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Where to have a Vacation on the Dnieper River in Kherson Region

Article content:

  • "Delta Dnipra" leisure center
  • "Zabarino" holiday resort
  • “Liman Park” leisure center
  • “Zburievsky kut” tourist center
  • “Panski Rozvagi” sport and fitness center
  • “Petrovets” Leisure Center
  • Kayaking
  • Yacht trips
  • Maxim Marine yacht club

Tired of city life and have a desire to escape to nature? A great option for tourists is a vacation on the Dnieper River in Kherson. Activities here will meet your every need: fishing, hunting, kayaking, sailing, and even wakeboarding. And, this is not a full list of activities!

Mouth of Dnieper River

To save you time in planning your activities, we present the best places and ideas for leisure and water sports. We are sure that you can easily choose where to have a fun after reviewing this list!

"Delta Dnipra" leisure center

This is an ideal place for nature lovers and those who enjoy fishing, hunting. The Center covers 1.08 hectares with well-groomed lawns, cozy summer pavilions, a children's play area, wooden cottages, a pool, and a restaurant.

Those looking to fish are offered professionally equipped bridges, motorboats, boats and fishing equipment. You can also hunt ducks here. Tourists who love outdoor activity in Kherson on the Dnieper River can rent water bikes, “buns”, water skis, or kayaks.

Accommodations: starts from 800 UAH per day

Directions: from the regional center Go from Kherson city to the urban settlement of Bilozerka town. The address: 5 Glinische Str, Dniprovske village.

"Zabarino" holiday resort

Located on the banks of Dnieper-Bug Estuary, this is a nook for a relaxing family vacation, especially if you are interested in ecotourism. Guests are accommodated in comfortable wooden cottages.

You can refresh yourself in the pool and sunbathe on the deck in the fresh air. There is a playground for children, artificial pond, and sauna.

Rest in Zabarino

The distinctive feature of “Zabarino” leisure center is access to the creek. You can take an exciting trip down the river. If you wish, a tour to Adzigol Lighthouse will be organized for you.

Accommodations: starts from 1800 UAH per day.

Directions: By car in the direction of Rybalche (behind Stara Zburevka village) or transfer services may be provided.

“Liman Park” leisure center

“Lyman Park” manor house is good for those looking for a place to take a restful vacation on the Dnieper River in Kherson. It is located in an alder grove on the Dnieper-Bug Estuary shore. Eco-tourists can set up camping tents for their leisure.

Rest in Liman-Park

Activities: Canoeing, boating and fishing, volleyball field, - playground and zoo for the children.


  • entrance - 100 UAH per person;
  • night in hotel: from 1200 UAH for a room.

Directions: You can travel by bus or car to the village of Stara Zburevka.

“Zburievsky kut” tourist center

The Zburievsky kut leisure center is located on the bank of Dnieper-Bug Estuary near the Kinburn Spit.

Experienced fishers consider the lower reaches to be the best fishing area in Ukraine. They say that fish that cannot be caught at the top of the river swim here.

Fishing camp

Hunting and fishing facilities are provided for guests: fishing equipment, boats, and services of professional hunters. There is also basketball and volleyball, air hockey, table tennis, billiards, and shooting club. For kids, there is a swing, mini zoo, trampoline, and bikes.

Cost of accommodations: from 350-1000 UAH per day.

Directions: Travel from the regional center by minibus or car to the Stara Zburevka village.

“Panski Rozvagi” sport and fitness center

Some of the holiday resorts on the Dnieper in Kherson are within the city limits. "Panski Rozvagi" is one of such centers. In the summer, it is always very busy but is a lot of fun.

What’s interesting: Activity lovers will find something to do here: wakeboarding, football, and volleyball courts. Kherson residents come here to celebrate birthdays, special events, and even weddings. For this purpose, they rent a summer gazebo with barbecue. There are modern guest rooms with a sauna and bathroom.


  • admission ticket - 10 UAH per 1 hour;
  • steam room - 150 UAH for 1 hour.

Directions: Minibus No. 17, 30 to the "Molodezhnyi Pliazh" bus stop

“Petrovets” Leisure Center

This is one of the most popular locations for people in Kherson. It is located opposite the city wharf.

Activities: You can rent a kayak, boat, play volleyball, or barbecue grill. Trips on a motorboat or sailboat are also available. There is a steam room with a terrace. If you want to stay overnight, the comfortable houses can be booked in advance.

Rest in Petrovets


  • entrance ticket: from 80 UAH per person;
  • steam room: 300 UAH for 1 hour;
  • overnight: 1600 UAH for a room.

Directions: From the city wharf at Ushakov Avenue by boat or boat taxi at 9 a.m.


Let’s shake up the active vacation on the Dnieper River in Kherson region with some kayaking. Spend time on the water with friends, colleagues, and children. Even an inexperienced tourist will find that it is easy and fun.

It is safe:

  • tour is conducted only in good weather;
  • life jackets are provided;
  • tourist kayaks are stable and do not roll over;
  • you will not get lost: group trips are accompanied by experienced instructor.

Kayaking activity is possible for individuals or in group tours. Group tours last from 2.5 hours to several days.

Cost: group tour starts from 180 UAH

Yacht trips

Are you dreaming about travelling on water? Rent a yacht operated by captain! This is a good option for an interesting vacation with family, friends, and colleagues. There are many routes: tours along rivers, Kherson floodplain, and small lakes. Here you can fish, learn how to sail, or just enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Cost: from 700 UAH

Maxim Marine yacht club

This is a modern tourist eco-center located in Nova Kakhovka. It is an ideal place for boat enthusiasts and green tourism lovers. The hotel has 42 suites and junior suites with river view. The price includes breakfast, pool, internet and parking.


Facilities: tennis court, restaurant, two swimming pools, Finnish sauna, relaxation zone and conference hall. Yacht trips are organized on request.

  • Price for accommodations in the cottage starts from 1300 UAH per day.

Directions: By train/bus to the regional center, then to Nova Kakhovka, 44A Dneprovsky pr., Landmark - Druzhba beach.

Comparative table of tourist and leisure centers in Kherson region on the Dnieper River:

 Place for leisureServices
"Delta Dnipra"Accommodations, fishing, hunting, boat rental, kayaking, catamaran, water ski, pavilions, sauna
"Zabarino"Accommodations, meals, boat rental, transfer
“Liman Park”Accommodations, fishing, steam room, canoe and boat rentals, camping
“Zburievsky kut”Fishing, accommodations, hunting, tackle and longboat rental
“Panski Rozvagi”Guest houses with bath, canoe rental, wakeboarding, pavilions with barbecue grill
“Petrovets”Cottages for overnight stays, kayaks, sailboats, longboats, gazebos, steam room
Maxim Marine Yacht ClubAccommodations and meals, sauna, parking, repair and rental of vessels, yachting classes

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