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Top-7 Most Interesting Places in the South of Ukraine

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  • Pink Lake
  • Nova Kakhovka
  • Prince Trubetskoy Chateau
  • Askaniia-Nova
  • Aktove Canyon
  • Kherson Grand Canyon
  • Tendrivska spit

Do you wish to visit the most interesting tourist places in Ukraine? We invite you to the South of our country. You will see some of the most beautiful and unique places that will surprise even the most demanding traveller!

TripMustGoOn has made a list of seven interesting “southern” sights with a detailed description for each. Here you can restore your strength, take unique photos to remember, or even fall in love!

Pink lake

Did you know that there is a Ukrainian "Dead Sea" in Kherson? This wonder is called Lemurian Lake. Tourists from all over Ukraine come to spend time by the water that is pink in color, created by unicellular algae. The area is particularly active in the summer.

Tip: If you would like to witness the brightest pink color of the lake or arrange an amazing photo shoot, come in July or August.

The amazing qualities of the pink lakes are not just visual: this place is also famous for its natural healing effect. Healing muds can cure joints and skin ailments. Campers make mud masks in the territory or take mud home with them for later. You can also use the services of a massage therapist.

There are always crowds of people by the water. Families often come here with their children to teach them how to swim. Because of the high concentration of salt, it’s nearly impossible to drown in the pink lakes!

How to get there: Travel 4 km from the village of Hryhorivka in Kherson region.

Nova Kakhovka

Kherson has the most interesting tourist destinations in Ukraine. Nova Kakhovka is one of them. It is the youngest town in the region. Its main attraction is the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Station, one of the top 10 largest hydraulic structures in Ukraine. Its impoundment provides fresh water to the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

The highlight of Nova Kakhovka is the decorative ornaments on the old buildings. These are "stone vyshyvankas" by Hryhorii Dovzhenko. The Ukrainian painter decorated 180 houses with patterns of floral motifs resembling a Ukrainian vyshyvanka. Murals can be seen on numerous streets of the town: Istorychna, Heroiv Ukrainy, and Dniprovska Avenue.

The Town Summer Theater is a historic building built in 1951. In summer, there are festivals and performances, which make it a popular holiday destination for citizens and tourists.

We recommend that you visit a cognac factory on an excursion. This is the largest winery of Ukraine. In these regions, wine production began at the end of the 19th century. It was founded by Swiss winemakers and opened in 1929.

For tourists who enjoy relaxing on the water, you can go to the yacht ecocomplex at Maxim Marine Yacht Club. You can stay overnight in the hotel nearby. There is a tennis court, restaurant, swimming pool, sauna, and a relaxation area to provide a nice restful vacation. Yacht trips can be organized to take a trip out on the water.

You can stay in the modern hotel Premier on the bank of the Dnieper River. Guests are invited to visit the restaurant and play games such as bowling and billiards. There is also a playground for children.

Prince Trubetskoy chateau

The most interesting places in Ukraine have a surprisingly unique and rich history. The Trubetskoy winery is famous for its vineyards and wines of excellent quality. In the cellars of the historic chateau, there is a collection of 10,000 bottles of varietal wines.

Prince Trubetskoy founded the chateau in 1896. Production has not stopped since that time. By 1900, the wine was highly rated at the Paris World’s Fair.

Activities for tourists in the chateau:

  • excursions to wine cellars;
  • meet with a sommelier to learn more about the wine making process;
  • renting a banquet hall for weddings and celebrations;
  • walks to the waterfalls and Lithuanian watchtower of Vytautas;
  • photo shoots.

The chateau is open all year round. If you plan to come for a long vacation, you can stay at a hotel.


The Askaniia-Nova Reserve is the pearl of Kherson in the middle of the steppe. Unique landscapes and picturesque views, wild animals of rare species, and great varieties of flora are worth seeing at least once.

Gentle wild animals

The area of the reserve is more than 33,000 hectares, including 11,054 hectares of totally protected territory that was never cultivated.

Over 3,000 species of wild animals live here. Travellers can see flocks of buffaloes, saigaks, horses, zebras, deer, and other animals. In the early autumn, migratory birds such as ducks, cranes, coolies, and geese can be seen. If you’re interested in flora, take an invigorating walk into the dendrological park. There are over 1,700 varieties of plants to see here. Some of them are on the Red List of endangered species.

Tourists may order a bus excursion into the steppe. You can see rare animals and take pictures. Also, you may want to look at historical monuments, like the "Kurgan Stelae" Scythian stone idols from the 11th through 13th centuries.

Aktove Canyon

Aktove Canyon can be named in the category of "the most beautiful places of Ukraine". The fantastic landscapes of the canyon amaze with their scale. Granite blocks of various sizes are spread out over more than 250 hectares. The cliffs reach the height of a 20-story house. Adventure lovers come here to practice their climbing skills.

Beauty in stone

In this area, the climate changes frequently. Sometimes in winter, violets bloom and cows graze! In total, there are about 900 species of plants in the canyon, 30 of which are protected by the Red List of endangered species.

The “Ukrainian Grand Canyon” is the ideal location for fans of unusual photo-shoots. If you plan to come in the summer or autumn, you can spend the night in a tent by the river. At dawn, the cliffs look completely different!

Kherson Grand Canyon

Kherson is a picturesque land. Its nature is striking. You can see the mountains in the middle of the endless steppe! You would be surprised, but it’s possible in Kherson Grand Canyon!

On the background of rocks and water

It is located on the banks of the Dnieper-Bug Estuary near the village of Stanislav. People come here to vacation in the peace and quiet, enjoy the scenery, and just relax in the fresh air.

Fans of scenic landscape photo shoots often come to Kherson Grand Canyon. Here you can also go kayaking on the estuary, have a picnic, or stay overnight in a tent.

Tendrivska spit

Interesting places in the South of Ukraine attract guests to the unique nature and unmatched landscapes. One of these locations is Tendrivska Spit. It is a wildlife corner on the border of Kherson and Mykolaiv regions. People come here to take a break from the noisy city and enjoy the beauty of the uninhabited island.

Spit in sea

Access to the spit requires a real sea voyage on a yacht lasting 2-3 days! Even the most sophisticated tourist will be surprised by the wilderness, the purest sea, and the white sandy shores of Tendra.

You can see wild horses and dolphins here. Diversify your leisure by taking a walk to Tendrivskyi lighthouse and the salt lakes, or hold a thematic photo session with the picturesque backgrounds offered in the region.

Tip: If you plan to stay here for a few days, bring a tent with you because there are no guesthouses here.

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