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Seaside Vacation in Lazurne

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  • Nature and climate in Lazurne
  • History of the village
  • Prices for vacation rentals and accommodations
  • Sea and beaches
  • Sights and entertainment in Lazurne
  • Vacation with children in Lazurne
  • What is the best way to get to Lazurne

The urban-type village of Lazurne is located in the Kherson region, on the coast of the Black Sea. It is because of such a favorable geographical location that the settlement has become a popular resort. Tourists from all over Ukraine and neighbouring countries come here to vacation every year. Accommodations can be found in any price category, from budget rooms in a private residence to comfortable apartments, hotels and recreation centres. The exceptional climate, relaxing vacation spots for families with children, well-maintained sea beaches, and delicious Kherson watermelons are some of main attractions for vacationers.

Nature and climate in Lazurne

The village is surrounded by three water reservoirs: Black Sea, Lake Ustrychne, and Dzharylhach Bay. It is a very convenient location for tourists because you can change your location and activity, if you become tired of swimming in the sea. Dzharylhach is connected to Lazurne by the sand spit and is one of the natural attractions in the Skadovsk district. You can book a trip to the island to sunbathe and relax on the white sandy beaches.

An island near Lazurne

The climate of the village is arid. The average air temperature in the summer averages 23°C. Due to the comfortable climatic qualities, the summer season lasts from May through September. Those who want to save some money on a vacation can come here in late spring or early autumn and still experience beautiful weather. Since the village is located in the steppe zone, it is often windy here, so pay attention to the weather forecast when planning a vacation here.

History of the village

Sofiivka is the name of a settlement founded by the Frenchman Wilhelm Rouvier, the first mention of which dates back to 1803.

He received the territory of Taurida Governorate from the Duke of Richelieu so that the former could develop sheep breeding and viticulture. The village was named after his daughter Sofia. In 1920, the settlement was renamed Novooleksiivka. The modern name, Lazurne, was established in 1985.

Prices for vacation rentals and accommodations in Lazurne

Seaside vacation in Lazurne can be budget-friendly or deluxe, catering to every budget.  Rooms with only basic furnishings, such as beds, and shared bathrooms or showers are quite inexpensive.

More comfortable, modern options with amenities, such as TV and air conditioners are more expensive. Some vacation hotels and owners of private apartments offer three meals a day, which is very convenient, if you want to immerse yourself in a real Lazurne experience.

Types of accommodation in LazurneCost
Private sectorfrom 60 UAH per person (without conveniences)
Vacation hotelsrooms with conveniences - from 250 UAH separate comfortable cottage - from 800 UAH

without conveniences - from 150 UAH

Hotelsfrom 150 UAH per room

Sea and beaches

The total length of the beach in the village is 4 km, and the width varies from 5 to 100 m. In total, there are three main beaches: western, central, and eastern. All of them have free entry. There are sun loungers and sun umbrellas available for rent for enthusiasts of a comfortable vacation. The western beach is the cleanest of the three beaches. There are rides, showers and shaded areas. The central beach is more lively with a market, amusement park, and water activities nearby. The eastern beach is the smallest, at only 5-15 m in width.

Coast line

The shore is sandy and shells are almost never seen. The water temperature in the high season (end of June to the beginning of August) is about 25°C, which is ideal for swimming. However, the sea here can be quite variable due to the proximity to the waters of Dzharylhach Bay.

Sights and entertainment in Lazurne

The resort offers mainly marine entertainment: motorboat trips, paddleboats, jobe rumbles, and water slides. You can also ride a camel or a horse on the beach. Children will be interested in the amusement park, which is located in the center, near the market. Youth can unwind in the night clubs. An interesting attraction is scuba diving. These types of activities are operated by local companies, which are located on the boat pier.

A popular choice for tourists is to go on a variety of excursions and tours:

  • Dzharylhach Island – you can get there by motorboat; those who wish can stay overnight in camping areas. People come here for white sand, dolphins, lagoon with swans and the calm sea.
  • An iodine-bromide spring is located near the village of Obloi, Hola Prystan district. The hot spring was opened to the public in 2005. Today, three baths are equipped: two with reportedly hot healing water with a unique chemical composition and the other bath with healing mud.
  • Askania Nova is located about 150 km away from the village. There are six types of tours to choose from in the reserve, including a safari with special vehicles that travel to an open area where you can see zebras, buffalo and other animals.

Vacation with children in Lazurne


Advantages of family vacation here:

  • excellent ecology, reportedly healing mud, iodine-saturated air – all of these contribute to a healthy and rejuvenating stay;
  • lack of a large number of nightclubs, so a vacation here is calm and peaceful;
  • possibility to order three meals a day or cook yourself;
  • affordable cost of accommodations;
  • a large number of children's entertainment - various water slides, water park, amusement park and more;
  • clean, shallow sea with soft sand.

What is the best way to get to Lazurne

There are several ways to get to this urban-like village:

  • by car
  • by regular bus
  • with private carriers
  • by train to Kherson

A good transport interchange allows you to reach your destination from anywhere in Ukraine without difficulty. It is most convenient to drive your own car; you can make stops along the way and choose a more optimal route. However, this option will be quite expensive. Another convenient way is private transport companies: a ticket will cost about 450 UAH for tourists from Dnipro; and from Kharkiv - 530 UAH.

In case you choose of depart from the city bus station, the difference in cost will be about 50-100 UAH. However, in some cities there are no direct buses on this route. Residents of remote areas can take a train to Kherson, and then take a bus to the bus station from the city. A ticket costs about 120 UAH.

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