to get here? There are two ways:

  • via roadway through Kyrylivka by bus or car
  • by sea on a boat from Henichesk

Accommodation in vacation hotels cost from 750 UAH per room.

Arabat Spit

For travelers who have not decided where to go on summer vacation, we recommend visiting the Arabat Spit.

This area offers the perfect conditions for family rest and recuperation, such as:

  • shallow and warm sea without jellyfish;
  • thermal springs;
  • Syvash Bay;
  • apitherapy clinic in Shchaslyvtseve;
  • healing lakes.

For active leisure, guests can visit dolphinarium, ride ATVs in the sand, rent paddle boats, buns and learn water-skiing.


Lake for recovery

Relaxed travelers will enjoy the village of Shchaslyvtseve. There are usually not too many people, a wide coastline and clear water of the beach. Vacationers like to visit the hot thermal geyser, which is located 3 km from Shchaslyvtseve.


Rest on the beach

Henichesk is a small resort town. This area is the best choice for families with children because of the shallow and clear sea, plenty of entertainment for kids and an insignificant number of jellyfish at the beach. Families can walk along Alleia Kazok (Fairy Tales Alley), swing on a swing in a park named after Taras Shevchenko or take a tour of Askania Nova and the ostrich farm.

Askania-Nova Reserve

The reserve is a man-made oasis in the middle of the steppe. Its scope includes an open-air zoo, dendrological park and untouched virgin land, all located in an area of more than 33 hectares.

Visit here if you want to connect with wildlife, go on a safari and visit the steppe. You will see zebras, buffaloes, Przewalski's horses, mouflons, deer and ostrich in the immediate vicinity. You can take photos of the animals and probably even pet some of them.

What else can travelers do in Askania Nova

  • walk in dendrological park;
  • birdwatching;
  • take a selfie with the boundless steppe as the background;
  • see the Kurgan stelae;
  • stay at a hotel.

Excursion prices are on the officila website. Safari tours start from 150 UAH per person.

Lemurian Lake

A vacation in Ukraine can be combined with calming rehabilitation. To enjoy this kind of relaxation, visit Lake Lemurian. It is located 4 km away from the village of Hryhorivka in Kherson region. The bay surprises visitors with its pink color. The water turns pink due to the algae-like weeds, which secrete a special substance in the hot weather season.

Pink lake with healing water

The saltiness of the reservoir is very similar to the Dead Sea. This lake is well-known for its healing mud. You can smear yourself with the mud here or take it with you.

The bay is called a “national resort” and it is always crowded. There are usually many cars and tents along the shore. On the beach, there are shower stalls and cozy gazebos for resting. You can also order the services of a massage therapist while you are here.

You can take amazing photos while you are visiting. Come here in July or August if you plan to hold a photo shoot because the landscape and beaches are beautiful. Due to the heat, the water turns bright pink during this time.

Kinburn Spit

Kinburn Spit is located between the Black Sea and the Dnipro-Bug Estuary. This sandy spit surprises visitors with its diversity–turquoise sea water, forests, sand dunes, salt bays and healing muds.

Activities at the Kinburn Spit include:

  • walk around the area by foot. Along the way, you will see where pink flamingos and pelicans live;
  • go “photo hunting”;
  • wander through a dense forest and pick mushrooms;
  • plunge into healing bays;
  • bring gear for fishing and hunting;
  • have fun watching dolphins.

Tip: bring food with you. There are no supermarkets on the spit. You can buy milk, vegetables and bread from locals, but prices are high.

Tourists can be accommodated in the nearest villages or camp.

Payment for accommodation in tourist areas start from 100 UAH per night.

Zaliznyi Port

Panoram of Zaliznyy Port

Do you just want to relax by the sea? If so, choose Zaliznyi Port. This is a popular resort village with developed infrastructure. There are supermarkets, pharmacies, cafes, discos, markets, ATMs and a first-aid post. In the evening, visitors like to walk along the promenade or spend time by the water.

