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Seaside Vacation in Zaliznyi Port

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  • Nature and climate of Zaliznyi Port
  • History
  • Prices for vacation rentals and accommodations
  • Sea and beaches
  • Sights and attractions of Zaliznyi Port
  • Vacation with children in Zaliznyi Port
  • The best way to get to Zaliznyi Port

Zaliznyi Port is a very lively resort town located on the Black Sea in the Kherson region of Ukraine. Its sandy beaches, clear water, and nightlife (nightclubs, cafes, restaurants, and water parks) have made it a popular tourist destination especially among young people. A variety of hotels, guest houses, recreation centers, and lodges are at your disposal. Zaliznyi Port receives many visitors each year and has been nicknamed the Las Vegas of Kherson.

Nature and climate of Zaliznyi Port

Beach line

The village is located in the southern part of the Kherson region, in the Hola Prystan district. The resort area of the village is located near the base of the Tendrivska Spit, occupying the entire coast between Novochornomoria and Prymorsk. Zaliznyi Port makes for a great vacation destination. Visitors enjoy the healing properties of the sea air (it has natural deposits of bromine and iodine), which mixes with dry air blowing from the Taurian steppes. The area is free of industrial activities, so visitors will enjoy clean air and terrific views. While summer weather can be hot, visitors can cool off with a swim and enjoy the sea breeze.


Founded in 1922, some historians think the village is named after a huge iron pier that spanned a 100 meters long. Small ships moored there and loaded fish, grains and salt. According to the village’s rural residents, the pier was damaging by flooding and is no longer visible. However, the name remains.

There is another theory about the origin of the village’s name. In the 1920s, the residents of Kelehei (a nearby village in Ukraine) moved to the seaside and founded a village that “crept under the sea”* (“Zaliz” is Ukrainian for “crept”). The name Zaliznyi Port came from this phrase, which literally translates to “iron port” in Ukrainian.

Prices for vacation rentals and accommodations in Zaliznyi Port

Before you go on vacation in Zaliznyi Port, you must decide where to stay. Luckily, Zalizyni offer many options. The table below provides details on the average cost of different lodging options available to travellers.

AccommodationCost per person in UAH.
Vacation hotelsfrom 100 UAH
Private residencesfrom 80 UAH
Hotelsfrom 250 UAH

The cost of each accommodation depends on the location (especially the distance from the sea), the level of comfort, capacity, and the season you arrive. If you travel during the high season, a private residence with basic accommodations will cost about 250 UAH per person. A premium room will range from 250 to 700 UAH per person and luxury accommodations will cost at least 1,500 UAH per person. Private houses available for rental are often equipped with air conditioners, Wi-Fi, refrigerators, and TVs.

Sea and beaches

There are no bays in the area. For this reason, visitors may often catch glimpses of big waves or experience long period of calm seas. For example, yesterday the sea was calm, today there are big waves, and tomorrow it will be calm again.

Relax area

In the summer season, the average water temperature reaches + 20-25°C. The sea near the coast warms up very quickly, because the depth is shallow. In August, a fairly large number of jellyfish run ashore, so swimming is best enjoyed in early summer.

The sandy beaches are covered with small shells. The best feature of this resort town is its great views of the open sea and flat coastline. Access to the beach is free for visitors. On the beach, you can find places to sun bath, small bars to grab a drink, or try out water activities.

Sights and attractions of Zaliznyi Port

On the beach you can always rent jet skis (a wave runner) or a paddleboat to ride the waves. For those who enjoy games, there are beach and billiard clubs. and a shooting range.

There is also two water parks located on the beach. Their pools are filled with filtered seawater. In total, the water park is divided into 3 zones:

  • a main area open to everyone;
  • a dedicated swimming area;
  • a children’s zone.

Several slides with of various heights are available to visitors. The mini water park includes  slides of various designs and shapes including a funnel, rainbow, twister, and more!

For enthusiasts of the undersea world, the diving center provides an opportunity to dive with special equipment.

For young people, there are many nightclubs with theme parties hosted by popular DJs.

If you would like to have fun outside the resort, the organizers offer special tours to the healing geyser, the Black Sea Biosphere Reserve, Dzharylhach Island, palanka (*a small nearby town with a historic fortress ) of Zaporozhian Sich. You can also visit the ruins of the Fortress of Zburivka.

Vacation with children in Zaliznyi Port

A lot of attractions and entertainment facilities have been built for vacationing couples with children. In all water parks, there are children's areas where they can splash around and parents won’t need to worry about their safety. Near the central beach, there is an amusement park where children and adults can have fun in the evening.

Child time

In the areas of almost all the vacation hotels, there are playgrounds where children can play while the parents pack for excursions and beach trips or just cook meals.

The best way to get to Zaliznyi Port

There are several ways to get to Zaliznyi Port:

  • regular bus;
  • private carrier;
  • car.

If you are coming from Kherson by bus, then the departure will be from the central railway station. If from you travel from the suburbs, then you have to drive up to the bus station located near the marketplace. For example, for residents of Dnipro, the fare will be at least 300 UAH per person.

Private carriers deliver passengers directly to the hotels. The price varies around 400 UAH. You can also use the non-scheduled transportation routes organized by transport companies. Their contacts can often be seen in advertisements on the Internet, on bulletin board in the city and other public places.

If you decide to travel by car from a distant point of Ukraine, you’d better stick to one of two popular routes. First, if Nikopol and Kakhovka are on your way, then you should go in the daytime, when it is still light. The quality of roads surface leaves much to be desired. In the other case, it is best to follow this route: first go to Kherson, then from there to Oleshky. Then go to Hola Prystan. From there you can easily reach your destination.

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