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Sights of Skadovsk

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  • Local History Museum of Skadovsk
  • St. Sergius Church
  • St. George Church
  • What else can you see in Skadovsk

Skadovsk is a regional center, resort town and port on the shore of the Dzharylhach bay in the Kherson region. It is named after S.B. Skadovskyi, the landowner who built a berth on the territory of a fishing village in 1894. Ships loaded with wheat and wool departed from here and made their way to European countries. Now the city attracts tourists with its wide sandy beaches, healthy climate, and interesting sights.

Seaside city

Local History Museum of Skadovsk

The tourist sights of Skadovsk are full of interesting stories that have their own cultural value.

For example, there are more than 70,000 exhibits in the Local History Museum. The "House with Columns" is unique as it is the only building in the town that has been preserved since the pre-revolutionary period. 

The construction of this mansion was requested by Professor Mettelstein in the early 20th century. He loved the local nature and became the co-founder of Skadovsk. People say that the sound of the sea is constantly heard in this house and you can feel the enchanting power of history.

The museum’s six halls house the fascinating exhibits.

You can also visit the art gallery and the hall which is completely dedicated to the ecosystem of this region. The museum’s collection is constantly growing with the additions of artifacts found by locals.

St. Sergius Church

Father Leontii became the founder of St. Sergius Church. It is named after St. Sergius of Radonezh and was built at his own expense.

The building is about 50 meters high (56 meters if you include the bell tower and cross). The church was designed in the form of a ship, two masts, or towers, and a stern, which is the altar. Two golden crosses are so huge that they are visible from both the sea and the land.

At the beginning of the 20th century, the church was painted by artist Cheptsov from St. Petersburg. Inside, there are shrines that contain icons with St. Nicholas the Wonderworker’s and Sergius of Radonezh’s relics.

St. George Church

In 2013, the St George Church was consecrated by Exarch V. Ivasiuk. Every year, a temple festival is held here in May, which is regularly visited by exarchs from Odesa who partake in ritual dancing, the Holy Confession and sing Easter songs. During the Confession, the churchmen honor the holy martyr George because the church is named in his honor.

What else can you see in Skadovsk

Dzharylhach National Nature Park

The reserve was established in the 1970s specifically to protect endangered species of plants and animals. In 2011, it became the Dzharylhach National Nature Park. With more than 500 species, feather grass, cornflower, mustard, sawgrass and other types of plants blossom at different times of the year here. One can come across mouflons, deer, does, and raccoon dogs here. Dozens of different kinds of fish live in the sea, including three species of cetaceous: saddleback porpoise, Azov dolphin, and the bottlenose dolphin.

In this fabulous place, you can walk along the ecological paths and discover amazing tourist routes, including:

  • Lighthouses of Dzharylhach;
  • Safari;
  • Dzharylhach weekend;
  • From West to East.

Tendrivska Spit

Tendrivska Spit is one of the main tourist attractions of Skadovsk and the Kherson region as a whole. This is a closed reserve, so tourists can visit only the northern part of the Spit (a couple of kilometres of the coastline).

Tatches at Tendra Spit

There are quiet and remote oases where you can just enjoy being close to nature, peace and relaxation in the fresh sea air. The coastline’s relief is subject to insignificant changes every year. Only its inhabitants are unchanged, including about 100 species of rare animals, reptiles, birds, insects, many of which are listed in the Red Book of Endangered Species. Wild horses, wolves, foxes, etc. live in the steppes of Tendra.

Skadovsk dolphinarium

Almost everyone loves dolphins because they are cheerful, funny and uplifting. Their beautiful "speech" is fascinating. Skadovsk is sometimes called a water circus. The Black Sea bottlenose dolphins and seals put on exciting shows complete with fascinating tricks and cascading jumps.


You can sign up for Dolphin therapy courses which include:

  • communication with dolphins;
  • massage;
  • phytotherapy;
  • psychologist’s consultation.

Here you can spend as much time as you like: couple of hours or all day long. One can enjoy exploring the upside down house, a unique tourist attraction. This place is also great for children’s parties.

An upside-down house

The list of interesting places to visit in Skadovsk is not limited to historical sites and architectural monuments. You should see and visit the upside-down house, in which everything is literally turned upside down. Inside it, you can see a dining room table hanging in the air, a chandelier located on the floor. In the kitchen, you will be in constant anticipation of the fruits and pots simply falling on your head. Even food in the refrigerator is upside down. Plants grow from windowsills right down the room.

This amazing object allows you to look at things from a different angle. It is also a great place where you can take many unusual photos of yourself, friends, and relatives.


If you are tired of going sightseeing in Skadovsk, and just want to relax, swim in the pool and ride the water slides, then the waterpark is the right place for you. It is located in the center of the city, near the coastline, and is the most visited place.

Water park fun

The waterpark is the city’s main entertainment complex. Here, you will find many attractions, water slides, and pools for all ages. This place allows you not only to relax and forget about everything that has ever bothered you but also provides you with the opportunity to recharge your batteries so you are energized for visiting other iconic places of Ukraine!

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