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Kinburn Salt Works

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Would you like to discover the place where salt is born? To watch bewitching unearthly landscapes: the surface of bright pink lakes and salt hill 3 m high? Visit pink lakes on Kinburnska spit and salt works. It is not far from the village of Heroiske.

The history of salt works

In 16 cent Cossacks opened salt production in the locality and went in to fishing as well. The salt works were being developed yet in 18 cent. The lakes were guarded as an important strategic object. Not far from it there was an entrenchment of Zaporizhian troops. Some ancient stone Cossack crosses are preserved on the local cemetery.

The technology of salt production

Salt works

Local salt workers obtain salt by a stagewise evaporation of water from lakes. Nowhere in Ukraine will you witness such a sight! The nearest countries where exactly the same technology is used are Turkey and Bulgaria. The sea water goes through cascades of several natural lakes and then it makes its way to artificial ponds. Exposed to the sun water evaporates and crystals of salts appear.

What to do

First and foremost tourists pay attention to the pink colour of lakes. Unicellular algae Dunaliella paint the water body. During the heat wave they produce beta-carotene which tinctures water of bright pink colour.

Bright photos on the background of pink lake

What Can Tourists Do at Pink Lakes:

  • to have an unmatched photo session on the background of pink lakes;
  • to learn the technology of salt production;
  • to take some salt crystals to remember by;
  • to pick up mushrooms in the local woods in fall;
  • to bird-watch cormorants, pelicans, seagulls;
  • to admire the beauty of nature.

How to get

By regular bus you shall go along the route Kherson-Heroiske (2.5 hours). Further by a taxi-off-roader.

By car you can go from Kherson to Hola Prystan, further to the village of Heroiske (distance 27 km, 2 hours on the drive).