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Canoeing in Kherson along the Dnipro

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Canoeing in Kherson is a great way to spend your free time in an interesting way and get a boost of energy for many days to come! The delta of the Dnipro River is one of the most picturesque places in Ukraine. Here, the water stream branches into many arms and channels. This is a unique ecosystem which is located in the area extending one hundred kilometres and reaching up to 12 km in width. In the exuberance of flood plain vegetation, there are many different birds and representatives of the water world, including: pike, perch,  carp, catfish, bream and others. During your strolls, you can spot endangered species of animals, and enjoy silence and clean, fresh air.

Single, double and even triple canoes are used to float along the rivers and lakes of the Kherson region. Calm waters will make for a smooth kayaking experience as wave height doesn’t exceed 0.15 m and the shore distance is up to 50 m.

Canoeing routes in Kherson

Specially developed routes for canoeing on unique Nyzhnodniprovski flood plain are arranged from the end of March to the middle of November; each group is accompanied by an instructor. Everyone can make this trip regardless of age (except for small children). The routes differ in duration and difficulty, so everyone can choose a route in accordance with his/her physical capabilities and endurance.

Tourists can book:

  • individual trips on a short route for beginners; up to two and a half hours;
  • family and collective trips through the water labyrinths of Kherson rivers, eriks and channels for 4 hours;
  • two-day rafting on the river delta;
  • corporate canoe trips on the bed of the Dnipro river with overnight camping.

Small river

These trips do not require special physical training. All participants receive instruction, life jackets and other necessary equipment. Only special canoes that do not roll over are used for the trips. Even a seven-year-old child can safely canoe! The most interesting routes include:

  1. One-day trip on the Perebiina with transition to the arm of the Konka River and further to the Sportyvnyi and Tsiurupynskyi water ducts. Moving along the Tsiurupynskyi arm, travelers go in Chortovo Kolino (Devil’s knee) and, at the exit, they get to the Sportyvnyi duct of the Konka River where rowing competitions are regularly held. Everyone can feel the atmosphere of sports racing and even compete in a short distance rowing competition.
  2. Two-day water trip on the Chaika River, which will lead tourists to the town of Oleshky, a unique place where the Cossack Sich was located. Further, the route leads to the Tsiurupynskyi arm of the Konka River from which travelers will get to the Holubiv estuary, one of the most picturesque places in the Dnipro River delta. After a short trip, the group returns to Oleshky, camps overnight and the next day turns back to Kherson.
  3. Four-hour tour on the Kherson Amazon. During the trip, guests will have to pass through almost impassable channels, see huge thickets of wild plants, go through winding channels and visit the large lake where beavers and turtles have settled; pelicans also like to nest there.
  4. A fascinating tour on the Dnipro River with access to the arm of the Koshova river. During the journey, you can see the port of Kherson with its barges, boats and other vessels. As the landscape moves away, the panorama of the city will be replaced by small channels and lakes with thickets of water lilies and reeds, among which many birds hide. Further, the path goes through the Stebliivskyi estuary to Lake Chichuzhe. The group returns to Kherson in the evening.
  5. Four-hour trip on Kherson Venice. During the tour, you can see how the sand is mined in Kardashynka sand pit, after which, along the narrow channels and eriks, you will reach the Kherson Venice. Along the way, you can compete in speed rowing. You will be able to see the unimaginably beautiful white lotuses abloom, diving ducks, stunned flocks of herons, various birds, snakes and turtles.

Small river road

What to bring with you

For a journey on the water and rest and relaxation in nature, you will need:

  • An extra set of dry clothes to change into after returning from a walk, as clothes can get wet due to the splashes and drops from paddles;
  • comfortable shoes for rowing (beach flip flops, slippers or water shoes in which you can enter the water);
  • a mosquito repellent;
  • gloves (preferably fingerless sports gloves), so as not to cause blisters;
  • a hat, long-sleeved shirt and sarong for protection from the sun;
  • sunscreen with high SPF;
  • 2 - 3 litters of drinking water;
  • а dry lunch;
  • a swimsuit and towel;
  • a camera or mobile phone with a waterproof shoulder bag to take beautiful photos and unique selfies.

In the cold season, you will need warm clothes: a sweater, a windbreaker or jacket, dry socks, a raincoat, rubber boots.

From kayak

Where to rent a kayak

Kayak rental is available on many beaches and promenades of the city, for example:

  • in the 3rd backwater on the opposite bank of the Dnipro;
  • on the Hidropark (Hydropark) beach;
  • on the Molodizhnyi (Youth) beach;
  • at the base of Kherson University.

Here a list on Instagram pages, where you can rent a kayak:

Kayak rental in Kherson

Kayaks, like canoes, are small boats operated with light paddles. They are suitable for active family vacations, group hiking, and rafting.

The difference between a canoe and a kayak is in their construction. The capacity of a canoe is from one to four people, whereas kayaks fit up to two people.

You can rent kayaks and canoes in Kherson from late March to late October. Some rental locations conduct tours all year round.

You should take a tour of the Dnipro delta to get acquainted with unique places in the Kherson region and landscapes of this southern city, enjoy nature in the company of friends or your beloved, admire the carpets of water lilies and just relax away from city noise.

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