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Winter kayaking in Henichesk

Are you still waiting for the summer to go kayaking? Don’t waste your time! Henichesk awaits you for the winter journey. A lot of straits, creeks, and channels go near the Arabat Spit. Just paddle through them, and you’ll discover another side of Henichesk. It will rise to your view in a wild, mysterious, and unusual way. The place fascinates tourists with its scenic beauty, sea air, and peaceful silence. Learn which winter routes are the best, where to rent a kayak, and what to bring with you in our article.

Routes to go winter kayaking

Don’t think winter kayaking is just riding a boat near the riverside. Routes are planned so you gain lifelong memories.

Winter trip by kayaks

There are two routes:

  • The Tonkyi Channel (also called “Henichesk Strait”). It goes through the Iron Bridge, towards the sea, with landing on the island. The length of the route is 4 miles in either direction.
  • The Kruchenka Channel (Twisted Mouth). Landing is on the Verbliuzhyi Island. The length of the route is about 7 miles in either direction.

Kayaking routes depend on weather conditions.

Winter trip

The specifics of the routes:

  • It’s alright for the beginners, as paddling is slow, and takes around 3 hours.
  • It comes across the labyrinths of straits and steams of all Henichesk.
  • You’ll view from the sea the nature of the Syvash, go through the bay on the narrow creeks.
  • You’ll land on the Verbliuzhyi and Kruglyi (Round) islands.
  • You’ll discover various ever-changing locations. Winter kayaking can be anything but boring!

The Arabat Spit and Henishesk appear from absolutely another way on the sea. You’ll open up beauties of nature and landscapes the most people can’t see!

Preparations to the trip

Why you should rent a kayak in Henishesk for the winter season?

Winter kayaking doesn’t even cross some people’s minds. They used to rent kayaks only for the summer season. It’s their loss! Winter kayaking is so breathtaking. Some reasons why you should try such  watersport are below:

  • Crystal-clear water. The water is clean, so you can see the sand-bed and watch overobserve the fish.
  • Unconventional colors and contrasts. In the summer, tourists used to see the green growth and shining sun. But in winter, white shades and textures charm with their magnificence.
  • Favorable weather. The ultimate weakness of summer kayaking is the heatwave you can’t hide from even in the water. In the winter, you can enjoy the coolness and make your journey more comfortable.
  • Birdlife. In the winter, birds are not scared by people and extraneous sounds, so you can watch and carefully take a picture of them.
  • Relaxing break in all seasons. Winter kayaking is a great reason to take your friends, drink warm tea, and share a good time outdoors.

Girl with paddles

Are you still waiting for the summer? Just wrap up warm, jump in your kayak, and hurry up right now, as the adventures are calling!

Winter kayaking in Henishesk: where to rent a boat

There is no problem to rent a kayak in Henishesk for the winter season. You can book a canoe in the “On the Sea” kayaking club. It can be found near the bridge of The Tonkyi Channel, at Nyzhnia Slobidka Street, Henishesk, Kherson Region. The tour also starts here.

You’ll participate in the briefing by highly-trained instructors, and get a life-jacket. Stable single-seated Kolibri One Wave (maximum carrying capacity is 100 kg) and two-seated Kolibri Twin Wave (maximum carrying capacity is 220 kg) kayaks are available.

The cost is 250 UAH per person. 20% discount for children under 12 years old is available. You can take a child below the age of 5 or a pet on the board.

For more detailed information, deal 095 747 2322, 068 747 2322, or visit the webpage.

What to bring with you for winter kayaking

Winter kayaking in the Arabat Spit requires preparation. We recommend you to bring:

  • some dry clothing;
  • mittens or gloves;
  • winter hat and neckband;
  • waterproof coat;
  • a thermos of hot tea and snacks.

Henichesk kayaking in winter

If it’s possible, dress in layered clothing. Put hiking boots and woolen socks on your feet. The clothing shouldn’t constrict your movements. On a sunny day, take sunglasses with you. We recommend you to put your telephone in a hermetic protector.


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