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Zeleni Khutory Tavrii (Green Farmsteads of Tavriia)

Zeleni Khutory Tavrii is a colorful historical and entertainment complex located in the picturesque Taurian wooded steppe. Its territory is over 100 ha. There are 45 farmsteads surrounded with water channels.

Old plain

It is an excellent place for an activity holiday for all of the family in the open air, wedding ceremonies and other events in a folk Ukrainian style.

Working hours: April-November 8:00 a.m.-05:00 p.m. Monday to Sunday

There is an option to order group tours to Zeleni Khutory Tavrii.

Address: the village of Kardashinka. The detailed information: http://hutora.com.ua

The center is in 30 km away from Kherson. You can go there by car or by bus.

What tourists can do there

A pot maker farmstead

Guests will learn first-hand about the ancient folk handicraft – pot making. You will witness how the formless piece of clay will turn into various goods. Guests will be able to make a clay plate and hlechik (a pitcher) and take the souvenirs with them.

A blacksmith farmstead

It is interesting for pupils to visit the place. The craftsmen will tell about tricks of the trade in blacksmithing. It will be amusing to make a metal horseshoe with your own hands.

A marksmen yard

Guests will hear about history of the Сossackdom, its ammunition and old-time customs. In the homestead you will see an ancient sun clock and nundinal pole. All willing can shoot from a slingshot, bow, and fling a spear and even shuriken of Japanese ninjas.

Green nature

A cossack farmstead

If you are interested in history of first Ukrainian money, you are bound to be here. The master of the homestead will tell you about the first Ukrainian currency notes, their particularities and technology of their emission.

A stable yard

Would you like to have a horse ride? Come to Zeleni Khutory Tavrii. Your photos will be unmatched and bright. Children would love to ride horses along the shadowy paths. Also, you can pet and feed an animal – children will have a world of fun!

Lakes and small houses

A honey homestead and painting of gingerbread

You will learn about the traditions in honey production and culture of its consumption. You can taste various honey types and buy the ones you like. Take a part in a workshop of gingerbread painting and take it home with you as a souvenir.

A high-ropes park

If you are an enthusiast of extreme activities, call on the Rybatskyi (Fisherman) yard. There is the largest ropes townlet in the south of Ukraine.  Rope tracks of various lengths (within 80 - 200 m) and complexity levels. It is interesting that it is continuously being built up.

Active rest on nature

There is a ropes park for children in the form of different climbing stuff half a meter high. Kids can play here unhampered by time restrictions.

We suggest bungee jumping over the lake from the height of a 5-storeyed building. The length of the hawser is 110 m, the descent speed is 80 km/h and be sure to have unforgettable experience.

Roap city


Would you like to stay for several days into Zeleni Khutory Tavrii? Accommodation can be arranged here at Rybatskyi (Fishermen) and Mystetskyi (Art) homesteads. There is an opportunity to stay for a night in houses with all modern amenities. The rooms are intended for 2-4 people.

For the enthusiasts of eco-vacation there is a camping where you can put up your own tent. Have a pleasant time in nature far from the big city!

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