The sea is moderately deep, and jellyfish often come in. The beach is equipped with deck chairs, umbrellas and dressing rooms.

What summer activities are available for guests?

  • three water parks;
  • amusement and entertainment park (Luna Park);
  • water bike rental;
  • riding on buns, “bananas”, scooters;
  • inflatable sea island floats;
  • parasailing;
  • slides, trampolines and playgrounds for children.

To restore health, vacationers can also make a visit to an iodine-bromide geyser.

Accommodation: with conveniences starts from 350 UAH/night, private residence - from 70 UAH per person.


If you are looking for an inexpensive place to relax in Ukraine, then we recommend a vacation in Lazurne. It is good to stay here with the whole family. The shore is wide and the sand is soft - children will enjoy building sand castles. There are organized activities and plenty of entertainment options on the beaches. You can rent banana boats, buns, ride a water bicycle by the sea, or go parasailing.

Panorama of Lazurne

Prices for accommodations are lower than in other resort locations. The most inexpensive option to stay in Lazurne is to rent a room in a private residence. Comfort lovers can choose apartments with conveniences in hotels and vacation hotels.

You will find everything that guests need: markets, grocery stores, pharmacies, cafes, bus station, nightclubs and an amusement and entertainment park (Luna Park).

Dzharylhach Island is located not far from the village. You can get there by boat or try to wade through, but it is not safe!

Accommodation: from 100 UAH per person.

Prince Trubetskoy chateau

For seekers of atmospheric vacations, we recommend visiting the Prince Trubetskoy winery on the weekend. It is located in the village of Vesele in Kherson region. This is the only historical wine estate in the country.

Wine and knowledge

There is a unique collection of wines from more than 10,000 bottles in the cellars of the chateau. There are even a few 100-year-old bottles. Trubetskoy wines are rumoured to not lose their taste when stored for more than 50 years, although it’s best to preserve wine for just 35 years according to world standards.

What is offered for guests?

  • visit cellars of the winery;
  • sample several wine types;
  • visit steppe waterfalls;
  • look at the Lithuanian Vytautas watchtower;
  • walk through the vineyards.

A hotel with 10 rooms is located in the area.

Aktove Canyon

Don’t know what to see in Ukraine? Plan a visit to Aktove Canyon. You will definitely remember this journey for a long time. This place has fantastic landscapes and open space for extreme vacationers.

Rocks and granite boulders of different sizes are spread out across 250 hectares. At the bottom, with a depth of 50 meters flows the Mertvovid River. The vibrant landscapes in this “Ukrainian Grand Canyon” will amaze you with their beauty. It is an ideal location for unique opportunities for photo shoots.

Rocks and small lake

What tourists can do here:

  • swim in the river;
  • go fishing;
  • spend the night in a tent;
  • go mountain climbing;
  • wander through Trikratsky Forest.

The best way to go here is by car. Use village of Aktove in Mykolaiv as your orientation point.

To make the trip even more fascinating, take one-day guided tour.

Comparative characteristics of vacation places

PlaceKinds of leisure activities
Dzharylhach IslandWalks to the lighthouse, yoga, photo shoots, snorkelling.
Byriuchyi IslandTour the area, photo hunting, kayaking, animal watching, walks to the lighthouse.
Arabat SpitRestoration at thermal springs, apitherapy clinic, water attractions, dolphinarium, ostrich farm.
Askania-NovaExcursions, safaris, walks in the dendrological park, photo shoots.
Lake LemurianRehabilitation with healing muds, photo shoots.
Kinburn SpitHiking, fishing, hunting, walking in the forest, picking mushrooms, photo hunting.
 Zaliznyi PortWater parks, amusement and entertainment park, inflatable island, water attraction rental, parachute flying, trampolines and playgrounds for children.
LazurneRiding a banana boat, buns, paddle boats, amusement park, playgrounds, visiting Dzharylhach.
Prince Trubetskoy chateauTour of the winery and area, wine tasting.
Aktove CanyonMountain climbing, fishing, swimming in the river, walking.

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