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Kayaking in Nova Kakhovka

Would you like to make your week-end different and spend in in the open air? Choose kayaking on the Dnipro. It’s an excellent opportunity to combine a nature vacation and light physical exercise. Just imagine: a gentle blowing of the wind, slow river flow, awesome landscapes of the Dnipro flood plains and no city rush! Would you like to feel it? Then you are welcome to learn further where in Nova Kakhovka you can go kayaking, how much it costs and what rental conditions are.

Children during kayaking trip

General information about the kayaking trip:

  • trips take place from April to October if the weather permitting;
  • there are no restrictions in physical requirements;
  • you don’t have to be specially trained to steer a kayak: even first-timers can cope;
  • tourist kayaks are stable and don`t keel over;
  • before the trip an instructing brief is conducted and all the participants are given life jackets.

Kayak rental in Nova Kakhovka

You can go kayaking on water and sports compound Katrin. The guests of the complex can have a water tour in the company of 10 people. You can rent 4 two-seat kayaks and 2 one-seat ones at the same time.

Important! You have to leave a document – a passport or driver`s license - as security for renting any kayak. NB! Pets are not allowed.

It is desirable to book a trip in a day before it. The route is up to you:  going along the banks of the Dnipro or steering in narrow river creeks.

Nova Kakhovka kayaking

On your way you can:

  • admire the beauty of the Dnipro flood plains;
  • look at lilies and spatterdocks;
  • bird watch: herons, cormorants, wild ducks, milvuses;
  • take a photo to remember.

Cost of kayak trips:

  • two-seat kayaks – 120 UAH/hour per a watercraft;
  • one-seat kayaks - 80 UAH/hour per a watercraft.

You can stay for a night in the complex. There you can rent a cottage. A two-bed room costs 1200UAH and higher per night.

You should take the following:

  • drinking water;
  • a headgear;
  • a sunblock;
  • a watertight container for your mobile phone;
  • a long-sleeve shirt;
  • a mosquito repellent (for trips in the evening);
  • fast-drying footwear.

Where is it situated

Water and sports compound Katrin is located: Nova Kakhovka, Dniprovskyi Avenue, 46-a. Kayak booking is at tel: 38 099 105 88 74 or at the website: katrin.ks.ua

Recreation center "Fisherman's Farm"

Provides boat and kayak rental services.

Cost of services:

  • boat with oars - 50 UAH / hour;
  • kayak - 75 UAH / hour.

Address: Naberezhnaya str., 74A, Dnipryany, Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region.

You can book by phone: (095) 254 77 55.

More detailed information on the website.

Recreation center "Zaplava"

There is a kayak rental on the territory.

Rental cost of one kayak is 80 UAH / hour.

You must leave your passport or driver's license as a deposit.

Address: Nova Kakhovka, Mira str., 2z / 2

More detailed information: by phone (068) 096 16 36 or on the website.

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