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Kherson Mountains

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  • History of Stanislav Grand Canyon
  • Kherson Mountains on the map
  • Stanislav Mountains: how to get there, convenient routes
  • What to do in Kherson Mountains
  • Khablovskyi lighthouse

Kherson Mountains or Stanislav Grand Canyon is one of the most amazing and beautiful places in Ukraine, located in Kherson region on the banks of the Dnipro-Bug Estuary between the villages of Oleksandrivka and Stanislav. The distance from Kherson to the canyon is 50 km.

The Stanislav Mountains are steep cliffs with vertical slopes, consisting of multi-coloured clay. They reach up to 55 meters in height.

Beautiful views of the estuary and magnificent steppe landscapes open from the top of the cape.

Clouds and sun

It is especially beautiful here in spring and early summer, when odorous grasses appear in beams and ravines and wild iris fields bloom.

History of Stanislav Grand Canyon

The Kherson Mountains are picturesque cliffs of clay that hang over the estuary. The total area of the mountains is 660 hectares; they are part of Stanislav Landscape Park.

Picturesque clay cliffs above the estuary in Kherson region are called mountains.

Ancient times

As a result of archaeological excavations, it was discovered that in ancient times a settlement had been was located in this territory, covering an area of more than 3 ha. It is believed that during the 12-11 centuries BC there were settlements dating back to the late Bronze Age of Belozersk culture (the name comes from the nearby Lake Beloye).

In the period from the 6th century BC up to the 4th century AD, the territory of Kherson Mountains was occupied by settlements related to Chernyakhov culture throughout variousover the years years.

Our age

Stone crosses from the 18th-19th century found at the local cemetery indicate that the territory of Stanislav along with Zaporozhian Sich was the patrimony ofbelonging to the Ukrainian Cossacks. Unfortunately, most of the historical monuments were destroyed after the formation of the clay pit in 1990.

Kherson Mountains on the map

Just 48 min by car from Kherson!

Stanislav Mountains: how to get there, convenient routes

Stanislav reserve is located in Bilozerka District and borders on the water area of the Dnipro Estuary. It is most convenient to get there by bus. Currently, a bus leaves every hour from bus station No.2 in Kherson. The ticket price is 40 UAH. Massive mountain formations will be visible before enteringon the way to Stanislav, so you should go to the nearest stop and walk to the mountains by way of visual landmarks.

To get to the location by your own car, you need to travel from Kherson along the T-1501 highway. When entering the village, turn left. To find the best routes to the most interesting places, you can also talkchat with local residents.

What to do in Kherson Mountains

Tourists visit Stanislav Mountains primarily for outdoor recreation. As well, other activities include:

  • Have a picnic and take beautiful photos against the background of impressive landscapes created by combining coastal waters with steep slopes and steppe areas.
  • Swim in salt water and watch fish that live in the pond.
  • Meditate - it is believed that this area has a strong energy and creates a sense of peace and tranquillity.
  • Go kayaking or organize a rafting trip on catamarans along the cliffs.
  • Go climbing and ascending mountains that reach the height of a 13-story building.
  • Paragliding is possible due to the winds blowing from the Black Sea and creating create a lifting force upward when hitting the winds reach the cliffs.
  • Observe the behaviour of birds (birdwatching), which are numerous here; listen to their singing and learn to recognize different species by their sounds.
  • Take a long hiking trip through the mountains, overcoming obstacles on a natural terrain (trekking), and spend a night in a predetermined lodgeplace.

Mountains in Kherson

You can spend a night in the camp or rent a 2-story house with all the amenities. Travel agencies conduct day trips to Kherson Mountains, or travellers can come on their own and put up tents on the slopes of the cliffs.

Khablovskyi lighthouse

Yellow field and lighthouse

Not far from the village of Stanislav on the border between Mykolaiv and Kherson regions, there is an interesting structure – the Khablovskyi lighthouse. It is located right along the steppe. You can get to it only by car.

The first lighthouse building was erected 147 years ago. However, it was destroyed during wartime because it served as a good landmark target for aiming artillery. The current lighthouse was restored in 1952. There is a retro inscription noting it history "A gift to the XIX All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks” on the facade of the building.

Girl and lighthouse

A few years ago, a thorough overhaul was conducted on the lighthouse; the facade was closed with metal siding and painted in black and burgundy.

It operates in automatic mode and incandescent lamps are supplemented by an LED spotlight. Using an optical system, every six6 seconds the lighthouse delivers a directional beam of red colour which is visible at from a distance of fivefive nautical miles away.

The lighthouse makes peculiar unique sounds in windy weather, similar to Tuvan throat singing or the tunes of Tibetan monks.

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