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Sights in Lazurne

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  • Lake Ustrychne
  • Dzharylhach Spit-Island
  • Tendrivska Spit
  • St. George Church
  • The remains of the Zburivka Fortress
  • The Black Sea Biosphere Reserve
  • Kinburn Spit

Lazurne is a seaside recreation center in the Kherson region. This is a place where you can enjoy an affordable vacation. At the same time, there are interesting historical places in Lazurne that are worth visiting. Professional guides are well-versed in the history of the region and interesting facts. For example, the first written mention of this village (then Sofiyivka) was recorded back in 1803. Its founder, the Frenchman W. Rouvier, named the established estate in honor of his daughter Sofia.

Lake Ustrychne

The pearl of tourism in Lazurne is Lake Ustrychne, which has a beach. For meditation enthusiasts, this place is simply irreplaceable. Here you can relax and recharge by taking in incredibly beautiful views.

The lake is named after the French families (Rouve and Vassal) who grew oysters here. In addition, for quite a long time, about 4,000 tons of red salt were produced in Ustrychne per year.

Dzharylhach Spit-Island

The island separates the Dzharylhach bay (north side) and the Black Sea (south coast). Territorially, the spit is located in the district of Skadovsk town. Its area covers 62 km² - 42 km in length and almost 5 km in width. Dzharylhach Spit is one of the largest islands of Ukraine. It is also the line division between the Kherson region and Crimea in the Black Sea.

Coast of Dzharylhach Island

This place is growing in popularity for its relaxed and quite atmosphere. Being here, vacationers enjoy beautiful views and the sound of the sea.

Besides swimming and sunbathing on the beach, there is an opportunity to try yourself in windsurfing. You can also indulge in some healing mud baths that Dzharylhach Island is famous for.

Tendrivska Spit

The opportunity to stroll along Tendrivska Spit is available to all guests in Zaliznyi Port and Lazurne. This sandy island is located in the southwest of the Black Sea and is considered a pearl and a symbolic place of the Black Sea region. The length of the spit is 65 kilometres and is parallel to the Kherson mainland. The width, unlike Dzharylhach, is small - only 2 km. Its shores are washed by the well-known Tendrivska Bay.

Tendrivka Spit

The spit used to be called the Achilles Dromos because sports games and competitions in honor of Achilles were held exactly in this location. Most sailors were afraid of the Tendrivska Spit. It is almost impossible to see it from the sea, so this area caused many shipwrecks. Even now, divers find the remains of the Greek and Turkish ships of ancient times. As a result of this, Tendrivska Spit may soon become the first official archaeological reserve in Ukraine.

St. George Church

The stone building of St. George Church was built in the first half of the 20th century. It was erected by a prosperous community residing in Kherson county (zemstvo). Thanks to gardening, cultivation, and weaving, they managed to raise funds for the construction of the church.

It was designed by Moscow architect K.Quinto in the architectural style of Naryshkin Baroque.

Outside the building, you can see stone carvings, and inside Panpushyn (a local artist) decorated it with biblical scene paintings.

Back in the time of the Soviet Union, it was impossible for tourists to go inside and see St. George Church, since at that time, it was used as a warehouse for agricultural products.

The remains of the Zburivka Fortress

At the end of the 17th century, the fort construction was completed. The shape of the fortress is an irregular quadrangle. It had about 25 artillery pieces located in batteries that were erected in every corner of the building.

This historic site contained a mosque, warehouses for food and ammunition. Now, in the courtyard, you can see the remaining parts of the wells and mud huts. About fifty warriors could live in the garrison.

For quite a long time, Zburivka fortress was surrounded by a settlement of Tartars engaged in cattle breeding, growing vegetables and fruit. They provided not only themselves, but the entire garrison with food.

The Black Sea Biosphere Reserve

Protected coast

The Black Sea Biosphere Reserve is located on the territory of Zaliznyi Port. Its cultural value lies in the fact that it is one of the oldest eastern European nature reserves. As in any object of this type, hunting is prohibited as are deforestation, fishing, grass mowing, etc. As a result of this, the reserve ecosystem has become unique, because all animals and plants live in complete peace and welfare. But this is not a full list of sightseeing attractions in the village of Lazurne. Read on for more!

Kinburn Spit - Ivory Coast of the Sviatoslav National Nature Park

In addition to Dzharylhach and Tendrivska spits , the tourist attractions of Lazurne also include Kinburn spit, known as the Ivory Coast of Sviatoslav National Nature Park.

Kinburn Spit from the top

Sand steppes, forest sago groves, water lands and swamps, and much more make up the landscape of the park that stretches over 35,224 acres. Kinburn Spit is one of the widest spits at 10 km and reaches 40 km in length. There are over  300 fresh water and salt lakes as well as numerous endangered species of birds (i.e. pelicans, grey cranes, storks, etc).

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