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Khorly: rest, attractions, photos

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  • History
  • Location and Nature of Khorly
  • Recreational centers in Khorly
  • Khorly attractions and activities
  • What is the sea like in Khorly
  • How to get to Khorly

A ‘Small Crimea’ in the Kherson region! Khorly village is a family resort on the Black Sea coast. It offers the warmest water of the Black Sea, many springs with artesian water, and an underground lake! What is Khorly famous for, where to rent a house and what to do there? We will tell and show you how to have an inexpensive vacation!


The development of the settlement is associated with the entrepreneur Sofia Falz-Fein. She received an impressive inheritance from her husband. With sheep, horse breeding, meat and seafood industries, the enterprising lady wanted to expand her business and sell products by sea. This is how the idea of a private ice-free port came about. And what does it have to do with Khorly? The sea here does not freeze thanks to the underground lake. Sofia liked the Karkinit Bay. Therefore, Khorly Port was formed there in 1897.

Old warehouses at the time of Sophia Falz-Fein
Old warehouses at the time of Sophia Falz-Fein

The port developed rapidly: electric street lighting, telephone communication with Perekop, Askania-Nova, Skadovsk. There were free schools and colleges, cinemas, docks for ship repairs, customs, a plant for oysters and seafood processing under the brand name "Zolotaya Rybka".

The village flourished, Sofia invested more and more money in the port. However, the First World War and the Civil War prevented its further development. In 1919, the Bolsheviks killed Sofia. After her death, the village and port fell into decay and were never able to regain such economic power.

Old port in Khorly
Old port in Khorly

In Soviet times, they remembered about Khorly village again: recreational centers for pioneers were organized throughout the territory. It is now a quiet family resort, without nightclubs or festive events.

Location and Nature of Khorly

The location of Khorly is the Kherson region, the Hirkyi Kut peninsula. Some call Khorly a ‘Small Crimea’ because of the similarity in the outline of the peninsula. They differ only by mountains, although there are high cliffs along the coastline. The road at the entrance to the resort is surrounded by the sea. You seem to be driving along a narrow spit. After that, you will meet an old park founded by Mrs. Falz-Fein.

Wildlife in Khorly
Wildlife in Khorly

The climate there is moderately continental: rains are rare, and the average air temperature in summer is +25. Extreme heat is easily tolerated – breezes save on the hottest days.

If you are looking for a family vacation, Khorly is the perfect place. The temperature here is not too hot, water is shallow and safe.

Swans near Khorly
Swans near Khorly

However, keep in mind: from mid-June to mid-September, there are jellyfish in the sea. But they are almost everywhere on the Kherson coast. There are beautiful pristine beaches, many swans and fishing spots!

Recreational centers in Khorly

Here, you can find accommodation of all prices to rent. There are options with a private or a public beach. The village itself is small, so the sea will be within walking distance anyway. Here are some accommodation options.

"Zhemchuzhyna" boarding house

This is a boarding house by the sea. There are 2-3-4-bed rooms of economy, standard and luxury class. Hot and cold water is always available. In the territory, there is free parking, a playground, and a barbecue. It offers its own beach area, where you may rent deckchairs and sun umbrellas. There is a dining room with 3-time meals. Check the prices with the administrators.

Address: 1 Prykordonna Str.

Phones: +380677295655, +380950041670 Volodymyr Fedorovych; +380674037338, +380668530143 Larysa Volodymyrivna

"Chornomorets" recreational complex

It is located to the left at the entrance to Khorly. The recreational facility has a private equipped beach divided into adult and children's zones. You may take deckchairs and sun umbrellas free of charge. There are jellyfish nets in the water. There is a spring with artesian water reach in colloidal silver in the territory. The base is guarded round the clock. Parking costs UAH 10 per day.

It offers rooms of any category from standard to luxury. The cost of a single room starts from UAH 350. The room has all the amenities – a shower, a bathroom, an air conditioner, etc.

Contacts: +38 (096) 063 6861 (administrator Iryna).

More detailed information on webpage.

"Raiduha" boarding house

It works all year round. There are 2-3-4-bed rooms with a bathroom, an air conditioner, TV, and the Internet. It offers a round-the-clock hot and cold water supply. There is a swimming pool, free guarded parking, and a playground. In summer, you may rent a bicycle and take a steam bath. In winter, you may go fishing and hunting. Gamekeeper services are provided. The cost starts from UAH 450.

Address: 30 Sovkhozna Str.

Contacts: +38 095 8751902; +38 095 8751950; +38 093 8859896 or on webpage.

