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Sea Recreation in Kherson Region

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  • Lazurne
  • Zaliznyi Port
  • Skadovsk
  • Khorly
  • Arabatska Spit
  • Kinburnska Spit
  • Dzharylhach Island
  • Biriuchyi Island

The Kherson region occupies the Southern part of the Black Sea Plains in the steppe zone of Ukraine. The moderate continental climate dominates in the region which features mild dry winter and hot droughty summer. The average air temperature in summer is +25–28 °C, the maximum is higher than +39–40 °С. The average water temperature is never lower than +25 °С.  During the warmer months in the Kherson region, tourists as well as its residents prefer beach vacations at the seaside.

Sun flowers

Kherson land is the unique region where you can find boundless steppe, rivers, seas, and remarkable reservation areas, flood plains of the Dnipro, pink lakes, healing muds, and rare animal species and plants. The land is tailored for your vacation.

The seaside is the place where you can find high quality  sea holiday package options. The advantageous geographical position provides access to both the Black and Azov Seas with developed infrastructure, sandy beaches, and warm sea water. The extraordinary climate and reasonable prices attract tourists from all over Ukraine and the world. They are offered not only water entertainment but also the one in the air (like paragliding), numerous restaurants and cafes, amusement arcades, recreational facilities, night clubs. Breathtaking trips to the nearest outstanding sights await the enthusiasts of tours and excursions.

Bright colors of seaside


Wide beaches and clear water of the Black Sea are main advantages of Lazurne. Tourists are attracted by the vicinity of the reserve on Dzharylhach Island, opportunity to swim in the shallow-water bay or in the deep open sea, and to breathe in clean air. To keep out of the sun, you can rent a deck-chair and sunshade at additional charge. There are sun awnings and various amusement arcades on the beaches. You can go windsurfing or rent a boat or yacht to have a wonderful sea trip. If you would like to seclude yourself from the society and commune with nature, it is worth going to Dzharylhach.

Yoga on sand

There are accommodations to fit all budgets and desired comforts. The budget-friendly option is renting a room in the private houses sector at 100-150 UAH a night. All conveniences are “outhouse” then. You also have access to the common-use kitchen and fridge. For those keen on comfort and coziness, we suggest choosing a guest house or recreation center. Depending on availability of amenities the price is within 450 and 2000 UAH per room.

Zaliznyi Port

Zalioznyi Port

The popularity of Zaliznyi Port grows every year. You can choose accommodation to suit every taste in new guest houses and hotels along the coastline (almost 5 km). Rooms of basic category imply the common-use WC and shower; the cost of a premium and luxury include 3-time meals and the use of amenities in the hotel. The budget-oriented accommodation can be found in the private houses sector located in the second and third lines of the beach at 120-150 UAH per a person.

Zaliznyi Port beach

Zaliznyi Port attracts not only young-adults but also families with children. There are night clubs, restaurants, spa-centers, and beauty salons at their disposal. Beach amusement varieties include skydiving, diving, and numerous water amusement parks. There are waterslides and a playground for children. Many tourists are fascinated by the opportunity to attend bathing houses of the healing hot geyser. At leisure time you can go to Tendrivska Spit or visit St. George or Assumption (Uspenskaya) Churches.


Skadovsk attracts tourists by its vicinity to Dzharylhach Island, warm shallow sea, clean comfortable beaches, favorable ecological environment. Though being a small town with one-story houses, Skadovsk  is well known beyond Ukraine due to its unique climatic conditions and air rich in iodine, bromine, and magnesium salts, which can have health benefits. Thanks to the shallow sea, the water gets warm quickly and diverse algae saturate it with healthy organic compounds and minerals.

Sand castle

There are a lot of guest houses and tourist camps with affordable accommodation options. In the private houses you can rent a room at 100 UAH per  person per night. Close to the town there are interesting tourist sights: Dzharylhach island, and preserved Tendrivska and Kinburnska spits.


