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Yacht Trip in Kherson

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  • Motorboats and yachts
  • “Ekaterina” yacht
  • “Olga” yacht
  • “Mriya” yacht
  • “Tigra” yacht
  • “Pirat” motorboat
  • Summary
  • Frequently asked questions from tourists

Taking a boat trip is an interesting outing that will leave an impression on everyone. Kherson region is “specially made” for water excursions. You can choose the routes you like: the Dnipro, the Koshova or the Konka rivers, as well as many bays and lakes. Don’t forget the Kherson flood plain! Enjoy the sun, the coolness of the river, the sound of the waves and boundless freedom! Do you want to spend vacation time like this? Then choose a sailboat you like and embark on an adventure!

Motorboats and yachts

For Kherson residents and guests of the city there is a large selection of boats. Which one you get all depends on the number of people on board and the desired direction of the trip. It can be an “Assol” miniature boat or a big sailing boat for 16 people.

Yatches on Dnipro

As a rule, tourists will sail with a captain. However, there is an option to sail on your own. Choose the duration of your trip: from several hours along the river to a fascinating trip lasting 2-3 days with the possibility to head out into the open sea.

“Ekaterina” yacht

If you want to visit the Dnipro delta or even head out to the open sea, it is recommended to take the sailing boat Ekaterina.

Technical specifications and equipment:

  • color: white;
  • length: 10.5 meters;
  • width: 2.5 meters;
  • draft: 1.2 meters;
  • capacity: 8 people for a one-day trip or 4 passengers for long trips;
  • two cabins with the possibility of overnight accommodation;
  • refrigerator, gas stove, dishes and latrine.

Boats of this type are suitable for leisure activities in a small group of people or for a romantic dinner and cruise. It is also a great place for thematic photo shoots with the beautiful sea or a snow-white sail as backdrops! Spend family vacations celebrating or just enjoy a nice day fishing.

If you arrange in advance, the captain can prepare for you a delicious fresh fish soup (ukha) or a barbeque with the catch of the day.

Cost of trip: from 660 UAH/hour.

Minimum tour - two hours

“Olga” yacht

The Olga is a ten-meter sail-motor vessel, made of wood and designed as part of an exclusive project. It is nice to relax here for a couple of hours with your family, friends or your beloved.

Technical specifications and equipment:

  • three double cabins, main cabin and latrine;
  • capacity: up to 10 vacationers;
  • TV, gas stove, refrigerator, Wi-Fi, modern stereo system for fun parties on the river;
  • equipped with steady electricity - if the boat runs out of battery power, do not worry, there are different types of charges on board;
  • river and sea navigation;
  • fishing enthusiasts will appreciate the availability of echo sounder and gear,;
  • you can go snorkelling;
  • dishes, skewers for barbeque, wood-fired grill and high-quality fresh water are available.

Igor Berezhnyi is the owner and an experienced captain. He has a lot of experience under his belt making trips on the “Olga” to the Marmara, Black, Aegean and the Mediterranean seas. Captain Igor takes safety very seriously. Additionally, at your request, Igor Ivanovich will cook fish soup, grilled meat and delicious coffee or flavorful green tea.

Yacht rental from 650 UAH/hour.

“Mriya” yacht

The Mriya is a small cozy sailboat for a pleasant pastime on the river. This boat is suitable for leisure with small groups of up to five guests. Couples can enjoy romantic dates. If you want to learn how to sail, the captain will hold a master class.

For a comfortable rest, vacationers will have access to two cabins with soft sofas, a bathroom and a collection of music.

Rental price - from 650 UAH per hour

Sailing courses - from 100UAH

Minimum tour - 2 hours

“Tigra” yacht

Do you want to sail along Dnipro’s shallow channels (eriks) with a big group? We advise you to choose the “Tigra” sailboat. It can accommodate up to 15 passengers.

This yacht is a mahogany sports vessel and winner of numerous races. You will keep up with the speed of the wind in this boat.

Technical specifications and equipment:

  • length: 10.6 m;
  • width: 3.7 m;
  • two comfortable bedrooms, equipped kitchen with refrigerator, latrine;
  • ladder for hydromassage and swimming in the river;
  • table for fifteen passengers;
  • two sunshades to protect tourists from the sun and rain;
  • guardrail for safety;
  • barbeque, grill grates, large cooking pot for pilaf.

If you are interested, the owner can teach you how to sail.

Yacht during sunset

“Pirat” motorboat

Are you taking a water trip with a child? Choose the Pirat motorboat. This is one of the most comfortable boats for spending time outdoors with kids. There is a cozy bedroom where the children can relax.

A company of ten people will be able to relax comfortably on the boat. Equipped with galley, bathroom, cabin, refrigerator, gas stove, dishes and appliances to cook fish soup and barbeque.

You can ride on the river along the coast of Kherson or travel out to discover the Kherson shallow channels (eriks). You also have the option of arranging a fishing trip or picnic for your group.

Rental price - from 700 UAH per hour


For your convenience, we have summarized information about boat rental for tourists below:

Cost of tripFrom 650 UAH per hour
Minimum trip durationFrom 2 hours
What affects the price?Length of trip (number of hours), direction and type of boat
Where are the boats?Dnipro coast (down by Ushakova street)
More informationhttps://kater-yahta.com/city/kherson
How to pay?Most often, immediate payment is required and some vessel rental requires an advance deposit of 10% of the cost.

Frequently asked questions from tourists

What yachts are available for excursions in Kherson?

Kherson residents and guests of the city can enjoy boats of various sizes. For a comfortable and pleasant pastime in nature, they can accommodate from 5 to 15 people.

What are the routes for boat trips in Kherson?

The most popular route for ecotourism is a trip on the Dnipro that runs along the city’s coastline. However, if you wish, you can customize the journey to enjoy exploring the picturesque Kherson flood plain and bays.

What is there to do while sailing?

There will be plenty to do. Choose for yourself: fascinating fishing trips, journeys to the shallow channels (eriks), going out to the estuary, walking yacht tours of the region that can last 2-3 days, organization of events and photo shoots, or a romantic trip.

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