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Where to go in Ukraine in Spring: Top-8 Locations

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  • Askaniia Nova – the amazing manmade oasis of the steppe
  • Kherson Mountains are the most romantic sight on the South
  • Safari on Biriuchyi Island
  • Trubetskoy Chateau is much more than a winery
  • Resort and recreation village Khorly
  • Oleshky Sands – a wonderful desert world
  • Arabartska Spit for recreational tourism
  • Dozens of natural attractions of Kinburn Spit

Along with the warm spring weather the irresistible desire to travel and discover new places arise. Planning your vacation in Ukraine in spring time, you can study all Internet publications in advance. Here we will speak about the most wonderful locations of the South. They will be ideal for the enthusiasts of green tourism.

Nature reserves, national parks, wineries having rich history, resort and recreation sights … as far as the eye can reach  there is a one-of-a kind, unique and worth your visit locality. We’ll tell about incredible locations, and you‘ll choose where to go first and utmost.

Askaniia Nova – the amazing manmade oasis of the steppe

It is impossible to imagine a more famous nature reserve in Ukraine then Askaniia Nova. Every year they conduct over 70.000 tours for grateful tourists; and the international interest to the place is only getting higher. Why?

The point is that it is the only place on the territory of Europe where fescue-feather steppe has stayed undisturbed – it has never been tilled.

On its territory there is a zoo where animals and birds from different continents live in comfortable conditions. They have perfectly adapted in Kherson lands though they are from various climatic zones. In the botanical garden there are 748 species of trees and 1500 species of herb like ornamental plants.

The main tourist route paths are paved with stone. Going along the signposts, you can see the most interesting places of the zoo and dendrological park under the open sky. Also, you can view very well preserved ancient sculptures of 15-18 cent. in the open-air museum.

Road to Askaniia

Beyond any doubts, the reserve impresses deeper than any other city zoo. Among the unique inhabitants there are North American bison, Scottish ponies, ostriches, zebras, African and Indian antelopes, South American camels, deer, buffaloes, stouts, vairs etc. The ornithological park accounts for 60 species of birds among which there are steppe eagles, cranes, gier eagles, parrots, peacocks, ducks, and flamingos.

Kherson Mountains are the most romantic sight on the South

The coastline of the Dnipro-Bug Bay surprises with the absence of a regular beach zone. Over the blue waters rugged clay cliffs 25-50 m high stand out vividly here. It is Stanislav Grand-Canyon, the place of unique beauty where perfection of steppe landscapes is complemented with mountains and sea.

Yellow rocks

Romantic Kherson Mountains is the location filled with fresh sea breeze and aroma of steppe plants. There is a special energy that helps to fulfill the sincere wishes made at the sightly sunset over the bay.

In springtime mountains look as if painted in different colours. There are covered with an emerald green carpet decorated with dark purple, yellowy-brown, and other patterns of flowers abloom.

You can admire the unique landscape from the water body. Kayak trips along the coasts are very popular here. They are followed with yushka (fish soup) cooked from various local types of fish.

Safari on Biriuchyi Island

Where to go in Ukraine in spring to discover new verges of wild nature for yourself? Go to Biriuchyi Island. It belongs to Azov and Syvash National Park. The enthusiasts of wild vacation arrange safari-trips here.

Wild deer on the island

Natural landscapes of the locality are made of cotton-white beaches, steppe herbage, and foliage trees. The island is inhabited by a great number of deer that`s why such a safari-trip is hunting with a camera first of all. Moreover, you can see raccoon dogs, foxes, fallow deer and the other wild animals.

But not only safari attracts attention of tourists in the nature reserve. There are mineral water springs which pop up from the soil depths – a fresh water underground lake.

Trubetskoy Chateau is much more than a winery

If you are an exclusive wines connoisseur, you are bound to visit Chateau of Trubetskoy. Even though, you have been to it. Even if a wine-tasting doesn`t appeal to you, you will like it due to the other reasons.

Ancient winery

On the outskirts of the winery territory you can admire the sight of Kosatskyi village - the only steppe waterfall. Not far from the chateau there is the Lithuanian watchtower of Prince Vitautas times worth your attention.

Tours to the Chateau of Trubetskoy are conducted all year round. The top season is a spring time.

The programme of tours includes visiting wine vaults. You will learn an extraordinary history of the place and particularities of raw material harvesting as well as the ones of wine-producing. It is worth stating that the wines are highly competitive with expensive French of New Zealand wines.

Resort and recreation village Khorly

The resort on the Black Sea coast is only gaining steam. The infrastructure is not much developed here but there are all conditions for the comfortable vacation. In addition to it the accommodation costs are not high.

The resort is mostly targeted at families with children. The sea is shallow here and gets warm very quickly. One more peculiarity of the peninsula is mild weather – there is always a light breeze from the sea.

Tourists are attracted with unique natural fountain located on the fresh water lake. Its waters are considered sterile silver. The springs are reputed to contain colloidal silver and distinguish themselves with especially pure water. All in all there are 5 springs with artesian water.

Oleshky Sands – a wonderful desert world

Do you know that it is possible to visit a real desert not leaving Ukraine? And if you are looking of where to have an active rest in Ukraine in spring, then Oleshki sands is a wonderful option. It is a sand massif 162.000 ha in area which is located 30 km from the city of Kherson.

There are some spots with low-level vegetation, small lakes and pine woods. The total area of sands is over 200.000 ha. There are wolves, foxes, pheasants, wild boars, hares and a great number of lizards in a local eco-system.

Spring is an ideal time to visit the territory. In summer it can be extremely hot, and the sand can get warm up to 77 °C.  In addition to it, there are almost no rains, as a rule they pass by the desert.

The group tourist trips by ATVs is often arranged by travel agencies. The guide will tell interesting stories about the creation of this area and its highlights.

Arabartska Spit for recreational tourism

Remote resort coastline of Ararbatska Spit is the place where three popular settlements – Henhirka, Schaslyvtseve, Strilkove - are located.  The territory distinguishes with broad beaches, as a rule shallow waters, unique in its composition air. Here high concentration of bromine and iodine ions is registered. They influence favourably respiratory passages and immune system in the whole.

Pink lake in Pryozerne

On the spit there are three thermal springs the water temperature of which is within 40-70 °C, springs with curative muds and the lake with high concentration of salt.

Dozens of natural attractions of Kinburn Spit

Final in the list but not the least in priority location worth having rest in spring in Ukraine is Kinburn Spit. There is the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve and National Park Biloberezhia Sviatoslava are located. You can get to Kinburn Spit by a boat travelling from Zaliznyi Port.

Kinburn Spit is a picturesque locality where the variety of flora and fauna awaits you.  Impressive endemic vegetation, the fields of wild orchids, estuary and lakes with high content of salt (besides, popular pink ones) are all about Kinburn.

The taper of the island is the place where the Black Sea meats the Yagorlytska Bay. It is also an attractive place because the Dnipro ends its way here.

And what is more you can watch flocks of white pelicans, herons, ducks, and swans here. In some seasons pink flamingos fly here as well.

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