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  • Syvash Bay by the numbers
  • Why Syvash is pink
  • History of Lake Syvash
  • Healing effect of mud and salts
  • How to get to Lake Syvash
  • Lake Syvash on the map

The main advantage of the lake is its reportedly healing properties. The name comes from the word “mud”, which in the Crimean Tatar language sounds like “Sıvaş.” Syvash Bay receives water from the Azov Sea. Because of water vaporisation, the coast of the Salt Lake is covered by white sparkling crystals. The pond is quite unique; only three similar bodies of water exist in the world: the Dead Sea, the Kara-Bogaz-Gol and the Great Salt Lake.

Syvash Bay by the numbers

The salinity of the water reaches 87 ppm, and the minimum value is 22 ppm, so the water density is so high, that you will be easily kept afloat by the salt water. It is important to remember safety, because if the water gets into your mouth or eyes, you will experience terrible pain from the salt content. If this happens, simply rinse the affected areas with fresh water.

Pink lake

The pool is very shallow: from half a meter to one meter, so the water warms up very quickly.

The territory of Syvash is about 3000 km². The lake is located in the Kherson region and this area is one of the more popular Ukrainian attractions. Other popular places of the region include the Tendra and Dzharylhach spits and nature parks.

Why Syvash is pink

Pink colour of lake

The reason for the pink color still cannot be determined for sure, but there are several theories. The first one is based on the amount of iodine in the water. The second theory is the presence of Dunaliella microalgae, although it rarely has any shade other than green. Finally, the last theory is based on the presence of archaea, a unicellular organism.

History of Lake Syvash

Based on historical data, the pink salt lake Syvash formed about 850 years ago. Due to strong winds, a huge berm was formed. Later, it moved to the west and united with the Kerch Peninsula, dividing the bay, with shallow water and the Arabat Spit. The Syvash became more salty and ultimately changed the landscape.

Old lake

The lake is valued for its numerous salt mines. Additionally, the coast is covered all around by salt deposits. At one time, the salt was mined and delivered to the Chumaks for sale. For this reason, the location was a part of the famous trade route called the Chumak Way.

Healing effects of mud and salts

The pink Lake Syvash is reported to have healing power: the density of salt is said to be beneficial to health. The largest number of tourists visit during the hot summer season. In summer weather, the evaporation rate of water rises and air becomes rich in chemical elements, which is claimed to be advantageous for respiratory tract health. Iodine and other chemical elements are present in the air, which, in turn, helps in other healing processes.

The salt brine is also reported to have unique healing properties. The water has a very high salt density, making the salt brine ideal for cleansing, rejuvenating and increasing skin elasticity.

This Syvash salt is said to improve metabolic functions and strengthen the structure of hair and nails. The lake algae contains beta-carotene and is called the "elixir of life". It is reported to improve the protective functions in the body and help in the treatment of infections and diseases.

People often come here to absorb the healing properties of the lake in an effort to prevent cancer.

Tourists at Syvash Lake

Consequently, in addition to a relaxing vacation and amazing photos, you can benefit your health by coming here!

How to get to Lake Syvash

You can get to this unique area using different means of transport: train, car or bus. If you decide to travel by train from such cities as Lviv, Kyiv, Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Zaporizhia or Kharkiv, then you should arrive to Novooleksiyivka and change trains for one that goes to Henichesk. In this village, regularly scheduled buses or taxis will bring you to the Arabat Spit, and from there, you can get to Lake Syvash or to the village you want to visit.

If you travel by car, it is best to take one of the two routes:

  • Odesa – Rostov;
  • Kharkiv – Simferopol.

On the way, you will see a sign "Henichesk" where you will need to turn and go to the next sign toward the Arabat Spit.

Lake Syvash on the map

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