"Paradise" recreational center

This is a little bit of the Carpathians in the south of Ukraine. Here, you may rent a cozy wooden cottage with all the amenities. In the territory, there is a museum restaurant, a bathhouse. The territory is well equipped and offers beautiful locations for photos. The recreational center is open all year round. There is a secure parking, a private beach with deckchairs, tents and a bar. The cost starts from UAH 450 per day.

Address: 32 Sovkhozna Str.

Phones: +38 (099) 545 05 35; +38 (050) 506 72 56.

Website: http://horly.com.ua/

"U Natashi" private household

This is a low-budget option for a family vacation. It offers 3- and 4-bed rooms in the house. Each room has a separate WC and shower in the yard. The rooms have everything one may need – furniture, TV, and the Internet. A stove, refrigerator and a set of dishes are allocated for each room. You may park your car in the yard. The cost starts from UAH 120.

Address: 22 Sovkhozna Str.

Phones: +38 096 842 20 14; +38 097 817 82 09 Natalia

"Leleka" boarding house

This is another option for a low-budget holiday in Khorly. Reviews for this mini hotel are good. Here, you may rent 1-2-3-bed rooms or two-room apartments for the whole family. Each room has a shower, WC and air conditioner. Economy class options offer a shower and WC on the floor or in the territory. There is a shared kitchen for cooking and a barbecue in the yard. Car parking is free of charge. The cost starts from UAH 80.

Address: 6 Molodizhna Str.

Phones: +38 097 355-06-57; +38 093 523-15-36

Analysis of accommodation prices show that a vacation in Khorly will cost:

Housing typeCost
Private householdsfrom UAH 90
Boarding housesfrom UAH 75
Recreational complexesfrom UAH 350
Recreational centersfrom UAH 70

The price depends on living conditions, proximity to the sea and a month of vacation.

Khorly attractions and activities

Kherson region offers many resorts on the sea coast. Khorly differs from the popular ones by its authenticity. This is a paradise for couples and the elderly.

Things to do in Khorly.

  • Relax on the beach. On a public beach, you may rent deckchairs and relax under a tent. But keep in mind: there is little shade, and there may not be enough deckchairs. The sea is warm and clean. However, there are jellyfish.
  • Walk along the seashore in the evenings. They say, the air there is ionized. The ‘mixture’ of steppe and sea air beneficially affects the body.
  • Explore local attractions. A couple of hundred-year-old houses, a park, a port, and elevators have survived here.
  • Drink water from the springs. 5 springs with artesian water are already explored. The spring located at the entrance is consecrated. The water is cold and delicious.

Ask locals about the history of Khorly.

You may see:

  • Sofia Falz-Fein Park. It is located at the entrance to the village. There are still the trails the countess walked herself. This is an excellent shelter to hide from the sun.
  • Cold springs. There are 5 of them in total: in the territory of “Chornomorets” Recreational Complex, 2 more in “Bilyi Lybid” Boarding House (28A Prykordonna Str.), and one at the entrance to the village. A church was built near it, and the water itself was consecrated. The spring water is said to be rich in colloidal silver. Another spring is located outside the village but is used for the household needs of the residents of Khorly. Photos near the springs look authentic.
  • The sculpture of a bather. According to the legend, the sculpture is dedicated to the unhappy love of Sofia's son and a simple girl. According to local stories, it was custom made of white marble in Italy.
  • Small park. You will enter it through the forged gate with the Falz-Feins family trademark. The park has benches and fountains. The territory is clean – there are many places for photos. The park was renewed by Sofia's grandson.
  • Port. Huge cranes are still visible from the public beach. Finding the entrance is difficult. In the territory, there is the office building of Sophia Falz-Fein. Nowadays, nothing works there, but the former greatness is still noticeable.
  • Bird Island. This is a white strip of sand and shell rock in the middle of the sea. On the one side, there is crystal clear water, and on the other side, there is a swampy shore with small lakes. Herons, swans, and cormorants are found here. You may get there by boat running from Khorly.

What is the sea like in Khorly

There are private, public, and pristine beaches there. A part of the coast consists of cliffs – a small version of the Grand Canyon in Stanislav. There, the water is warmer than in other Black Sea resorts. The average water temperature is +25°C. The water is shallow and therefore warms up quickly, so that you can swim in May.

The only negative feature is jellyfish and seaweed presence on the public beach. Despite this, the water is clean. Shallow water is safe for children, but adults will have to go further into the sea.

How to get to Khorly

The closest point is Kherson. Khorly is located 120 km therefrom. You may get there by car along the E97 highway having turned to Kalanchak. The road is good and passes along canals with the Dnipro water.

Buses run daily from the bus station at 22 Maiakovskoho Str.

Distance to Khorly from other cities:

  • Kyiv - 654 km.
  • Dnipro - 428 km.
  • Odesa - 310 km.
  • Mykolaiv - 175 km.

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