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Hiking in the Kherson Grand Canyon

Hiking means small trips on arranged trails. Such tracks do not last for more than two days and do not require special preparation. The area should be safe for tourists, impress with its views, and delight with landscapes. The most suitable place in the Kherson region is the Grand Canyon in Stanislav or the so-called ‘Kherson Mountains’. Hundreds of tourists come here to see the Tavrian steppes, clay slopes, and estuary waters with their own eyes. Read on to get to know about other interesting locations and routes.

Hiking trail

The hike in the Kherson Grand Canyon begins in Stanislav and ends in Oleksandrivka. The length of the cross-country route is about 20 km. This easy and pleasant track is feasible for beginners and does not require special physical training.

Kherson Grand Canyon

The route stretches along the banks of the Dnipro-Bug Estuary. High cliffs overlook gorgeous views of the water surface. The water is muddy in summer and crystal clear in winter. If you look from the cliff to the estuary, you can lose a sense of time and space.

Hiking in Stanislav with children

Do not be too lazy to go down and walk along the bottom of the canyon. High cliffs form a labyrinth where you feel as small as a grain of sand. The coast is sandy and narrow in some places. There are areas where the canyon immediately goes into the water. Spend some time on the banks of the estuary and breathe in the sea air. In winter, it's great to make a fire and drink hot tea here.

The best friend is always nearby

In summer, the tops of the ‘Kherson Mountains’ are rich in herbs. The scent of wildflowers permeates the air. You can hide from the sun in the "islets" of bushes. But don't count on it too much – there is a continuous steppe all around.

In winter, hiking in the ‘Kherson Mountains’ is different. The air is fresh, the sun does not burn, and there is no one around. You may see a wide variety of birds from shorebirds to swans. Nature in the winter season is also colorful. The white steppe is especially attractive. It's cool to meet sunrises and sunsets here. The sky is so clear that the constellations are clearly visible.

The best friends in Stanislav

Kherson Grand Canyon welcomes tourists at any time of the year. You may walk around all the beauties in one day, or you may stay overnight and fully experience the spirit of Tavria!

What you need to know before hiking

What to take with you

The main thing in the hike is the clothes and contents of the backpack. Shoes should be comfortable, not tight, but snugly fitting your feet. The outsole should be grooved to prevent slipping on grass or snow.

Stanislav rocks hiking

Select the top according to the weather. Wear a windbreaker and a light shirt in summer to avoid sunburn. If it rains, the windbreaker should be waterproof. Be sure to wear a hat. In winter, it is best to wear thermal underwear, a warm sweater, and a waterproof jacket. Gloves or mittens will keep your hands warm. The glasses will protect your eyes from wind or sunlight.

Hiking in Stanislav hills

Put a first aid kit, food and water, a piece of tarpaulin, rope, knife, and matches in the backpack. Take a map and a compass in case your mobile phone dies or there is no signal. Sunscreen and insect repellent will save you in the summer. Use a moisturizer for your face and hands in winter to keep your skin dry.

Tips for beginners

Think carefully about the route: where to have a halt, stay overnight, and start your journey and how long to stay at checkpoints. Tell your close ones where you are going and how long the hike will take. Assess yourself before you start the trip. Can you cover the distance? How are you feeling?

Strengthen your immune system and muscles with exercise in a couple of weeks to prepare. You can read life hacks about hiking and watch a video. You never know what skills will come in handy on a hike.

Other activities

Visit Lymanska Koza cheese farm

White limaskaya goat

The cheese farm is located in Stanislav. In a short time, it gained wide popularity. Here, you may try original cheeses with herbs, ricotta, feta cheese, yogurt, and even condensed milk made of goat milk. It is better to call the owner before visiting. Her phone number is +38 050 829 0931.

View the mountains from the water

After walking in the mountains, be sure to look at their "face". In Oleksandrivka, you may rent a kayak for a tour along the Dnipro-Bug Estuary. Winter and summer create two different worlds here. Depending on the season, the ‘Kherson Mountains’ look different. The views of the snow-covered canyon from the board of the kayak are unbelievable! They cause completely different feelings. These are the reasons to love hiking: Ukraine opens up from different perspectives.

Stanislav rocks from water

Khablovskyi lighthouse

On the border of the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions, there is one of the most beautiful and the rearmost lighthouse – Khablovskyi. There is also a front lighthouse in the Bug Estuary and a middle one on the coast. They are closed to tourists. There are incredible nature and views around the Khablovskyi Lighthouse. The horizon is a thin blue strip between the estuary and sky. It is not hard to imagine what sunsets and sunrises are like here. The lighthouse was recently renovated: its face is painted black with a vertical white stripe in the middle. The design really looks impressive against the background of a snow-covered field and a blue sky.

Khablovskyi lighthouse during winter season


You may continue exploring the Kherson Grand Canyon by rising in the sky. Yes, paragliding is gaining popularity among tourists. From a bird's eye view, you can see the entire landscape of the ‘Kherson Mountains’. All the ravines and gullies, you have just walked, will open before your eyes. There are no words to describe that – you just have to see!

Where to stay

You may stay overnight in Skelka Tour camping at any time of the year. In summer, you may rent a tent or stay in your own. In the territory, there is a WC, an outdoor shower, drinking water. This place overlooks the estuary. There are places for fire.

In winter, you may rent a guest house with all the amenities – beds, shower, WC, kitchen. Skelka Tour is the only center in the ‘Kherson Mountains’ where you may rent a kayak. For further detail please call +380953367814.

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