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SUP-Boarding in Kherson

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  • Kherson-na-Dnipri (Kherson-on-the Dnipro)

SUP-boarding is an active type of rest which implies surfing the water while standing on the board and paddling at the same time. SUP is an English abbreviation (Stand-Up-Paddling) which is the mixture of surfing and canoe-rowing. The other names: SUP-surfing, SUP boarding, and paddle boarding.

Sup-board from top

This activity is completely safe and fits even first-timers. Guests are accompanied by an instructor and a SUP-trip itself takes place softly, tourists go along flood plains and creeks of the Dnipro enjoying the picturesque landscapes.

SUP-board rental

The majority of routes is within the Dnipro flood planes that are considered a landscape visiting card of the city. In Kherson there are several companies that arrange water trips and SUP-board rental. Experienced instructors work in every rental center that is equipped with the newest equipment.

Season for SUP-board trips lasts from April to November.


The company is situated on the recreational compound “Petrovets”. Guests are met on the embankment of Ushakova. Then they cross the river to the compound.

The route of a SUP-board trip takes place in the following way: 3rd Zaton (backwater), the Perebiyna river, the Konka river, 3rd Zaton (backwater). Duration time is 1 hour 20 min.

The ticket price per person is 200 UAH. It includes:

  • an briefing;
  • equipment rental;
  • assistance on the route;
  • a trip by picturesque creeks of the Dnipro.

The cost of river crossing is 40 UAH (both ways).

SUP-Kherson uses SUP-boards of the following brands - Gladiator, Rapid, Mistral, Focus, Starboard.

Sup-board on Dniepro river

Before the trip the perceptive brief is conducted. The instructor accompanies guests the entire route. Personal things can be left in a boathouse which is locked. There you also can change clothes.

Pets are allowed only if they are trained to active water trips.

There are certain restrictions: children under 8 years are to be accompanied by adults and the total weight shouldn`t exceed 120 kg.

Trips are arranged every day according to the schedule:

  • 9:00 - 11:00
  • 12:00 - 14:00
  • 16:00 - 18:00

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River Club Green Terra

The company is located in a hydropark. Guests are met by the instructor there. The route goes from the hydropark up to the lake on Karantynnyi island and backwards. Duration time is 1hour 15 min.

The ticket price per person is 200 UAH. It includes:

  • equipment rental;
  • briefing;
  • assistance of the guide.

SUP-board trademark is Aztron.

Sup and beach

Before the trip the briefing is conducted. The instructor assists guests the entire route. Water proof cases are given out for keeping gadgets; you can leave personal things in the safe of the company.

You can take your pets to the trip provided they are trained to such activities.

Restrictions: children over 8 y.o. are allowed but the total weight on the SUP-board shouldn`t exceed 120 kg.

Trips are arranged every day according to the schedule:

  • 9:00 - 10:30
  • 16:00 - 17:30
  • 18:00 - 19:30

Tel: +38 095 115 11 60

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For Tourist Travel

instructor meets tourists on the embankment of Ushakova and crosses the river with them to the compound. There are several routes:

  1. 3rd Zaton/Backwater – the Dnipro river – the Perebiyna river- the creek to the 3rd Zaton;
  2. The creek to the Perebiyna river – the Perebiyna river – the Devil’s Knee – the Badger Creek – backwards to 3rd Zaton (backwater)

If weather and the instructor permits, you can change the route upon your wish. Duration time is 1 hour 30 min.

The ticket price per person is 250 UAH. It covers:

  • crossing the river (both ways);
  • briefing;
  • equipment rental;
  • assistance of an instructor
  • a trip in flood plains of the Dnipro.

SUP-board trademark is Gladiator.

Sup-board in kherson on Dniepro

Before the trip safety precautions brief is conducted. As tourists wish watertight bags   with a neck string or leak-tight sacks are given out for keeping gadgets.

Children over 10 y.o. are allowed to surf alone. A SUP-board can hold up not only a child and a grown-up at the same time, but also two grown-ups whose total weight doesn`t exceed 150kg.

The trips are conducted every day, on the sunrise and sunset. The schedule is the following:

  • 17:30 - 20:00;
  • 06:30 - 09:00.

Тel: +38 066 808 10 72

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Mandry Club

The company is located on the recreational compound Petrovets. The instructor and tourists meet on the embankment of the city from where they cross the river to the left bank of the Dnipro. The cost of two-way ferry is 40 UAH per person. The route takes

place as follows: Petrovets –the Konka river – the Chaika river – the Konka river – Petrovets. Duration time is 1 hour 15 min.

The trip costs 150 UAH per person. It includes:

  • safety precautions brief;
  • SUP-boards rentals;
  • tourist support on the route;
  • SUP-surfing on the Dnipro.

Gladiator SUP-boards are used.

Mandatory instructing and safety precautions briefs, further assistance on the route are conducted. Guests are given cases for keeping gadgets and/or documents. Optionally you can leave personal things in a boathouse which is locked for the time of the trip.

Girls on sup-board

Pets of small size are allowed provided the instructor permits.

Among restrictions there are both age and weight ones: total weight-load on a SUP-board shouldn`t be more than 140 kg; age restrictions of children should be agreed upon with the instructor in advance. Preferably it is 10 years.

The trips take place daily. Guests are admitted at any time suitable for them. Advance booking is obligatory.

Tel: +38 073 077 57 57

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Kherson-na-Dnipri (Kherson-on-the Dnipro)

You don’t need to cross the river since the SUP-board rental is in hydro-park from where the trip starts. The route goes within flood plains and creeks of the Dnipro close to summer house settlements that are literally located on water. Average duration time is 1 hour 30 min.

The cost of the trip is 150 UAH per person on working days and 200 UAH p/p on the weekend. The costs cover:

  • briefing;
  • equipment rental;
  • assistance on the route.

Surfing is done on SUP-boards of Gladiator brand.

Sunset during the trip

Before the trip there is a safety precaution brief and while surfing you will be accompanied by an instructor. You can change your clothes, leave your telephones, papers and personal things in specially designated for that area which is locked during the trip.

Pets are not allowed because SUP-boards are inflatable and animal might damage them.

Among restrictions: a SUP-board can hold up weight to 130-140 kg; it is preferable for children under 10 y.o. be on the board with an adult.

The trips are arranged every day according to the following schedule:

  • 7:00 - 9:00
  • 16:00 - 18:00
  • 18:00 - 20:00

Тel: +38 099 920 9075

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