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A Romantic Weekend for Couples: Top 7 Places in Ukraine to Vacation for Couples

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  • A picnic in the Kherson Mountains
  • Trip to Adzhyholsky lighthouse
  • Visit to Khablovsky lighthouse
  • Vacation in Arabatska Club
  • Dinner at the Prince Trubetskyi Chateau
  • Yacht trip in the Dnipro delta
  • Syvash lake

Every loving couple dreams of going somewhere private in a beautiful, interesting place. You do not need to go to Paris or Prague to have a nice trip. How about a romantic vacation for couples in Ukraine? Go to the South of the country and plunge into an unforgettable atmosphere. There are many beautiful places where you can have a good time and rekindle your relationship.

Surprise your soulmate with a date in the Kherson Mountains, have dinner in an ancient chateau, go to the steppe lighthouse or take a yacht trip on the Dnipro River. All of the above can be organized in the Kherson region. If this is your first time going there, this review will come in handy. TripMustGoOn has prepared a selection of the top 7 places for a romantic trip.

A picnic in the Kherson Mountains

The romantic places of Ukraine are so diverse! There is an unusual location on the banks of the Dnipro-Bug Estuary – the Kherson Mountains. You will fall in love at first sight! There is an atmosphere of unity with nature, peace and silence. Stunning natural landscapes open up to you from the 50-meter-high slopes.

Romantic picnic

This is the perfect location for loving couples. It is ideal for having a romantic picnic at the top of the mountains at sunset. The view of the estuary in these hours is fabulous!

You can continue your date and stay overnight in a tent. You will have the opportunity to admire the beauty of dawn in the Kherson Grand Canyon, perfect for taking amazing pictures.

Location: 40 kilometres from Kherson, in the village of Stanislav.

Trip to Adzhyholsky lighthouse

If you do not know where to go while in Ukraine, go to Adzhyhol lighthouse. It looks over the Dnipro-Bug Estuary. You will be impressed by the beautiful lace structure made of steel. You can take beautiful photos in front of this unique backdrop.

It is the highest beacon in the country and the 18th largest in the world at a height of 64 meters.

Steel construction

The tower is located 1.5 km from the coast. Take a lovely trip on the water to get there. Along the way, enjoy the estuary’s wonderful scenery. You will spot different types of birds: ducks, gannets and even pelicans! You can admire the water lilies and white lilies when you make your way out of Dnipro’s swamps.

Beautiful construction

At the lighthouse, if it isn`t windy, they will allow you to dock your boat and go ashore. An unforgettable view opens up before your eyes; you will remember this moment for a long time!

How to get there: go to the village of Rybalche in Kherson region, and then travel by boat or motor boat.

Visit to Khablovsky lighthouse

There are some interesting places for couples to visit in the South of the country. On the border of Kherson and Mykolaiv region, there is a fabulous yet unusual view - a lighthouse in the middle of the steppe. This is one of the three Khablov light beacons. Here, together with your partner, you can hide from the whole world and enjoy nature in all its glory. This is a remarkable location for marriage proposals.

Romantic in steppe

Plan a surprise for your beloved: organize a photoshoot with the tower and the boundless steppe in the background. It will be remembered for a long time. On the other hand, you can just take it easy and have a romantic picnic–the atmosphere is enticing.

Romatic fotos in steppe

You will be surprised to find out that the tower can “sing.” In windy weather, you can hear low and lingering sounds cascading through the air, similar to Tuvan throat singing.

How to get there: travel from Kherson to Oleksandrivka by car.

Vacation in Arabatska Club

Do you dream of being alone with your sweetheart on the shores of the Azov Sea? Then go to the Arabatska Spit and stay in one of the comfortable cottages right on the beach. Warm water, sea air, and the cleanest beaches you have ever seen are excellent conditions for a couple’s summer vacation.

Romantic Arabatka

There are also wooden houses right on the beach by the sea. Amenities include a kitchen and a set of dishes, multicooker, bathroom, TV, Wi-Fi and air conditioner. There are suites with a private terrace. You can prepare your own meals or order them from local cafés.

If you like extreme sports, go to a windsurfing and kitesurfing school on Arabatska Spit.

Location: the village of Henicheska Hirka, Naberezhna Str 29.

Dinner at the Prince Trubetskyi Chateau

Romantic weekends in Ukraine can be spent in this ancient chateau in the Kherson region. The Prince Petro Trubetskyi winery is the oldest historical chateau in the country. The first vineyards were planted here back in 1896. The winery consists of a castle with a tower, viewing platform and vineyards stretching over 200 acres.

Romantic dinner

The premises have been preserved since the end of the 19th century. Inside, there are cellars for wine storage and tasting halls.

If you want to plan a romantic vacation for your beloved, then a great option is to come to Trubetskyi winery. You can stay overnight in a hotel with two bedrooms and a terrace. This is also a popular wedding destination because of the beautiful landscape enveloping the castle and a restaurant with panoramic views, in addition to a hotel for guests.

Yacht trip in the Dnipro delta

What could be more romantic than a date on a yacht! Just imagine, the pleasant sunshine, the cool river breeze and your beloved nearby.

Yatch for romantic trip

The routes differ from each other. There are trips on the Dnipro along the city coastline, the Konka, the Koshova, many channels and lakes, and Kherson eriks. If you want to stay longer with your sweetheart, you can plan a trip to go sailing for a few days. There is even an opportunity to go out on the high seas!

Typically, the ships will have a kitchen equipped with utensils and barbecue grilling equipment. As an option, you can stop and have a picnic out in nature. Arrange it in advance and the captain will cook a delicious fish soup or barbecue for you.

Love in the air

To diversify the boat trip, plan a photoshoot, swim in the river, learn to sail from the captain, or go fishing.

Syvash lake

In the South, there are a few unique locations for couples. This area is famous for its reportedly healing properties. You can have a good time and improve your health all in one trip. To do this, go to Lake Syvash. It is called the Ukrainian Dead Sea. The water here is so salty that you can float on it like on an air mattress!

Pinc coloures

This is a large bay consisting of a network of small lakes and channels. The concentration of salt and useful substances here is over the top! Our recommendation is to go swimming in the sea and enjoy a mud therapy at Syvash. To do this, stop in Shchaslyvtseve. You will be able to swim in the sea and visit a hot radonic spring while you are there.

Pink happiness

If you want to relax together, come to Hryhorivka. Nearby, is the legendary pink Lemurian Lake. This place is famous for its reportedly healing muds.

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