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Seaside Holidays in Skadovsk

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  • Nature and climate of Skadovsk
  • History of the town
  • Prices for rest and accommodation in Skadovsk
  • Sea and beaches
  • Sights and attractions of Skadovsk
  • Rest with children in Skadovsk
  • The best way to get to Skadovsk

Skadovsk is a port town with the status of a Resort of State Importance in Ukraine. The resort is located in Dzharylhach Bay of Kherson region and is one of the most popular places to visit at the Black Sea. If you decide to spend a vacation in Skadovsk, at the same time, you can reap the benefits of the iodine-saturated air. Rest in Skadovsk is an ideal choice for spending time with family including children. Even in the spring, you can find different types of accommodations.

Nature and climate of Skadovsk

Skadovsk is located on a flat terrain in the steppe of Ukraine. You can observe various bushes, deciduous plants, olives and other vegetation, which is typical for the steppe zones. The city is washed by Dzharylhach Bay. The area is covered by sharp slopes at a height of about 2 meters, and the shoreline is sandy and silty.

Skadovsk coast

Vacation in Skadovsk is possible from late spring to early fall. There are no industrial facilities on the resort area so it is a clean fresh environment to rejuvenate.

History of the town

The town was founded thanks to landowner Sergei Skadovsky. He built a berth in place of the fishing village. Ships with cargo (wheat and wool) departed from here to many European countries such as Germany, France, Poland, and Bulgaria.

Over the years, the port has expanded and become quite large. It was surrounded by the town, now called Skadovsk, with an area of 14 km² with a population of about 22,000.

Prices for rest and accommodation in Skadovsk

Many types of accommodations are available in Skadovsk

AccommodationCost per day in UAH
Private residencefrom 80 UAH without conveniences
Vacation hotels and recreation centersfrom 250 UAH and above
Wooden housesfrom 130 UAH with conveniences in the local area

Private house rentals can cost about 1500 UAH per day, and apartments from 500 UAH per day depending on the number of rooms and the location. The main advantage of private house or apartment rentals is the convenient location near the sea. Such houses are usually equipped with their own kitchen, appliances and other conveniences. It is great for a large group or company event.

Recreation centers are located away from the sea can cost from 150 to 400 UAH per day. The cost is low in comparison with other accommodations. The buildings have not changed much since their construction during Soviet times.

The most common type of housing is vacation hotels. The rooms are divided into several classes: basic, premium, and luxury. Here, the payment varies from 300 to 750 UAH per day. Some have swimming pools as well as kitchens where you can cook for yourself.

Hotels are opened for guests all year long. Buffet, game rooms, pool and spa will make your vacation very comfortable.

Sea and beaches

In summer, the water temperature can reach +25°C, and the air heats up to +30°C. The sea is shallow, so there are no storms and the water warms up very quickly.

Sun and beach

Because the bottom of Dzharylhach Bay is sandy silt, sand is delivered to the Skadovsk beaches. The beach area is free to visit, but some vacation hotels may ask you to pay for access from their property.

Sights and attractions of Skadovsk

Despite the fact that Skadovsk is not a big town, the infrastructure is developed quite well. There are pharmacies, a hospital, markets, banks, post offices, and many shops and supermarkets. You can easily get around the city in an hour along the coast.

Water park

There are many types of entertainment and several interesting places that you can visit with children in Skadovsk. The water park offers you breathtaking slides for children and adults, three swimming pools, and a relaxation area where you can unwind under the sun.

In the theme park, which is decorated similar to the famous cartoon “Treasure Island”, you can ride carousels, a small roller coaster, and a Ferris wheel.

Dolphins in Skadovsk

Do not miss the great opportunity to watch a performance with dolphins and seals. You can also swim with them individually in the dolphinarium. This is a great place to spend any holiday.

If you prefer a more active pastime, tennis courts, kiting, and board riding are great options for you.

Island near Skadovsk

The main attraction is the uninhabited Dzharylhach Island. It separates the bay and the Black Sea. There are two lighthouses and a berth located on it. The lighthouses direct the tour boats and big ships that are off the coast in the open sea. The area is very popular among tourists.

Rest with children in Skadovsk

The shallow sea is one of the main advantages for families with children. You do not have to worry too much about your kids, as the depth even for an adult is just waist-high.

Every year, many children from all parts of Ukraine spend summer holidays in children’s camps in Skadovsk. Here, kids go to camp for the sports, swimming in the pool, taking part in competitions and enjoying the sea. Children live in comfortable buildings and can attend camps according to the camp schedule season. Parents can also choose the housing themselves and visit their kids.

The best way to get to Skadovsk

There are only a few ways to get to the resort:

  • route bus;
  • non-scheduled transport;
  • car.

There is no railway connection in Skadovsk. You can go by train only to Kherson (the closest point to the resort, 100 km away). On arrival to Kherson, you can take a bus, minibus or taxi to Skadovsk.

The bus is one of the most common choices of transportation to get to the resort. It is about 10 hours from Dnipro. If you choose to travel by your own car, then from Kyiv and Kharkiv you can arrive in almost 9 hours.

Some transport companies may arrange non-scheduled transportation to Skadovsk. You can come to any desired point in the city by minibus.

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