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Wild Places of Ukraine: Top 5 Locations for Camping

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  • Dzharylhach Island
  • Kinburn Spit
  • Lazurne Village
  • Aktove Canyon
  • Biriuchyi Island

When you are dying to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time connecting with the magical calmness of wildlife, camping in Ukraine is the vacation you dream of. Such a weekend is usually accompanied by dinner with campfire, guitar music, stargazing, followed by calming healthy sleep in the fresh air and waking up to birdsong in the morning.


This is an unusual romance that will cheer you up and energize you. You will remember the experience for a long time!

It is unlikely that there are more delightful places for camping in Ukraine like in Kherson. This region is particularly rich in environmentally rich attractions and untouched natural places.

Here, we provide an overview of the most amazing places in the serenity of Kherson’s wild nature. View the photos and read the brief descriptions to plan your exclusive vacation.

Dzharylhach Island

Not far from the town of Skadovsk, there is an amazing place famous for its clean white sand and sky-blue sea. This place is Dzharylhach Island, which is often called the Ukrainian Maldives. There is no infrastructure - no shops, no hotels, no entertainment centers. However, there are convenient and safe camping areas on the coast for enjoying extra time with nature.

Dzharylhach is the largest uninhabited island on the waters of the Black Sea. It is located well away from city resorts and therefore ranks at the top for cool camping locations.

Young couple

The main appeals of the island are the fascinating wildlife area, kilometers of virgin beaches, seawater that is known to warm up quickly and an insignificant number of tourists who visit. From the shore, you can watch dolphins play in the sea. On land, you may come across such wild animals as deer, doe, mouflon and bison while you enjoy the landscape.

Campsites are located close to the sea in olive groves that provide shade. The famous lighthouse designed by Gustave Eiffel is located nearby.

Eyfel lighthouse

The ennobled zone has the following features:

  • beautiful fresh water spring – just a 15-minute walk away;
  • equipped showers and bathroom stalls;
  • tent rental and three meals a day, prepared by a cook;
  • master classes in kayaking;
  • volleyball, board games, hiking, etc.

Kinburn Spit

End of Kinburn Spit

Kinburn Spit is located between the Dnipro-Bug Estuary and Yahorlyk Bay of the Black Sea. This is an ideal place for those who need a “reset” in nature away from their hectic city life. A large number of medicinal herbs grow in the local meadows, so the locals gave it the name “open-air pharmacy”.

This is a quiet place, remote from civilization, and part of the "Ivory Coast of Sviatoslav" national nature park. Here, among the meadows, is a large number of fresh and saltwater lakes, olive groves and flower fields. Pink lakes, high in saline content, are particularly popular. Rare algae that live in the water in large quantities secrete an organic pigment that give these lakes their special color.

Here you can find good locations to camp. You might choose to camp either in the wild, or in one of the organized campsites, which are equipped with:

  • showers and bathrooms;
  • fresh water;
  • access to cooked food;
  • cell phone charging stations;
  • tent, sleeping mat, sleeping bag, dishes and other equipment can be rented if you don’t have your own;
  • you can buy seasonal fruits;
  • cafe with beverages.

Here, it is common to sit together with other tourists to see the sunset and then spend time around a campfire.

Lazurne Village

Lazurne Village

Vacationing in Ukraine’s wilderness is very popular on the coast of the urban village named Lazurne. It is located far from any industrial centers and transportation hubs. There are great places to put up a tent and enjoy the sea, sun and beauty of nature. There are also natural camping and organized camp sites where you can order food. The most remarkable features of this resort are:

  • this urban village has access to three bodies of water - the Black Sea, the Dzharylhach Bay and Lake Ustrichne;
  • ecologically clean region;
  • beach coast stretches 4 km;
  • shallow sea descent;
  • in the summer you can enjoy the vast amount of inexpensive fruits;
  • Lake Ustrichne has therapeutic muds;
  • Luna Park (amusement park);
  • book yacht or boat tours.

Many water activities are available here including banana boats, plates, wave runners, hang-gliders, paddle boats and sailing boards.

Aktove Canyon

Aktove canyone

About four billion years ago, it is believed that a granite shield had broken up, forming a unique canyon with some really spectacular views. This canyon stretches across a flat steppe, below which flows the fast Mertvovid River. In the village of Aktove, there is a camping area with the following conveniences:

  • tents for rent;
  • electricity;
  • shower;
  • comfortable restroom;
  • kitchens, etc.

When you compare the different places in Ukraine’s wilderness, you will notice that Aktove Canyon significantly differs from the others. The complex of rocks and granite boulders in many bizarre shapes creates an amazing landscape. It is simply impossible to remain indifferent and not be affected by the awe-inspiring beauty.

Tourists often come to the village of Aktove as part of a weekend group tour. This location is most popular among tourists in the autumn to spring period.

There is an opportunity to seclude oneself from society and get away from civilization by putting up your tent and stay without any conveniences away from the group campsite - right by the river. You can find amazing places for unforgettable photos around Aktove Canyon. Fishing is very popular on the Mertvovid River — you can catch carp, perch, dace, roach, silver carp and wild carp. You cannot drift along this river, but you can swim here. Experienced climbers can spend the day climbing up from the canyon along the rocks using special rock climbing equipment.

Everyone who travels to this region has to take time to visit the Trikratsky Forest. This is an incredibly beautiful area with dense foliage and a pristine lake. In these parts, you can come across hares, pheasants, storks, lizards and find dozens of rare plants listed in the Red Book of endangered species.

Biriuchyi Island

Biriuchyi Island

Byriuchyi Island is a unique place along the coast in the village of Kyrilvka. In fact, this is a sand spit in the western part of the Sea of Azov, which belongs to the Azov-Syvash National Nature Park (protected area). Local landscapes include snow-white sandy beaches, grassy steppes, foliage, fields with asters and wild tulips. Among this natural place of beauty, you can see deer, does, foxes, raccoon dogs and wide a range of birds (especially many wild ducks).

You will definitely find delightful places to relax in a tent here. Those who want to get away from civilization in order to enjoy the peace and beauty of nature to the full extent will find this land especially interesting. The beaches here stretch for many kilometres, and they are free from crowds. There are plenty of locations for camping. Many places you can drive by car and put up a tent so that you feel isolated and comfortable for the entire weekend.

Beachfront, on the first line of the Azov Sea there is a tent camp. The camp has plenty of conveniences including:

  • equipped shower and restroom;
  • access to power supply;
  • possibility to order food;
  • organized excursions and various tours.

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