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Green Tourism in the South of Ukraine

Article content:

  • How to get to Kherson
  • What to do in Kherson
  • Main sites for ecotourism

Kherson is an amazing region in the South of Ukraine. Approximately 4 million tourists visit here annually.

There are many ways to spend your time here:

  • choose an active vacation and enjoy water sports;
  • connect with wildlife in one of the protected areas;
  • passively relax on the beaches of the Sea of Azov or the Black Sea;
  • visit items and artefacts of historical and cultural heritage;
  • go hunting or fishing.

Green tourism in Kherson is very popular. There are 80 sites that can be visited in the region of the nature reserve fund, including two biosphere reserves protected by UNESCO (Askania-Nova and the Black Sea).

After reading this article, you will learn about the best places to play and stay in Kherson. You will be able to plan a wonderful holiday in Kherson.

How to get to Kherson

View of Kherson

Kherson is located in the South of Ukraine, 547 km from the capital. This city has an international airport, with train and bus stations. Tourists often come here while passing through to other tourist places — Zaliznyi Port, Lazurne, Khorly, Skadovsk, etc. There are direct bus connections to some of the resorts.

The best way to get to Kherson is by train, bus or car. We recommend that you buy tickets in advance because the destination is quite popular, especially in the summer.

By train

Regular railway service links Kherson with all big cities of Ukraine and Belarus. A number of trains leave from Kyiv daily and the journey takes from 7 to 12 hours. In the summer, the number of trains in this direction increases.

By bus

Direct non-stop buses come to Kherson from Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih, Zhytomir, Odesa, Dnipro and Zaporizhzhia. There are connections through Skadovsk from Vinnytsia and Ternopil. All buses go to the bus station. From there or from the bus station near the Central Market, it is possible to buy tickets to the resort villages.

By car

Travelling by car is the fastest and most comfortable way to get to Kherson, but it is also the most expensive. To save money, you can take travelling companions with you using a special car service (like Blablacar)

What to do in Kherson

A curious tourist in Kherson will not be bored. There are many accessible historical and cultural routes and excursions to the old streets and inner yards. The city offers many exciting activities for all tastes and interests. Read more about them in this article and plan your leisure activities in advance so you have the best vacation possible. To get the most pleasure from the natural environment, choose ecotourism, which we will also talk about later.

Rest on the water

Kayaks in the river

The number of Kherson’s water resources provides different kinds of high quality water activities. Water sports enthusiasts can go kayaking, water skiing, SUP boarding, etc. Among the more relaxed entertainment, you can find bicycles, paddle boats, and motorboats.

The cost of such entertainment ranges from 180 to 500 UAH per adult, depending on the type of transport, the preferred route and duration of the activity.

Cultural rest

If you like theatre, we recommend that you to visit the Forest Stage. This regional theatre named after Kulish invites guests to watch various performances frequently featuring famous Ukrainian artists.

In search of cultural entertainment in mid-June, you can visit "Melpomena Tavryy", an international theatre festival founded in 1999. The festival includes a competitive review of theatre premieres.

Horseback riding

Horse riding

There are several equestrian complexes in Kherson region. The most popular ones are in Oleshki. You can come to this area just to walk, ride horses, get riding lessons or take a photo shoot with horses.


Yatch trip

Romantic yacht walks are accompanied by sunrays and a pleasant breeze, being rocked by the waves and freshness from the water of the Dnipro River. Such an adventure will bring much peace and relaxation as well as an invaluable sense of freedom!

SUP boards


This mix of surfing and canoeing is a relatively new kind of water sport. You can take a tour along the Dnipro River with the instructor as you learn about this exciting new vacation activity.

Fishing and hunting

Fishing camp

The leisure complex base is the ideal place for fishing enthusiasts. Catfish, carp, belly, bream and pike are readily fished in the local streams. Equipment and tackle can be rented here as well. Similar services are provided by dozens of complexes so you can compare prices and offerings.

Kayaking in the Kherson Mountains

Kayaks near rocks

A kayaking tour in the Kherson Mountains brings unforgettable emotions from anyone participating in active water sports here. It’s worth a try! The route runs along the high shore with steep ravines and picturesque slopes of the Stanislav Reserve on the waters of the Dnipro Estuary. It is also worth mentioning that kayak tours are available all year round.

Wine Tasting Tour


An ancient winery is located in the village of Vesele in Kherson region. The tour includes a walk through local historical places (Scythian mounds, Cossack winter places and Turkish fortresses), a visit to the only waterfall in the steppe and a medieval tower.

Upon arrival at the Chateau Trubetskoy, there will be a tour of the wine cellars, followed by a tasting of five types wine and a visit to the shop.

Main sites for ecotourism

As mentioned earlier, Kherson region attracts eco-tourists with its beautiful landscapes and natural sites. We present to you a selection of the most impressive places.

Stanislavsky Reserve

Bright colors of the rocks

This place is famous for the confluence of two estuaries — Dnipro and Bug. The height of the steep coast is 55 meters. This place is often called the Grand Canyon of the Kherson Mountains. Here you can admire the incredible views, featuring cliffs, ravines and boulders.

Oleshky Sands


In this national park, you can walk on sandy barchans dunes and meadows, admire the lake with its interesting abundance of reeds and rest in the deciduous grove. Oleshky Sands is the largest sandy desert territory in Ukraine. The wilderness area is home to hares, wolves, foxes, pheasants and many lizards.


Wild animals in the reserve

This is a special nature reserve, not only by the standards of our country, but also on a global scale. The territory is one of few that provides shelter to rare species of animals listed in the Red Book (lists endangered species). Various tourist routes will bring you here to see the amazing features of the zoological and botanical park. It is not possible to find tourist complexes here; everything is close to nature. However, you can stay for a night at the Kanna Hotel.

Kinburn Spit

On the coast of Kinburn

Kinburn Spit is famous for its natural wonders — healing mud, sand dunes, jungle-like forests, wild orchid fields and the Pink Lake with salt deposits. All of this can be visited even as part of a basic one-day tour. Visiting the spit involves travelling by special transport for off-road travel, since it is difficult to reach the most remote corners on foot.

Floodplain and shallow channel of the Dnipro River

Small rivers and green nature

The Dnipro Floodplain is a place on the river where its bed breaks into sleeves, which form islands covered with thick green landscape. There are dozens of birds and animals species including ducks, herons, pheasants, turtles, muskrats, nutria, beavers, and even wild boars.

Near the lower reaches of the Dnipro River is a place with a magical atmosphere that attracts tourists from all over the country. Many people prefer to spend time here enjoying water kayaking, sup boarding, boating and yachting.

Cottages on the Dnipro River

In the picturesque floodplains, in a secluded corner of the reserve, you can rent a cozy house - a cottage with all the modern conveniences. A unique atmosphere reigns in these places - wild nature, bird songs in the early morning, a beautiful starry sky and unforgettable impressions of delightful sunrises and sunsets. Summer cottages on the Dnipro are popular among tourists because they can provide the necessary amenities for comfort in such a beautiful place in nature.

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