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Where to go in Ukraine in Autumn: 10 Dazzling Places

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  • Askania-Nova
  • Оleshky Sands
  • Trubetskoy Chateau
  • Byriuchyi Island
  • Nova Kakhovka
  • Kinburn Spit
  • Kherson Grand Canyon
  • The Dnieper floodplain (plavni)
  • Arrange a Yacht Tour in the Lower Dnieper
  • Kherson

The passing summer is not a reason to stop traveling. Autumn is a particularly beautiful time of the year, which makes it possible to recharge yourself as much as possible before the winter comes.

Autumn is also perfectly good for vacationing in that the intense heat does not interfere with long walks and sightseeing. If you have a couple of free days, do not hesitate to pack your things and go on a trip. We present to you a selection of wonderful places that are especially beautiful in the autumn. After reading this article, you’ll be able to decide where to go in Ukraine during the fall.


The unique conservation area in the South of Ukraine, which provides shelter for hundreds of rare animals, attracts the interest of tourists almost all year round. This is the oldest steppe reserve in the world. A special life reigns on 12,000 hectares that is unlike that of the modern steppes.

Askania-Nova in autumn
Great autumn in Askania-Nova

There are no tourist complexes, recreation centers or hotels nearby. There is only one hotel, the Kanna Hotel, and several private houses for daily rent. The wild territory, almost untouched by humans, allows you to fully relax from the noise of the city and the tensions of modern civilization.

A visit to the Biosphere Reserve, as a rule, involves a guided tour of the dendrological park and zoo.

Оleshky Sands

A huge desert massif - more than 200,000 hectares of sandy territory - can be seen on the map of Ukraine. This is Oleshky Sands National Park, where you can spend a nice quiet weekend in the autumn, such as October.

Ukrainian desert

This area consists of various picturesque nature sights. There are:

  • sand barchans and dunes about 12 meters high;
  • small vegetation;
  • small swamps;
  • coniferous trees;
  • pine plantations that surround the desert massif with a peripheral ring;
  • wild hares, wolves, foxes, pheasants and many species of lizards.

Tourists enjoy riding quadrunners on the high barchans. An adrenaline rush energizes and increases activity for days to come. Visit Oleshky Sands not only for vivid impressions of active sports, but also for meditating and looking for peace and relaxation.

Trubetskoy Chateau

Winery building

Not only lovers of exciting stories and a delicious exclusive wine will visit this famous winery. You can spend a great day in nature with your family, ending it with a tasting program.

Watch the promo video about this winery:

Prince Piotr Trubetskoy founded his winery over 120 years ago. Prince Lev Golitsyn helped him with the start. Since then, wine production has never stopped. The local climate contributes to the excellent harvest, which is reaped exclusively by hand to ensure the best quality of the drink.

Not far from the chateau, in the village of Kozatske, you can watch the beautiful waterfall - the only one in the steppe of Ukraine.

Small waterfall
Steppe waterfalls in Kherson region

Trubetskoy Chateau still contains the remains of the previous fortress — a Medieval tower. Excursions in and around the chateau are held all year round to see what remains and learn about the history.

Vytautas Tower

Byriuchyi Island

The unique coast along the village of Kyrylivka, also called Byriuchyi Island, is actually a sand spit in the Sea of Azov.

Coast of Byriuchyi Island

Due to autumn storms, the isthmus fully goes under the water for some time, mainly from September to November, hence the name “island”.

This territory is the part of the Azov-Sivash National Park. There are excellent conditions for camping on the coast. Natural landscapes consist of snow-white sandy beaches, steppe grasses, foliage trees, and fields with wild flowers (tulips and asters). Here you can see many birds as well as wild animals: does, foxes, deer, raccoon dogs, and others.

Nova Kakhovka

Nova Kakhovka is informally called an Oasis Town. Some time ago, there was only the steppe landscape and a lot of sand. Now it is a densely populated city with more than 46,000 residents. The Kakhovka Reservoir is formed on the outskirts of the town. The world-famous Askania-Nova Reserve is 80 km away from Nova Kakhovka.