The village of Khorly is situated on peninsula Hirkyi Kut offshore in the Black Sea. You can get there from Kherson by scheduled bus. The resort stands out with its well-kept sandy beaches and warm sea. The location is relatively unknown to many tourists which is why there is no big influx of tourists and contributes to a tranquil vacation. From Khorly, you can either go to Askaniia Nova or have a walk to the Stone Bridge or Cossacks Crosses.

Khorly has guest houses and tourist camps where you can choose accommodation type to suit any taste.  Even though the prices have risen it is much cheaper to have vacations here than at any other Black Sea resort. For example, you will pay 500 UAH for a double-bed apartment a night, the budget-friendly accommodation will cost from 100 UAH per person.

Arabatska Spit

Thousands of tourists come from different regions of Ukraine to have sea recreation in Kherson all year round. Quite a few choose Arabatska Spit on the coast of the Azov Sea. The resort season starts in May and ends in September. Arabatka, which is how locals name it, is the longest sandy beach in Europe (about 100 km) with warm sea water and shelving bottom, healing salt and mud lakes.

The resort is good for youths, families, and secluded vacations. It is wonderful to spend time at such locations:

  • Henhirka – the nearest locality to Henichesk and the centre of cultural life in Arabatka. There are marketplaces, drugstores, shops, an amusement park, a water park and aquarium; its own balneary and recreation facilities.
  • Schaslyvtseve – balneotherapeutic health resort which features clean beaches and deeper than in Henhirka sea. The infrastructure is well developed; there are shops, cafes and bars, various sea amusements. Close to the village there are thermal springs with mineral water, and blue and black muds.
  • Strilkove – the furthest village from Henichesk which is the best for a secluded vacation. The beaches are clean here and the sea is the deepest in Arabatska Spit.

Kinburnska Spit

If you seek silence, serenity and retreat, it is better to choose Kinburnska Spit. The cape plunges into the sea 40 km long. It is washed by fresh waters of the Dnipro-Bug estuary from one side and by briny ones of Yahorlytska bay from the other.  At the beginning the spit is 20 km wide and at the end it narrows up to several meters. You can find pristine fields of vulnerary herbs (about 500 species), pine woods, rare species of birds and animals. You also can swim in the sea, sunbathe, go fishing and hunting, pick mushrooms, or do mud spa-treatments. There are approximately 300 lakes with healing mineral water and therapeutic muds.

There is a low water supply on the spit, so if you plan to go camping, you should stock up with enough water. Few hotels and tourist camps have their own drill holes and pump points. Accommodations are limited on the spit. You can rent a separate house at 500-600 UAH a night, in the private houses night lodging will cost 200-300 UAH per a person, but in this case you will have to go from the coast to the place for half an hour.

Dzharylhach Island

The island is in the Black Sea not far from Lazurne. Thanks to unique preserved wildlife area, crystal clear sea, and wonderful cotton white powdery beaches it is called the Ukrainian Maldives. It is washed by waters of Dzharylhach and Karkinitskyi bays.

The island is 42 m long; its width varies from some meters in the western part up to 3-4 km in the center. The National Nature Park is established on its territory. Visitors can watch wild boars, foxes, deer, mouflons, flocks of white swans, and other animals. You can get there by boat or fording across shallow and quite secure straits close to Lazurne. You won’t find any guest houses or tourist camps on the island which is why enthusiasts of ecotourism put up tents on the coast.

Biriuchyi Island

Steppe on Byriuchyi

Biriuchyi Island is a part of Azov and Syvash National Park. The cottage campus and tourist camps Liubava and Zolotyi Bereg (Golden Coast) are located on the border of the preserved zone. Here you can find rooms of various comfort level. There is a store, bar, drugstore, and other infrastructure on the territory. The cost of a two-bed room in standard category starts with 700-800 UAH, the one of apartments is within 1500 and 2000 UAH a night.

Coast line of Byriuchyi Island

Beaches on Biriuchyi Island are covered with fine sands, equipped with sun awnings and the slope to the water is gentle. Guests can rent a deck-chair and sunshade. Large resorts have playgrounds for children, changing rooms, shower cubicles, and parking places. Holidaymakers are offered tours by off-roaders into the preserved zone and walks to the watering-place of wild animals.

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