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Safari in Askaniia Nova

Biosphere Reserve Askaniia Nova is famous not only for its wonderful zoo and arboretum but also for its preserved steppe. Its area is about 11000 ha. Large territory of the only in Europe feather grass steppe captivates with unique and diverse flora and fauna.

The especially popular tour among the tourists is the one to the steppe Retrosafari with an experienced tour guide. Every visitor of the reserve is delighted with it in Askaniia Nova. It is a wonderful opportunity to safely watch animals in their natural habitat at the closest distance.

Feeding animals in steppe

Thus guests are gladly met by zebras, Prezhivalskyi horses, European fallow-deer, and donkeys whereas Australian ostriches, antelopes Kahnna, buffalos, American bison, mouflons and antelopes watch cautiously visitors at the distance. Retrosafari season begins in April and lasts up to the first fall cold spell, roughly up to November, 10th.

Trip to Askaniia Nova steppe

The steppe is divided into several corrals, including the buffer zone where representatives of different continents live in wild. Accompanied by the experienced guide the tour starts from the 1st corral where mouflons, donkeys, antelopes Kahnna and blue bucks live. Incredible emotions are brought out by Chapman`s zebras photo with whom will be an unconventional souvenir to remember.

Wonderful world of wild animals in steppe

Coming to the 2nd corral you will see representatives of Indian fauna – gayals, Asian buffaloes, Watusi. And in the 3rd corral Preshivalskyi horses and saiga antelopes live. At the end of the tour you will go to the 4th corral where zebras, wildebeests, and bison live.

Safari in Askaniia Nova is conducted on special tourist vehicles equipped for driving along impassable roads. The truck fleet accounts for 2 vehicles designed for 10 guests.

Askaniia Nova wonderful

For your attention - feeding animals is not allowed unless your guide permits. An experienced guide will tell you what every steppe inhabitant eats.

Rules of conduct

On the territory of the park it is not allowed to

  • produce forth loud sounds, switch on radios and boomboxes;
  • go beyond fences, bars, rails; go into the spots with signs Staff Only, Dangerous Animals;
  • smoke;
  • litter;
  • change the route of the tour;
  • go by your own vehicles;
  • pet and tease animals.

Schedule of steppe tours: 08:00, 10:00, 13:00, 15:00, 17:00 seven days a week. Tour duration is 2 hours.

According to safety precautions children under 7 y.o. are not allowed to safari.

In the event of inclement weather (heavy showers, drought, heat wave). Retrosafari tours can be temporarily cancelled.

Price of safari in Askaniia Nova

Both adult and child tickets cost 150 UAH /person. Additional information is provided by tel: 38 099 656 23 44.

You can book tours to the steppe in the mode first in, first out at the checkout counter of the Reserve. It works from 8:00 to 17:00 every day. There is no advance booking from individuals. Only tourist agencies that have signed cooperation contacts with the Reserve can use such an option.


  • plan safari tours in Askaniia Nova on working days: from Monday to Friday there are less tourists and you will definitely buy tickets to Retrosafari;
  • a great number of tourist companies arrange group tours to Askaniia Nova with experienced tour guides where Safari is included into the tour programme;
  • going to the steppe take enough water, a headgear, a sunblock and sunglasses with you;
  • put on covered footwear.

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