Smart, well-kept parks and gardens harmoniously complement the beauty of the region’s water objects. The tourism industry is actively developing here, so vacationing during autumn in Nova Kakhovka is a great idea.

Kinburn Spit

A unique coast is washed by the fresh waters of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary on one side and the salty Black Sea on the other. There is a wonderful place for walking and sightseeing. If you’re going to relax on this peninsula, include in your leisure time a chance to visit some of the following places:

  • remains of the Turkish fortress Kinburn;
  • mud and salt lakes with deposits of white clay;
  • Volyzhin forest, where 300-year-old oaks grow. It is covered with exuberance of vegetation and a variety of herbs;
  • Cossack Cross, established in memory of the first ataman of the Black Sea Cossacks;
  • tract “Komendantskiy” — part of the Ivory Coast of the Sviatoslav National Nature Park;
  • the monument to Count Alexander Suvorov.

The place where the waters of the Black Sea and the Dnieper-Bug Estuary meet is called the spire of the Kinburn Spit.

The end of Kinburn spit

This is a special protected area that is off-limits to people. However, the rest of the peninsula is also beautiful and ready for you to visit!

Kherson Grand Canyon

Kherson rocks

Is it possible to imagine something more beautiful than mountains and the sea at the same time?

The “Stanislav Grand Canyon” (or the Kherson Mountains) is located in the coastal part of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary. However, there is no ordinary sandy or pebble coast for you to walk lazily - steep cliffs domineer above here at this location.

If you climb to the top of the canyon, you can observe a stunning panorama. The air combines the wonderful aromas of dizzying steppe plants and sea breezes. Many people consider this place as the most romantic area in the region. Groups of tourists like to watch the sunsets, which are especially beautiful here.

The Dnieper Floodplain (plavni)

The Dnieper floodplain is the lower reaches of the Dnieper where its channel is divided into branches that are separated by islands covered with dense vegetation. This is a unique conservation area with diverse flora and fauna. The local natural landscape is special due to the dense network of small rivers, hundreds of lakes, straits, and estuaries. Dozens of species of birds and animals live here: ducks, herons, pheasants, turtles, muskrats, nutrias, beavers, and even wild boars.

Autumn on Dnieper
Autumn on Dnieper

Taking a vacation in the picturesque floodplain is popular from late spring to late autumn. Here you can take a wonderful break from the tense noise and rhythm of modern civilization. Fishing is popular here. Lovers of water recreation prefer yacht, motorboat, and boat trips. Kayaks and canoes are also popular in these parts.

Arrange a yacht tour in the Lower Dnieper

It is worth mentioning a popular pastime with tourists such as a yacht tour in the lower reaches of the Dnieper. This area has a charming atmosphere, promotes deep relaxation and “refreshment” from the stresses of a busy life in the city.

Yatches in Kherson region

Going for a walk along the water edges of the Dnieper is especially nice under the soft rays of the sun and the light blowing breeze bringing freshness. Many pleasant emotions are guaranteed when you visit this area!

You can rent a yacht and go on a trip accompanied by the captain of the vessel. The cost for one hour is from 650 UAH (usually rented for at least three hours). You can also purchase a yacht tour lasting several days if you are looking for an extended vacation on the water.


While thinking about where to go in Ukraine during November, consider Kherson. Once you have chosen Kherson, plan your entire vacation in advance. In addition to the stunning surroundings, the city itself also has a lot to show its guests. For the most interesting and intense vacation possible, purchase one of the available regional tours or an exciting excursion. The walking route will inevitably include a visit to the old district to see the history of the region.

Kherson from the top
Church territory in Kherson

A popular sightseeing tour that takes only 2.5 hours will introduce you to the history of the city as well as show the best tourist places to visit. Tours with an emphasis on stories about the Masons and their secret signs, which can often be found in the architecture of the city, are also in high demand.

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