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Кiting in Arabatska Spit

If you would like to try your hand at kite surfing, come to Arabatska Strilka/Spit. It is an ideal place in Ukraine for kiting! There are all conditions for safe classes: shallow waters of the Utliukskyi estuary, surface area is 45km, sunny and windy weather.

How to use wind

What should the first-timers know about kitesurfing:

  • it is easy to handle a kite; it will take within 6-12 hours of individual classes;
  • training requirements: wind, a safe spot, an experienced instructor, equipment;
  • training takes place from May to October;
  • there are no age or physical build-up restrictions; children weighing from 40 kg can attend classes;
  • there is an option to book a sample 2-hour class where you obtain primary information, also, you can practice in kite handling on land and water;
  • while taking the class the following equipment is given: a kite with  a cleat,  board and  swing bar,  life jacket, helmet and mobile radio.

Where to go kitesurfing in Arabatska Spit

Windrider Kite-Club

It is located between Henichesk and Henicheska Hirka. Services cost

  • a sample 2-hour class -2230 UAH;
  • primary course (6 hours) – 6140 UAH;
  • full-on course (12 hours) -10 740 UAH.

To book classes at the sight.

Contacts: +38 (068) 884 79 28

Arabatska Spit kite

Extrimarin Kite-Club

It is located in the village of Schaslyvtseve close to the recreational compound Chaika -2.

The cost of classes:

  • an individual class – from 1120 UAH/hour;
  • a sample class (3 hours) – from 3320 UAH;
  • brief course (7 hours) – 7530 UAH;
  • full-on basic course (10 hours) -9765 UAH.

To apply for class at the sight.

Contacts: + 38 (050) 590 85 34

The Wind Extreme kite school

Located in Genicheska Hirka along the Naberezhnaya street.

Service cost:

  • IKO 1 + 2 basic kiting training course - price 200 USD;
  • full course of training in kiting IKO 1 + 2 + 3 - price 350 USD;
  • kitesurfing lessons - price 40 USD/1 hour
  • full set rental (kite + board + trapeze) - 20 USD / hour.

You can leave a request on the website.

The Full Power kite club

Located between Genichiska Hirka and Schastlivtseve.

Service cost:

  • full course - 350 USD (10 hours);
  • one-time lesson - 40 USD (1 hour).

More detailed information: on the website or by phone (099) 291 22 72.

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