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ATV Rental in Kherson

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  • Routes to ride on ATV
  • Where to rent ATV?
  • How to dress
  • What to take
  • Rental terms and conditions
  • Photos from rides on ATVs

ATV rental is highly demanded among foreign tourists in Egypt. In the meantime, Kherson region isn’t staying away. Such extreme activities are held all year round in the Oleshky Sands. Here you can explore the same sand dunes, natural obstacles, plains. But in contrast to Egypt, Oleshky Sands is surrounded by stunning woodland, and the Black Sea is only 50 miles away.

ATV rental in Kherson
While riding in the desert Oleshky Sands

Driving through such incredible landscapes is a great way to shake up the weekend with fun! Here you can conquer off-roads with ATV, or peacefully explore a desert on foot. We believe everyone will love that.

Routes to ride on ATV

ATV have become popular a little while ago, as the Oleshky Sands was hidden from public view until the 1990s. Back then, there was a proving ground, where pilots honed air bombardments within the Warsaw Pact (1955). The Olesky Sands was officially established as a recreation zone only in 2010. At the first time, tourists haven’t taken an interest in exploring such exotic landscapes, but now the desert’s fame is unbelievable.

Roads for ATV
Entrance to the desert

Workers of the natural park have prepared three routes of different complexity and length to save wildlife. All routes lie on never-before-seen terrain. Here you can explore sand dunes, hollows, and plains. Flat ground is a great location for drifting. Tourists aren’t hurting wildlife during riding, as routes lie far away from animal habitats.

Workers still settle the park, but, in the meantime, the waiting list to attend Ukrainian Sahara has been growing year after year. This is not surprising, since you can get such an adrenaline rush and fun only here. Score top speed, rise to sand waves, climb down sandhills, drift, and raise a cloud of golden dust. There are many things to do. The experience is unforgettable.

ATV riding
Photo from ATV trip

If you are not into the extreme, just discover landscapes, go to higher ground, and enjoy natural beauties.

A great way to explore the Oleshky Sands is to walk through well-designed routes. Watch more in the promo video, what to do in the desert:

Come and see the national park with the family, as there is more than ATV riding here. Eventually, where can you touch a desert so close in Europe?

Where to rent ATV?

It may be difficult to rent ATV, so reserve it in advance. You can rent a vehicle in the places below:

  • The Fairytale of Oleshye. It’s a villa, folded in woodland. You can stay overnight here. The villa’s owners offer guided ATV tours through a wood. You can also order tours to the Oleshky Sands. You should just contact reception and reserve a suitable tour in advance. Phone number: (050) 49 49 110.
  • CarAbus. For now, only 3 ATVs are available, but the motor pool will grow. Price of the trip: 1400 UAH for two on one ATV or 1000 UAH for 1 person. Cost includes briefing, equipment, and group test drive. A race on routes of the national park lasts 60 minutes. The maximum admissible number of persons in a group is 6 members.

How to dress

We strongly recommend a closed type of clothes.

Also, you should take a change of clothes to avoid dust.

In the summer, you should wear a windbreaker or bike gear. In the winter, a skiing suite is the best choice. Wear a bandana to prevent sand swallowing. A balaclava perfectly protects from dust. Don’t forget about gloves. They will keep your hands warm in the winter, and help to avoid gliding in the summer.

What to take

We recommend you to take along some things:

  • water to drink in the summer, and a thermos with tea to keep your body warm in the winter;
  • sunscreen;
  • headwear;
  • wipes;
  • motion sickness relief.
ATV riding in the desert Oleshky Sands

Be sure to bring a camera with you! You’ll get beautiful photos of this breathtaking place.

Rental terms and conditions

There is no need for specific training. But read ATV rental terms and conditions below:

  • If you’re feeling bad, don’t drive.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not allowed to drive.
  • If a breakdown of a vehicle was your fault, you’ll pay the damages.
  • Persons must be over the age of 18 to drive ATV, children under 12 years only as passengers.
  • ATV driving is not allowed on highways.

Photos from rides on ATVs

Explore the Oleshky Sands! Your ATV is here to assist you on a journey! Drive at a high speed, or enjoy the view peacefully. The choice is yours. You’ll probably open up new horizons.

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